Ancient Towns Temples Tour

For complete details, see chapter 5 Focus: Touring Pingyao and the ancient temples, pagodas, and mansions concentrated in the area between Datong and Pingyao Length: 10 to 14 days Highlights: Yungang Buddhist Grottoes, the cliff-side Hanging Temple; some of China's earliest surviving wooden buildingsā€”the Ying Xian Wooden Pagoda, and the Nanchan and Foguang Temples outside Wutai Shan; the ancient Jin Ci temple outside Taiyuan; the sprawling Qiao Family and Wang Family Courtyard Mansions outside the walled city of Pingyao

Route & major stops: Start in Datong (1-2 days). Head south, stopping in Ying Xian (1 day), Wutai Shan (2-4 days), Taiyuan (1-2 days), and Pingyao (4-5 days).

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