Cizhong Catholic Church

This unexpected church (Cizhong Tianzhu Jiaotang), 80km south of Deqin in the middle of a quiet village (Cizhong), is based on the design of French cathedrals. (It actually isn't so surprising, given the number of churches to the west in the Nujiang Valley.) Built by French missionaries in 1867, it burned down in 1905 but was reconstructed by the local government over a period of 12 years. Wine is still made from vineyards planted by the missionaries. To get here take any bus bound for Weixi. There were no guesthouses open (although there used to be one) on a last pass through.

Further south, near the village of Yezhi Cfti;) is where in the 1920s the Lisu developed a syllabic script.

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