Recommended Reading

There's enough entertaining reading on China to fill a library, so here are just a few pointers to get you started: Readable modern novelists easily purchased in translation at home include Ha Jin, whose stories tend to be remarkably inconclusive and so all beautiful karst mountain scenery and many colorful minority villages Length: At least 14 days Highlights: Guilin karst peaks and caves, Li River, Yangshuo (more karst scenery and pretty town), optional detour to minority villages of Longsheng (with rice terraces) and Sanjiang; Kunming's Stone Forest; the old towns of Dali and Lijiang Route & major stops: Take a Hong Kong bus to Guilin/Yangshuo (3 days); take a bus to Longsheng, Sanjiang, and on to Zhaoxing in Guizhou (3 days); take a bus to Kaili (2-3 days); take a bus to Guiyang (1-2 days); take a train (or fly) to Kunming (2 days); take a bus to Dali (1-2 days); take a bus to Lijiang (2-3 days).

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