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In 2003 the announcement by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) that it would allow the permitted maximum discount on airline tickets to reach 40% was greeted with derision by Chinese travelers, who had been obtaining such discounts, and greater, for some time.

Booking domestic flights before you arrive in China is expensive and unnecessary. The only Chinese airlines offering flights on internationally accessible ticketing systems are those who also have international routes: principally China Southern, China Eastern, and Air China. The only way to book domestic tickets before you leave home is through CITS offices (other agencies will go to CITS, too), or through online websites. In either steam locomotive-related activities, along with about 10 shopping stops, in a 15-day tour. The company advises against tipping directly. Steam will probably die out in China in 2006, and the last steam-worked main line before that. Much tour time is spent in steelyards, at mines, and at workshops, in admiration of these doomed engines. & 800/359-4870 (U.S.); & 800/752-1836 (Canada) and fax 530/836-1748; & 0161/928-9410 (U.K.) and fax 0161/941-6101; www.

case, you'll usually be asked to pay full fare (or more), which might be, for example, ¥1,200 ($150) one-way plus perhaps a booking fee on the Beijing-to-Shanghai route. Yet you could pay ¥800 ($100) or less with no booking fee by buying over the counter from an agent in China, depending on seasonal demand. Some ticketing websites even have full fares on their English pages and discounted fares on their Chinese-language ones. So avoid them.

Much flying in China is on a walkin basis, especially on the most popular routes. It makes sense to book a few days ahead to get the best price, but for most of the time, on most routes, there is an oversupply of seats.

While you can buy tickets between any two destinations served by Air China at any Air China office, you'll usually get a much better price from agents in the town from which you plan to depart. Prices are always better from agents than from the airline, even if they are next door to each other, and you can and should bargain for a lower price, and shop around. No agent with an online terminal connected to the Chinese domestic aviation system charges a booking fee. Agents sitting in four-star and five-star hotels will not offer you the discounts they could, however. You need to look out in the street away from your hotel. You usually cannot get a refund on an unused ticket from anywhere except the agent where you bought it.

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