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The Content of the Media

Many movie and TV stories mirror the values and assumptions of most Americans. Among them admiration for the individual who disregards other people's opinions and does what he or she wants to do admiration for the individual who somehow outwits or bests the establishment or the authorities a faith that good will triumph over evil glorification of people who are young and physically attractive glorification of people who earn large amounts of money or who have acquired impressive quantities of

The Northern Landscape

Excellent climate with an extraordinary landscape. With admiration like that felt by Humboldt, who called this valley the most beautiful on earth, many artists have chosen the north of Tenerife to retire to and contemplate. The picture of the snow-capped Teide above a green carpet of banana trees and blue sea is without doubt a unique landscape in the world.

Discovering the Best of San Francisco

Reinvent herself with all the insouciance of a pretty girl in a Mustang convertible. In her brief role as the heartbeat of the Internet economy, the city sashayed toward the 21st century with an energy and style that caused even the old-timers to gasp in admiration. Then, before there was time to dump all the stock options, the bubble burst, the old-timers scrambled to diversify their portfolios, and young commercial real-estate brokers and Web designers gave serious consideration to dental school. Fortunately, some things never change The beautiful scenery continues to dazzle, the top-flight dining continues to garner raves, and the entertainment possibilities continue to grow in sophistication and imagination.

Palace of Culture and Science

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands is reputed to have described the Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki) as modest but tasteful. This enormous building - a gift for the people of Warsaw from the nations of the USSR - was built in 1952-5 to the design of a Russian architect, Lev Rudniev. At the time, this monument to the spirit of invention and social progress was the second tallest building in Europe. It resembles Moscow's Socialist Realist tower blocks, and although it has only 30 storeys, with its spire it is 230 m 68 cm (750 ft) high. Its volume is over 800,000 cubic m (28 million cubic ft) and it contains 40 million bricks. It is said to incorporate many architectural and decorative elements taken from stately homes after World War II. Despite the passage of time, this symbol of Soviet domination still provokes extreme reactions, from admiration to demands

Achievement Action Work and Materialism

He's a hard worker, one American might say in praise of another. Or, She gets the job done. These expressions convey the typical American's admiration for a person who approaches a task conscientiously and persistently, seeing it through to a successful conclusion. More than that, these expressions convey an admiration for achievers, people whose lives are centered around efforts to accom

Democracy Modern Greece

More recently, the valiant Cretan spirit won them the endearing admiration of British, Australian and New Zealand troops who fought in Crete during WWII. After the battle of Crete, the Cretans risked German reprisals by hiding thousands of Allied soldiers and helping them get to the south to escape across the Libyan Sea. Allied undercover agents supplied from North Africa coordinated the guerrilla warfare waged by the Cretan fighters, known as andartes. Allied soldiers and Cretans alike were under constant threat from the Nazis while they lived in caves, sheltered in monasteries such as Preveli, trekked across peaks or unloaded cargo on the southern coast. Among them was celebrated author Patrick Leigh Fermor, who lived in the mountains for two years with the Cretan Resistance and was involved in the daring kidnapping of German commander General Kreipe in 1944.

Miner Damage Kay Howe

When my last child flew the nest, so did I. Indonesia's Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) drew me to Tanjung Puting National Park. Admiration for FNPF - a plucky NGO creating effective conservation, restoration, and community development programs on tiny budgets -inspired me to volunteer.

Kid Friendly Experiences

3 E. 64th St., an opulent beaux arts mansion built in 1903 for the daughter of Mrs. William B. Astor. The house was designed by Warren and Wetmore, the firm responsible for Grand Central Terminal, and it now houses the Consulate General of India. Also worthy of admiration on this block are nos. 16, 19 (now home to Wildenstein Gallery open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm), and 20.

Praising The Fighters

Israel's military is thought of as something around which the whole country can unite, largely because so many of its members are reservists, and because men and women serve a compulsory period after high school. But the army's role in Israeli ideology is revealing, too. The military has accounted for between 20 and 40 of Israel's budget throughout its history. One of the Israeli 'new historians', Benny Morris, writes that 'an element of that is by choice' rather than being forced on Israel by the aggression of its Arab neighbours. Zionist leaders wanted to create what one of them, Zeev Jabotinsky, called 'a new psychological race of Jew', which would be strong and aggressive, unlike the cowed minorities of the old European ghettos. That attitude led to the prizing of dramatic military operations, like the commando rescue of Israelis from a hijacked French plane at Entebbe airport in Uganda in 1976, but it also scorned less militaristic groups. Holocaust survivors arriving in Israel...

The Culture The National Psyche

Despite the years of terror and bloodshed, Ugandans are a remarkably positive and spirited people, and no-one comes away from the country without a measure of admiration and affection for the people. Education levels have traditionally been high by African standards and most Ugandans are keen debaters, discussing politics and personality in equal measure. They are opinionated and eloquent during disagreements, yet unfailingly polite and engagingly warm. The national personality, if a country can be said to have one, is in stark contrast to the brutality and bloodshed of the past.

Walking tour The West

Here, on the corner across from Hillhead High School, the unmistakable work of architect Alexander Thomson is evident in an impressive (if today poorly kept) terrace of eight houses completed in 1864 (following his similarly designed Moray Place). Two temple-like facades serve as bookends, both pushing slightly forward and rising one floor higher than the rest, and have double porches apparently fashioned after the Choragic Monument of Thrassylus in Athens. Ironically, for all his admiration of Eastern design, Thomson never traveled outside the U.K.

Classical Empires Greece Persia

Meanwhile, Greek colonies were steadily spreading along the Mediterranean coast, and Greek cultural influence was spreading through Anatolia. Most of the peoples of the Anatolian patchwork were clearly influenced by the Greeks Phrygians King Midas had a Greek wife the Lycians borrowed the legend of the Chimera and cult of Leto (centred on Letoon, p365) and Lydian art acted as a conduit between Greek and Persian art forms. It seems that at times admiration was mutual the Lycians were the only Anatolian people whom the Greeks didn't deride as 'barbarians', and the Greeks were so impressed by the wealth of the Lydian king Croesus that they coined the expression 'as rich as Croesus'.

Whos Who Part Two Xanana Gusmo

Independent East Timor's first president, the charismatic Xanana Gusm o, was a leader of the long independence struggle against Indonesia. The son of a schoolteacher, he was born in 1946 in the village of Manatuto, midway between Dili and Baucau. Gusm o at first was schooled by the Jesuits but left to work in the Portuguese administration and then joined the Portuguese army, where he served for three years.

Chicago Public Library Harold Washington Library Center Loop

Chicago's first African-American mayor was a charismatic leader, and this handsome library is a fitting tribute. A permanent exhibition chronicles the life of the mayor, who died in 1987. The political memorabilia includes a button collection one reads Honkies for Harold, symbolizing his universal appeal. Artworks by African-American artists fill the ten-story interior. The ninth floor contains the sun-dappled, 52-foot glass-domed winter garden, a good spot for study and contemplation, and the stylish Beyond Words Caf . A children's library offers puppet shows and other activities. On the ground floor, Second Hand Prose sells (for pennies) books retired from circulation.

The Rocks Circular Quay

If you feel like a splurge, this is the place to come. The charismatic back lanes of The Rocks are dotted with little eateries, from 24-hour pancake joints to white-linen palaces. Following the horseshoe around from the Harbour Bridge to the Opera House you'll find dozens

Revolutions Coups Invasions

Before dawn on March 13, 1979, while Gairy was overseas, a band of armed rebels supported by the opposition New Jewel Movement (NJM) party led a bloodless coup. Maurice Bishop, a young, charismatic, London-trained lawyer and head of the NJM, became prime minister of the new People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) regime.

Sights Activities

There are a few things to see while you're relaxing on the islands, all of which are best accessed on a bicycle hired for between US 0.80 and US 1 per day. The best bikes (including some bigger versions) are rented by a charismatic old couple on Don Khon as he puffs on a reefer-sized rollie he'll adjust the seat to fit, check the tires and send you on your way. A booth at the south end of the bridge will charge you US 0.90 per day to cross the bridge. The ticket is also good for Tat Som-phamit. This might seem steep for crossing a bridge, but it is the one way the community can ensure tourist dollars reach the village services that most need it.

Tourist Information

The helpful state tourist office, Gujarat Tourism (Map p719 26589172 S 10.30am-1.30pm & 2-6pm Mon-Sat, closed 2nd & 4th Sat of month), is off Ashram Rd. Ask autorickshaw drivers for HK House. If you're there between 11am and 1pm Monday to Friday, ask for Hemant Pradhan, the senior tourist officer, a charismatic, exuberant mine of information (you can also call to make an appointment).

History Life on the Nile

Most of Egypt's landmass consists of deserts, with the nation's lifeblood, the Nile River, a green band shivering along the length of the country, drawing to it the nation's settlements, including the disproportionately large capital, Cairo. Charismatic rivers flow through many cities in the world but few govern the ebb and flow of a country's fortunes quite as significantly as the Nile has shaped Egypt and its shifting capitals of the Delta.

Half of the World Walking Tour

Exiting through the northern entrance you'll enter the narrow, attractive lanes around the bazaar. Continuing east on Hakim Lane, you'll pass through the quieter alleys of the Bazar-e Bozorg (2 p238), with vendors selling household goods and at least one male-dominated but charismatic little chaykhaneh (3). The bazaar veers northeast and becomes busier, with domestic goods shops, mosques, madrasehs, teahouses, banks, bathhouses and even the occasional garden.

Pascal Paoli The Revolt

Tranquillity, as tends to happen in Corsica, was brief. In 1755, no more than two years after the last French soldier had sailed away, the charismatic Pascal Paoli led an insurrection that could so easily have changed the island's fortunes permanently. Educated in Naples, Paoli succeeded where everyone else before him had failed, uniting the factions and rival families as one against Genoa. What's more, he devised a constitutional state - unique in that still dynastic and absolutist age - which, given time, might have ensured Corsica a happy, self-regulating independence. But it was not to be.

Bananas the Jungle Train

The railroad project, which started optimistically in 1871, soon ran into trouble after nearly 4,000 workers died from disease and accidents in laying the first 20 miles of track. Minor Cooper Keith, a brash, young, charismatic North American with an adventurer's spirit, soon talked his way into directorship of the project. With construction in disarray, his bulldog determination pushed it forward. When Costa Rican workers refused to work outside of the Central Valley, Keith recruited first Chinese and Italian laborers, then Jamaicans and other West Indian workers. In 1884, he renegotiated the British loans for more favorable terms. As part of his compensation, he was granted the concession to operate the railroad and a lease on 323,887 hectares 800,000 acres - nearly 7 of the country - adjoining the rail line. Keith determined to cultivate bananas in the tropical lowlands to raise more funds for the construction. This proved to be either lucky or a stroke of genius.

The Presidential Race

With none of the 12 presidential candidates winning 50 of the vote, the presidential race went to a second round of voting that pitted Sarkozy against Royal. On 6 May an almost-record 84 of France's 44.7 million eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots, which saw the charismatic, silky tongued, 52-year-old Nicolas Sarkozy bagging the Elysee Palace (with 53 of votes compared to Royal's 47 ). A new breed of personality-driven, American-style French president was born.

The Cold War In Italy

Captured, she instead at first under Palmiro Togliatti and later the charismatic Enrico Berlinguer, tried in vain to shield the played a crucial role in Italy's social and political development, in spite of Duce from the partisan being systematically kept out of government.

Twist My Arm The Spots The Authors Wanted To Keep Secret

After 9pm on a Friday or Saturday Fresh at Sprocka's ( 497-0882 Airport Blvd mains US 10-17 h lunch & dinner) is the top spot to tap into Anguilla's chill local vibe. Known simply as 'Sprocka's,' this hidden gem near the airport dishes out cheap eats, but the main attraction is the hangout's namesake - Sprocka, the charismatic owner and homegrown musician. During the week he regales hotel guests at various resorts around the island, but on weekend evenings he retreats back to his bar and treats his faithful local following to an impressive array of musical selections.

WWII the Struggle for Democracy

In May 1992 several huge demonstrations demanding the resignation of the next in a long line of military dictators, General Suchinda Kraprayoon, rocked Bangkok and the large provincial capitals. Charismatic Bangkok governor Chamlong Srimuang, winner of the 1992 Magsaysay Award (a humanitarian service award issued in the Philippines) for his role in galvanising the public to reject Suchinda, led the protests. After confrontations between the protesters and the military near the Democracy Monument resulted in nearly 50 deaths and hundreds of injuries, King Bhumibol summoned both Suchinda and Chamlong for a rare public scolding. Suchinda resigned, having been in power for less than six weeks, and Chamlong's career was all but finished.

Tsim Sha Tsui East Hung Hm

STAR GUEST HOUSE Map p94 Guesthouse 2723 8951 Flat B, 6th fl, 21 Cameron Rd s d with shared bathroom 250, s d with private bathroom from 300 400, tr with private bathroom 500 MTR Tsim Sha Tsui This excellent guesthouse and its sister property just up the road, the Lee Garden Guest House (Map p94 2367 2284 charliechan 8th fl, D Block, 36 Cameron Rd), with a total of 45 rooms, are owned and run by the charismatic Charlie Chan, who can arrange most things for you, including China visas ( 300) delivered in a day. Long-term stayers get good discounts. The pricier rooms have satellite TV, phone and broadband connection.

Political Upheaval High Jinks

The Philippines languished under Marcos' rule for over 20 years. To be fair, his overextended stay at Malacanang Palace did start legitimately, with the young and charismatic politician with a much-decorated WWII record winning the 1965 presidential election over Liberal Party candidate, Diosdado Macapagal, father of current President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Marcos, with his beautiful wife Imelda beside him, swept into office in a Camelot-like atmosphere that recalled the Kennedy years at the White House. But the veneer of glamour soon wore off, and gradually Marcos showed his insatiable hunger for power.

Lamingtn National Park

Bernard O'Reilly's Green Mountains gives a graphic account of his 1937 search and rescue efforts following one of Queensland's best-known aircraft crashes. Reading it before walking through Lamington's seemingly impenetrable forests engenders admiration for his superior bushcraft. O'Reilly's gift shop sells the book.

Going To Long Cheng The Cias Secret City Andrew Burke

As the fighting intensified on the Plain of Jars, just 60km north, so Long Cheng grew. By 1964 a 1260m-long runway had been built and sealed. Storage facilities, a communications centre and housing were constructed. The charismatic Hmong General Vang Pao, who was even then the most important man in Laos as far as the US was concerned, coordinated his fighters from Long Cheng. By 1966 it was one of the largest US installations on foreign soil by 1969 Long Cheng had become one of the busiest airports on earth, with a takeoff or landing roughly every minute.

Detour Islands Around Phuket

Southeast of Laem Phanwa you'll stumble across the similar, but smaller, Ko Mai Thon. Again, there is only one place to stay, and it's a whopper. Maiton Resort (g 0 7621 4954 fax 0 7621 4959 maiton ) bungalows 2800-4000B (K) S ) offers semi-luxurious hillside or beachside bungalows, two pools (indoor and outdoor), a sauna, fitness centre, tennis court and five restaurants. This is the kind of self-contained place that could be anywhere, and lacks charisma.

In Defence Of The Ardennes

As in all frontier territory, here you will find serious bastions rather than decorative chateaux, massive ramparts to protect old citadels and memorials to the many thousands of men whose lives were lost in 20th-century warfare. Sedan's mighty stronghold, now a museum of militaria, is the largest fortress in Europe. Begun in 1424, it still towers, relatively unscathed, above a city the Luftwaffe almost destroyed. By contrast, Givet's fortress, Charlemont, remains a charismatic shell dominating this charming riverside town where the Meuse prepares to flow into Belgium You can visit part of this in July and August to admire Vauban's handiwork. Vauban, the great military architect, also planned the extraordinary star-shaped fortifications of Rocroi, a little town no bigger than a village

Merrion Square Around

MERRION SQUARE Map PP78-9 St Stephen's Green may win the popularity contest, but elegant Merrion Sq snubs its nose at such easy praise and remains the most prestigious of Dublin's squares. Its well-kept lawns and beautifully tended flower beds are flanked on three sides by gorgeous Georgian houses with colourful doors, peacock fanlights, ornate door knockers and, occasionally, foot-scrapers, used to remove mud from shoes before venturing indoors. The square, laid out in 1762, is bordered on its remaining side by the National Gallery (p79) and Leinster House (p82) - all of which, apparently, isn't enough for some. One former resident, WB Yeats (1865-1939), was less than impressed and described the architecture as 'grey 18th century' there's just no pleasing some people.

Camelot on Cape Cod The Kennedys in Hyannisport

Images of Jack Kennedy sailing his jaunty Wianno Senior on Nantucket Sound off Hyannisport form part of this nation's collective memory. The vacationing JFK was all tousled hair, toothy grin, earthy charisma, and attractive joie de vivre. Remember Jackie sitting beside him, wearing a patterned silk scarf around her head and looking like she'd rather be in Newport, where no one had ever heard of touch football

Heart Of The Budawangs

The track continues southeast, crossing an exposed rocky area for a few hundred metres, then passes a barely discernible track junction about 6.5km from the start the track veers left here. Continue, traversing the northern side of Korra Hill, part of the way on boardwalks, and reaching another track junction at the flat saddle. From here, an indistinct track can be taken south along the ridge to Admiration Point (1.8km return), which has excellent views across the Yadboro River to Currockbilly Mountain and east to the ramparts of The Castle and Mt Owen. Just past the Admiration Point junction, take the left fork to the summit of Corang Peak (a 70m altitude gain to the 863m summit), from where great views of all the surrounding peaks and heavily forested valleys unfold (about three hours from the Wog Wog picnic area). Continue off the summit of Corang Peak to the northeast, passing Corang Arch about 15 to 20 minutes further along. This remnant of a collapsed sandstone overhang lies...

The Coloured Experience

In 1998, a year after he retired as ANC president, he married Graca Machel, the widow of a former president of Mozambique, on his 80th birthday. Despite announcing his official retirement from the International stage In 2004, this charismatic man remains pretty active. Some of his time Is taken up with the Nelson Mandela Foundation (, which tackles the problems faced by people with HIV AIDS and children In rural schools In South Africa.


Born in Eisleben, Germany in 1483, Martin Luther was a well-liked and studious child. At 22, he moved to nearby Erfurt to become a monk at the Augustinian abbey after his religious studies ended in Eisenach. He would return to the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach many years later after being forced into hiding for provoking the Catholic Church. While in seclusion, he became the first German to translate the New Testament from Latin into his native language. He published the New Testament in 1522, and the Old Testament was published in parts and completed in 1534. This translation work was so important to the literary development of Germany that Martin Luther has been called the Father of the Modern German Language. The fifth city that played a pivotal role in his life is Torgau, the most important historical arena of debate during the early years of the Reformation. The chapel of Hartenfels Palace is the first ecclesiastical building ever built for the purpose of Protestant worship. It was...

Sydney Opera House

'The sun did not know how beautiful its light was until it was reflected off this building.' So said famous architect Louis Kahn, aghast with admiration for the Sydney Opera House (Map pp78-9 9250 7111 Bennelong Pt, Circular Quay E). Danish architect Jorn Utzon's competition-winning 1956 design is Australia's most recognisable icon and essential sight. It's mused to have drawn inspiration from orange segments, snails, palm fronds and Mayan temples, and poetically likened to a 'nun's scrum' and the sexual congress of turtles. It's architecturally orgasmic from any angle, but the ferry view approaching Circular Quay is hard to beat.

Market Cross

Until 1996, the Market Cross had stood for centuries in Cross St, at the heart of the town centre. Besides inviting the pious admiration of the faithful, the cross was used as a gallows in the aftermath of the 1798 revolt the British garrison hanged rebels from the crosspiece, one on each arm so the cross wouldn't fall over. But what 1000 years of foul weather and the sacrilegious British couldn't do, a careless bus driver did with one bad turn-and-reverse - in 1996, the cross was toppled. It was eventually repaired and re-erected outside the Kells Heritage Centre.

The National Psyche

Eritreans are different in temperament from their neighbours (which partly explains the bitter relations between the two countries). 'Rather die than surrender', could be their motto. Years of invasion have created a siege mentality and a sense of isolation. A deep-seated desire to protect the integrity of their nation, founded understandably by historic circumstances, has led to an attitude of self-preservation and, one would say, mulishness. Eritreans have a fierce pride in their own history, and their decades of struggle against the Ethiopians. Though impoverished, the nation has from the outset shown self-reliance, vigour and independence. Eritreans are not about to become anyone's vassal and this stoic attitude has elicited both passionate admiration and furious exasperation from visitors, aid workers and international organisations alike. Their ability to endure hardships without moaning - to a masochistic degree -is notorious. Tradition and a deep-rooted attachment to the land...


Who died here in the Battle of Chaironeia in 338 B.C. It was at Chaironeia that Philip of Macedon, with some 30,000 soldiers, defeated the combined forces of Athens and Thebes and became the most powerful leader in Greece. It was also at Chaironeia that Philip's 18-year-old son Alexander first distinguished himself on the battlefield, when he led the attack against the superbly trained Theban Sacred Band, which fought to the last man. Philip's admiration for the Thebans' courage was such that he allowed them to be buried where they fell on the battlefield.

Great South Court

The House of the South also features one of the earliest examples of tourist graffiti. In the 47th year of Ramses Il's reign, nearly 1500 years after Zoser's death, Hadnakhte, a treasury scribe, recorded his admiration for Zoser while 'on a pleasure trip west of Memphis' in about 1232 BC. His hieratic script, written in black ink, is preserved behind Perspex just inside the building's entrance.


Elsewhere, life in the outback commands admiration and respect a hard but privileged lifestyle, based mostly on agriculture and cattle breeding. Land as far as the eye can see, cattle rounded up on horseback, bivouacs in the moonlight. These stockmen are the kings of the plains .

Politics Apart

In sum, Americans tend to embody what to many is a curious combination of admiration for their political system in general and disdain for its particular operations. They criticize their leaders, but do not want foreigners to do so. They strongly believe in the value of the rule of law and that of compromise. They think about politics as a separable aspect of life, one they can choose to ignore. Their low level of participation in politics, not to mention their general lack of interest in political affairs, seems inexplicable if not irresponsible to many visitors from abroad.

The Mafia Origins

The bandits struck a mixture of fear and admiration into the peasantry, who were happy to support any efforts to destabilise the feudal system. The peasants became willing accomplices in protecting the outlaws, and although it would be another 400 years before crime became 'organised', the 16th and 17th centuries witnessed a substantial increase in the activities of brigand bands. The bands were referred to as Mafia, while the peasants' loyalty to their own people resulted in the name Cosa Nostra (Our Thing). The early-day Mafia's way of protecting itself from prosecution was to become the modern Mafia's most important weapon the code of silence.


What makes Barbat and Banjol famous throughout Europe are the 10 or so restaurants here, which are among the best in the Adriatic. Top-class fresh fish, home-grown vegetables and quality wines are just part of the guarantee of quality. The rest can be attributed to the experience, know-how and skill of the local chefs and waiters, who evoke the admiration of guests with their abilities and with their polite service.

The Straight Story

The big bust of Lu Xun (1881-1936) in the entrance hall of the Lu Xun Jlnianguan has a Stalinesque air, but the writer wasn't one to follow Stalin's line that art should represent class struggle (even though other Chinese writers sympathetic to communism were doing so). Often labeled China's greatest 20th-century writer, Lu Xun is one of the few to gain both Communist Party approval and admiration even from the Party's greatest critics. His short stories are unforgettable, bite-size pieces of pure bitterness, in which his characters' good intentions are always followed by backsliding, their attempts to change society are always thwarted by its inertia, and they are swept away by circumstances beyond their control. His most famous creation, the hapless subject of The True Story of Ah Q, manages to end up in front of a firing squad without having the first idea how or why, and represents the witless state of the nation as a whole.

The Rise Of Fascism

The fall of the Habsburg empire left a huge gap in the governing of Vienna. By popular demand the Social Democratic Workers' Party (SDAP) soon filled it, winning a resounding victory in the municipal elections in 1919. Over the next 14 years they embarked on an impressive series of social policies and municipal programs, particularly covering communal housing and health, aimed at improving the plight of the working class. Their greatest achievement was to tackle the severe housing problem Vienna faced after the war by creating massive housing complexes across the city. The plan was simple provide apartments with running water, toilets and natural daylight, and housing estates with parkland and recreational areas. This policy not only gained admiration from within Austria, but also won praise throughout Europe. Many of these colossal estates can still be seen in the city the most celebrated, the Karl-Marx-Hof (p103), was designed by Karl Ehn and originally contained an astounding 1600...

Destination Cambodia

Just as Angkor is more than its wat, so too is Cambodia more than its temples. The chaotic yet charismatic capital of Phnom Penh is a hub of political intrigue, economic vitality and intellectual debate. All too often overlooked by hit-and-run tourists ticking off Angkor on a regional tour, the revitalised city is finally earning plaudits in its own right thanks to a gorgeous riverside location, a cultural renaissance, and a dining and drinking scene to rival the best in the region. Despite having the eighth wonder of the world in its backyard, Cambodia's greatest treasure is its people. The Khmers have been to hell and back, struggling through years of bloodshed, poverty and political instability. Thanks to an unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism, they have prevailed with their smiles intact no visitor comes away from Cambodia without a measure of admiration and affection for the inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom.

Merrion Square

St Stephen's Green may win the popularity contest, but tranquil Merrion Square (Map p86 admission free S dawn-dusk) is our choice for favourite city park. Surrounding the well-kept lawns and beautifully tended flower beds are some of Dublin's most exceptional Georgian frontages, with fine doors, peacock fanlights, ornate door knockers and foot scrapers (used by gendemen to scrape mud from their boots before venturing indoors).


Fiji's population is the most multiracial in the South Pacific. Indigenous Fijians are predominandy of Melanesian origin, but there are Polynesian aspects in both their physical appearance and their culture. Most Indo-Fijians are descendants of indentured labourers. They constitute around 40 of the population, although large numbers continue to emigrate.


Writing about the Galata Bridge (p74) in the 1870s, Edmondo de Amicis said that though a hundred thousand people crossed it every day, 'not a single idea passes in 10 years'. The difference between the neighbourhoods of the Old City and the European-flavoured neighbourhoods of Beyoglu, on the other side of the bridge, isn't as stark these days as it was in De Amicis' time, but there is still a decidedly different atmosphere and physical appearance. The bustling but still slightly down-at-heel suburbs of Galata, Karakoy and Tophane are growing more fashionable by the day, and the famous boulevard of Istiklal Caddesi and symbolic heart of Taksim Square are the places to come to eat, drink and indulge in the arts.

Family Friendly Shows

Danny Gans The Man of Many Voices In a town where the consistent sellouts are costly, elaborate extravaganzas, it's a tribute to Danny Gans's charisma and appeal that his one-man variety act can draw the same crowds with nothing more than a backup band and a few props. Gans is the man of many voices more than 400 of them and his show features impressions of 80 different celebrities, usually a different mix each night, depending on audience demographics.

Womans Place

Namibian society is unquestionably patriarchal, although women have traditionally worked hard to contribute to the family income. As head of the family, men are expected to project their authority through material wealth, charisma or often just their own physical size. Status - according to profession, wealth and family - is also important. One of the key obstacles to the AIDS outreach programme was convincing men with local

Aloha Wear

Aside from the vintage Hawaiian-wear (1930s-50s) found in collectibles shops and at swap meets, our favorite contemporary aloha-wear designer is Hawaii's Tori Richards. Tommy Bahama, which never calls its shirts aloha shirts but claims instead a Caribbean influence, is another shirt icon, and so is the up-and-coming Tiki brand, quirky and distinctive, with fabulous fabric prints and retro elements that hark back to 1950s bowling shirts and Jimmy Dean charisma. (Bahama and Tiki are not Hawaii companies, but have jumped on the bandwagon and are riding the aloha shirt wave.)

Lebanese Crafts

(j ashionable and trendy, Beirut is the cultural epicenter of Lebanon. The city is bustling with life and oozing with charisma. Beirutis live life to the full, taking in all the city's gastronomic delights, ambience, and leisure activities until the wee hours of the morning.

National Government

The only other major political party in the UK is the Liberal Democrats, which currently holds just 63 seats. Despite a distinguished career and impeccable credentials, its leader Sir Ming Campbell is largely considered to have no hope of taking the party to victory due to his age (late 60s) and a perceived lack of charisma compared with the Lib Dems' previous leader, Charles Kennedy, who resigned the leadership in 2003 due to an alcohol problem.

Local Transport Boat

Boats are used for public transport between the various islands and coastal villages of southern Thailand. The workhorse of inter-island transport is the charismatic, deafen-ingly noisy long-tail boat (reu-a h hngyow), which has a propeller mounted at the end of a 3m-long drive shaft. Passengers can get a drenching in rough seas (or heavy rain) so consider putting valuable items in plastic bags inside your rucksack. Long-tails either operate like s rng-t a-ou, leaving whenever there are enough passengers, or offer custom charters. The relevant destination chapters have more information.

Creating a nation

World War I (1914-18) was devastating for France. The worldwide economic depression that followed severely weakened the government while Germany gained power under the charismatic and acquisitive Adolf Hitler. France declared war on Germany in 1939, following the Nazi invasion of France's ally, Poland. In 1940, the German army invaded France the French army rapidly collapsed, and the Germans occupied the country. The period called the Collaboration is one of France's most shameful. The government was transferred first to Bordeaux and then, under the Nazi-approved President P tain, to Vichy. French General Charles de Gaulle refused to accept the armistice with Germany and Italy and broadcast a call for resistance from London on June 18, 1940. However, everything changed on June 6, 1944, when thousands of Allied troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and exiles from the invaded nations landed on the wind-swept shores of Normandy in the D-day invasion. Brilliant...


The majority of islanders are Christian but there's a shift taking place from the established old-guard sects to more charismatic evangelical churches. The number of people affiliated with the Anglican church has dropped to 23 (from 45 in 1970), though it remains the largest denomination. This is followed by Roman Catholic at 15 , African Methodist Episcopal at 11 and Seventh-Day Adventist at 7 . Other houses of worship in Bermuda include Methodist, Jehovah's Witness, Baptist, Pentecostal and Christian Science.

The Era Of Mahathir

In 1981 Mahathir Mohamad, a charismatic and outspoken doctor from Langkawi, became prime minister. As a young man Mahathir had been expelled from UMNO for criticising the then prime minister and causing disunity in the party. His first book, The Malay Dilemma, in which he postulated that Malay backwardness was due to hereditary and cultural factors, was banned in 1970.


After Batista's second coup, a revolutionary circle formed in Habana around the charismatic figure of Fidel Castro, a qualified lawyer and gifted orator who had been due to stand in the cancelled 1952 elections. Though Castro himself was an 'easterner' from the bucolic province of Holguin, most of his early followers hailed from Habana, where they used the


Hienghene (yen-ghen), with its many ac-cueil en tribu (traditional homestays), is a great place to discover Kanak culture. La Poule Couveuse, the 'brooding hen', is one of New Caledonia's best-known landmarks. The rocky outcrop sits at the entrance to the tranquil baie de Hienghene. Opposite sits a less famous but just as impressive rock known as the Sphinx. Hienghene is also famous as the birthplace of the charismatic Kanak leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou, who was assassinated in 1989. See the boxed text, p278, for more on Tjibaou.

Hotel Altis

Castilho, 11 1269-072 LISBOA T +351 213 106 000 F +351 213 106 262 E reservations W. Hotel Altis is the perfect option in the city centre, this charismatic 5 stars with 303 Rooms and suites combines the art and tradition of hospitality with all the facilities and services of an international unit. The Hotel offers 3 Restaurants and 2 bars, 18 meeting and banquet rooms with a capacity from 8 to 75C people, a modern Business Centre, Health Club, heated Swimming pool, Shopping area, hairdresser, 24 Hours Room Service, Laundry, parking and Shuttle

Current Events

To some degree Estonia has found it hard to escape its past, notably when Arnold Riiiitel, the former head of Estonia's Soviet parliament, won the 2001 presidential election. Viewed by many as a politically inept communist dinosaur, 73 -year-old Riiiitel won on his dedication to social problems (such as unemployment) - an issue given short shrift as EU hysteria swept the country. His communist credentials and agricultural background were particularly deficient compared with the skills of his predecessor, the brilliant and charismatic Lennart Meri.

On Wheels

Four ofPisa's most charismatic churches are a pleasant cycle ride outside the city walls. The most popular, Certosa di Pisa, is eight miles to the north, while San Piero a Grado is a three-mile cycle to the west, and the remaining two (Santa Croce in Fossabanda and San Michele degli Scalzi) are an even shorter ride to the east.


The watery, tidal world where land meets sea is one of the most biologically productive habitats on earth. Growing precariously in this odd mix of salt and fresh water, mangrove plants stand on stiltiike roots that keep them out of the suffocating mud. Uncounted marine organisms and nearly every commercially important seafood species find sanctuary and nursery sites among these roots. Charismatic wildlife species include the bizarre proboscis monkey and the mudskipper, a fish that spends much of its time out of the water. Mangroves once ringed virtually the entire island, especially around river mouths, but increasingly they are limited to places like Bako National Park near Kuching.

Stalin Vs Trotsky

But Lenin had failed to name a successor, and had expressed a low opinion of 'too rude' Stalin. The charismatic Trotsky, hero of the civil war and second only to Lenin as an architect of the revolution, wanted collectivisation of agriculture - an extension of War Communism - and

Mexico Under The

Fox's election itself, after 80 years of one-party rule, was really the biggest news about his six-year term. A charismatic, 6ft 5in (nearly 2m) rancher, he entered office with the goodwill of a wide range of Mexicans, who hoped a change of ruling party would bring real change in the country. In the end, his presidency was considered a disappointment by most. He had no magic solutions to the same economic and social problems that previous governments had struggled with. Without the full support of Mexico's Congress, where the PAN did not enjoy a majority, Fox was unable to push through the reforms that he believed were key to stirring Mexico's slumbering economy. His government consequently lacked money to improve education, social welfare or roads. At least government had become more transparent, honest and accountable, and Mexicans less cynical about their political system. Fox was succeeded in late 2006 by another PAN president, the less charismatic but potentially more effective...


Charismatic Anfushi, the old Turkish part of town, was once where stuffy Alexandria came to let down its hair. While Midan Ramla and the Midan Tahrir area were developed along the lines of a European model in the 19th century, Anfushi remained untouched, an indigenous quarter standing in counterpoint to the new cosmopolitan city. This is where writer Lawrence Durrell's characters came in search of prostitutes and a bit of rough trade. Today it remains one of the poorest parts of the city, where a huge number of people live squeezed into atmospheric but old and


The word restaurant - and the name of this restaurant - originate from the term meaning to restore and, since opening their establishement in 1991, that is exactly what charismatic owners, Bo & Lis-beth Jacobsen, have endeavored to do to restore each guest's spirits so they leave feeling happy and contented. To this end, Restaurationen offers a single five-course fixed menu. Only the freshest seasonal produce is used. The menu alternates between summer and winter themes, with wines carefully selected to enhance the food. The menu changes weekly the cost is around DKK 1,000 per person.

Santa Croce

One of the best pizzerias trattorias in and around the historical center is the family-run Mastrociliegia (Via Palmieri 34r, s 055-293372, ), only a short walk from the Duomo in the direction of Teatro Verdi and Santa Croce. Its ongoing popularity with locals is a sure sign of its quality fare and charismatic welcome, with dishes of note including Cappello mastrociliegia (pasta with an asparagus, truffle and gorgonzola sauce), straccetti di vitello all'aceto (veal in a vinegar-based sauce), the classic coniglio fritto (fried rabbit) and some tasty wood-fired pizzas. Booking is recommended for the small terrace in summer.


Few places in India are as colourful, charismatic or spiritual as the bathing ghats lining the Ganges in Varanasi. The city of Shiva is one of the holiest places in India, where Hindu pilgrims come to wash away a lifetime of sins in the Ganges or to cremate their loved ones. Varanasi, previously named Benares and Kashi (City of Life) - it was renamed after the Varuna and Asi Rivers, which meet here - has always been an auspicious place to die, since expiring here offers moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). The city is the beating heart of the Hindu universe, a crossing place between the physical and spiritual worlds, and the Ganges is viewed as a river of salvation, an everlasting symbol of hope to past, present and future generations. The magical but sometimes overwhelming city is where the most intimate rituals of life and death take place in public on the city's ghats. The accessibility to the practices of an ancient but still living religious tradition is what...


After the fall of the Roman Empire, Naples became a duchy, originally under the Byzantines and later as an independent dukedom, until it was captured in 1139 by the Normans and absorbed into the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The Normans, in turn, were replaced by the German Swabians, whose charismatic leader Frederick II gave the city many new institutions, including its university. Naples' recent history has brought better news. In the mid-1990s, the charismatic mayor Antonio Bassolino led a mass cleanup of the city. Dubbed the Neapolitan Renaissance, its highpoint came in 1994 when the city hosted the G7 summit. Bassolino has since been replaced by Naples' first woman mayor, Rosa Russo Jervolino, who has struggled to keep up the momentum. In the last few years the city has once again being making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. News of vicious Mafia wars and teenage stabbings are sadly back in fashion.

Paris Vibes

Tariq Krim, charismatic founder and CEO, is among a clutch of young innovators credited with making the internet what it is. Be it tracking the future in digital space or the next best bar in his city, he is a Parisian in tune with the vibe. He has clubbed with Paris'finest first-generation electronic-music DJs, his music taste is eclectic and as work increasingly takes him around the world, he is enjoying a new weekend affair with his city. So where does he go on Saturday night He opened his address book to Nicola Williams at Netvibes' sunlit loft offices in the 2e, around the corner from the Rex Club.

Cte dIvoire

Cote d'ivoire was once the economic miracle of Africa and a role model for stability on the continent. Never completely breaking from their colonial masters, the post-independence leaders wooed French capital to build a modern infrastructure and considerable prosperity. The long-serving and charismatic first president, Houphouet-Boigny, promoted the notion of a happy amalgam of pragmatic Western capitalism with benign African values. The society he presided over, however, was far from liberal and the dream ended with his death.

Soweto Uprising

Steve Biko, the charismatic leader of the Black Consciousness movement, which stressed the need for psychological liberation and black pride, was killed in September 1977. Unidentified security police beat him until he lapsed into a coma - he went without medical treatment for three days and finally died in Pretoria. At the subsequent inquest, the magistrate found that no one was to blame.

Union With Greece

With the Ottomans gone, Crete was placed under international administration, but union with Greece remained an insatiable desire and would take some years to achieve. A new movement coalesced around the charismatic Hania-born Eleftherios Venizelos, one of the most important figures in Greek and Cretan politics. Venizelos was Prince George's minister of justice and a member of the Cretan Assembly. In the face of Prince George's stubborn refusal to consider unification, Venizelos convened a revolutionary assembly in Theriso, near Hania, in 1905, raising the Greek flag and declaring unity with Greece.

Towards Selfrule

A kastom movement called Nagriamel arose, led by charismatic Jimmy Stevens (pi28). Operating from Santo, its aims were to protect Melanesians' claims to their traditional land. Incensed by reports of US developers buying large blocks of land, Nagriamel had expanded to other islands in northern Vanuatu by the late 1960s.

Around Perth

Play with scores of charismatic wild dolphins in Shoalwater Marine Park(p94), near Rockingham, September to May Snorkel along the trail of underwater plaques through coral reef at Little Salmon Bay (p92), Rottnest Island Crack the legs of the freshly cooked blue-manna crab you caught yourself in the Mandurah Estuary (p95)

The Mormons

In the spring of 1830, Joseph Smith, a devout young man in Fayette, New York, published the Book of Mormon and founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a charismatic religion claiming to be a restoration of the original church. Among its tenets were polygamy and an active program of proselytism, neither of which found favor in the neighborhood.


Carara is also the famed home to one of Costa Rica's most charismatic bird species, namely the scarlet macaw. While catching a glimpse of this tropical wonder is a rare proposition in most of the country, macaw sightings are virtually guaranteed at Carara. And of course, there are more than 400 other avian species flitting around the canopy, as well as Costa Rica's largest crocodiles in the waterways - best to leave your swim trunks at home

Government Politics

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) administers the capital, which is segmented into 50 districts covering 1569 sqkm. Since 1985 metropolitan Bangkok has boasted the country's only elected governors (provincial governors are appointed), and perhaps the most charismatic of these was former army major general, Chamlong Srimuang.


Acclaimed directors include Ferid Boughedir, whose Halfaouine - a coming-of-age piece about sexuality and tradition in the 1960s in one of Tunis' most charismatic districts - featured at the Cannes Film Festival in 1990. His A Slimmer in La Goulette (1996) is a comedy set in 1967 Tunis where three daughters seek Muslim, Christian and Jewish boyfriends at the time of the Arab-Israeli war.


In 2000 a young musician named Evison Matafale made his mark on Malawi's popular reggae scene, amassing huge domestic and growing international support with his charismatic melodies and outspoken social and political expression. His future was bright and he was soon declared Malawi's unofficial king of the genre.

Rock Music

The legends are Vopli Vidopliasova (VV) and Okean Elzy. Both have been going since the 1990s and have charismatic front men - Oleh Skrypka and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk respectively - who seek to promote the Ukrainian identity through music. Both tend toward the progressive VV is more uptempo, Okean Elzy more melancholic. All Ukraine's major The nationalists, from Lviv and the west, are defenders of Ukrainian heri-

Central Scotland

The country's historical roots are deeply embedded in the sandy soils of Central Scotland. Significant ruins and castles that chronicle the region's charismatic history pepper the landscape. Key battlegrounds shaped the country's fortunes around Stirling, and Perth is the former capital where kings were crowned on the Stone of Destiny.


Although kabuki is most closely associated with Edo, it began in Kyoto around 1600 when a charismatic shrine priestess called Okuni and her troupe started entertaining crowds with a new type of dance people dubbed 'kabuki', a slang expression that meant 'cool' or 'in vogue'.


However, Red Dog wasn't looking for a new home. He'd often be taken care of by local families, but soon his wandering spirit would kick in and he'd be off on another adventure. After he died in 1979 the local community erected a bronze statue in his honour at the entrance to Dampier, and while Red Dog isn't around to soil seats across Western Australia (WA), his legend just keeps getting bigger. In 2006 a play, the enigmatically titled Red Dog, hit the stage in Perth, and two books, Beverley Duckett's Pilbara Wanderer and Louis de Bernieres (famous for Captain Corelli's Mandolin) Red Dog, have been written about the charismatic canine. How far away can a feature film be

Cape Economy Booms

Islam first came to the Cape with the slaves brought by the Dutch from the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. Although the religion could not be practised openly In the colony until 1804, the presence of Influential and charismatic political and religious figures among the slaves helped a cohesive Cape Muslim community to develop. One such political dissident was the exiled Islamic leader Tuan Guru from Tldore, who arrived In 1780. During his 13 years on Robben Island Tuan Guru accurately copied the Quran from memory. In 1798 he helped establish the Owal Mosque, the city's first mosque, In the Bo-Kaap, thus making this area the heart of the Islamic community In Cape Town, as It still Is today.

Popular Music

Fuelled by the Pop Explosion and the 1960s London scene, Dublin bands began to believe that they had a future beyond the stages of their local dance hall. The most important of these was Thin Lizzy, formed in 1969 and led by the simply fantastic Phil Lynott (see the boxed text, p182) they finally got their breakthrough with Jailbreak (1975). Their finest hour, literally, was Live & Dangerous (1978), one of the greatest live albums ever recorded. Thin Lizzy's music aged better than its charismatic and hard-living lead singer, whose life and creativity were blighted by drug use and physical deterioration - he died in 1986.


The distinction between 'guesthouse', 'hotel' and 'resort' often exists in name only, but legally speaking a guesthouse in Laos has fewer than 16 rooms. They typically occupy large, two-storey homes of recent vintage, but occasionally you'll find them in more historic and charismatic wooden homes. In places such as Don Det (p280) in southern Laos or Muang Ngoi Neua (pl63) in northern Laos you'll come across guesthouses consisting of simple bamboo-thatch huts with shared facilities, going for as little as US 1 a night.


Although less charismatic than Santo, Efate can provide some wonderful surprises. Sure, the Coolidge is matchless, but there's more to diving in Vanuatu than this legendary wreck. Efate's dive sites are good for beginners to sharpen their skills, but even the 'old pros' enjoy them for a hassle-free, relaxing way to see the undersea world.


Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel ( 2450529 s d ste Rs 1700 2350 2900) High above the Chambal River, this charismatic hotel has drawn exclusive guests since 1830, when the East India Company was plying its trade. It's named after the current maharaja of Kota, Brijraj Singh (who still lives here), and the enormous, classically presented rooms open onto quaint riverside terraces. If booking ahead, go for No 1 or No 4. It's off Station Rd.

Local Government

London's first-ever popularly elected mayor is a colourful, charismatic character who has done much to improve London for tourists. As the leader of the Greater London Council (GLC) during the 1980s, 'Red Ken' - as the socialist was once popularly known - went head to head with that most conservative of prime ministers, Margaret Thatcher. He pushed a huge 'Fare's Fair' campaign to reduce the cost of public transport in London, and put a giant counter on the roof of County Hall, which gave updated unemployment figures and was clearly visible from the House of Commons. Thatcher became so infuriated with Livingstone that she scrapped the GLC altogether.

Peace With Israel

While the public appearance was of a smooth transition and happy families, all was not well behind the scenes. Soon after the succession was finalised, reports began to surface from within the palace that Abdullah had agreed to become king only for a limited time, after which the more charismatic but youthful Crown Prince Hamzah, would take the throne. Neither Queen Noor nor her son, Prince Hamzah were at Abdullah's enthronement ceremony.


Africa is home to more than 1100 mammal species, some 2400 bird species and hundreds of species of reptile, amphibian and freshwater fish. Mammals top the list of 'must-sees' for the vast majority of visitors, but a trip to Kenya, Botswana or Cameroon, for example, has turned many a casual bird-watcher into an insatiable 'world birder'. And, unlike in many parts of the world, Africa's most charismatic mammals are often large, and easy to see and photograph.

The Petrified Miner

In 1677, 10 years before the big mine collapse, a worker named Mats Israelsson disappeared somewhere in the mine and wasn't found until over 40 years later. He was in remarkably good shape for a dead guy. His body had been preserved by the vitriol-rich water and his old girlfriend could easily identify him since his physical appearance hadn't changed much in all those years. After this, Fat-Mats, as he was known, was given a proper burial and became famous, even internationally, as the petrified miner.


The economy was the key issue for French voters in the 2007 presidential elections, hence their demand for change in the charismatic shape of Nicolas Sarkozy (p47), who pledged to reduce unemployment and income tax (currently between 5.5 and 40 ), create more jobs and boost growth in a sluggish economy that nonetheless ranks as the world's eighth largest.

African Music

There is chaabi in Egypt and Morocco, along with the Arabic techno pop called al-jil and a wealth of other influences. The Berber shepherdess blues of Cherifa, the Maghreb's very own Aretha, have made her a singer-sheika (or popular artist) to be reckoned with. The pentatonic healing music of the Gnawa - chants, side drums, metal castanets, the throbbing guimbri-lute (long-necked lute) - hijacks Essaouira each June during the huge Gnawa and World Music festival. The Toureg desert blues of guitar bands such as Tinariwen and, with members drawn from Niger's Toureg and Wodaabe tribes, new African music darlings Etran Finatawa. On the Ivory Coast, Abidjan remains a hugely influential centre for music production (if you make it here, you'll probably make it in Paris), while the percussive, melodious and totally vacuous coupe-decale sound fills stadiums. Better, perhaps, to seek out the likes of fusionist and newcomer Dobet Gnahore - in charisma and vocal power not unlike Beninese diva...

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