Major Streets

Streets in Beijing change names like high-school students change identities. Be sure to pick up a city map on arrival (see "Fast Facts," p. 74). The best example of this is the city's main east-west artery. Chang'an Dajie, which runs between Tian' an Men Square and the Forbidden City, is known (east to west) as Jianguo Men Wai Dajie, Jianguo Men Nei Dajie, Dong (East) Chang'an Dajie, Xi (West) Chang'an Dajie, Fuxing Men Nei Dajie, and Fuxing Men Wai Dajie. Ping'an Dadao, a major avenue to the north that runs across the back of Bei Hai Park, has a similar diversity of monikers. Among important north-south streets, Wangfujing Dajie (2 long blocks east of the Forbidden City) is the Beijing consumer equivalent of Chicago's Magnificent Mile. Qian Men Dajie extends down from the southern end of Tian' an Men Square.

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