There is no central station here but rather a series of region-specific stations spread around the outskirts. The almost airport-like Zhaogongkou Changtu Keyun Qiche Zhan (& 010/6732-7328), on the South Third Ring Road directly south of the Temple of Heaven (take bus no. 17 from the Qianmen metro stop), is the place for regular buses to Tianjin (7am-6pm; 2 hr.; ¥26/$3). The Lize Qiao Changtu Keyun Zhan (& 010/6347-0828), on the southwest corner of the Third Ring Road (Gongzhufen metro, then bus no. 901) has air-conditioned Ivecos to Taiyuan (6 hr.; ¥121/$15) and comfortable minibuses to Shijiazhuang (3/4 hr.; ¥51/$6). The Xl Zhi Men Changtu Qiche Keyun Zhan (& 010/6217-3556), northwest of the Xl Zhi Men metro stop on Gaoliang Qiao Lu (walk past Line 13 station, take 1st right), is the best choice for luxury buses to Chengde (every 20 min.; 3^ hr.; ¥31/$4), Shenyang (8 hr.; ¥189/ $24), and Qinhuangdao (twice daily; 31/2 hr.; ¥60/$7.50). Numerous buses from other cities arrive at the Dong Zhi Men Changtu Qiche Zhan (& 010/ 6467-4995), next to the Dong Zhi Men metro station, but few are useful to visitors except the occasional Chengde service.

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