By Road

Foreign visitors are not freely permitted to drive their own vehicles into

China, unless arrangements are made far in advance with a state-recognized travel agency for a specific itinerary. The agency will provide a guide who will travel in your vehicle and make sure you stick to the itinerary, or who will travel in a second vehicle with a driver. You will have to cover all the (marked-up) costs of guide, driver, and extra vehicle if needed, and of Chinese plates for your vehicle. The agency will book and overcharge you for all your hotels and as many excursions as it can. Forget it.

There are bus services between Sost in Pakistan and Kashgar, between Almaty in Kazakhstan and Urumqi, and between Hong Kong and Macau and various points in the mainland. The Torugart Pass between Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and Kashgar can be crossed if pre-arranged transport is waiting to collect you on the Chinese side. It's also possible to cross various borders on foot, including from Mongolia on the route from Ulaan Baatar to Beijing, from Vietnam to Yunnan and Guangxi provinces, from Laos to Yunnan, and from Macau and Hong Kong to Guangdong Province.

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