Excess Baggage

Winair provides fun and friendly service over to Sint Eustatius; however, on virtually every flight over to the island, someone disembarks sans luggage even though they thought they saw it being loaded onto the plane. This is usually due to weight limits - frequently the captain realizes at the last minute that the plane has reached its full capacity and will hold back a couple suitcases for the next flight, when the passenger complement is perhaps not as large. If you are arriving or departing on the last flight out, you'll have to wait until the following day, or even longer, to retrieve your luggage.

It's a good idea to pack a small carry-on stocked with 48 hours' worth of essentials just in case you too become a statistic. Despite harsh airline restrictions on liquids, Winair keeps a slightly more relaxed attitude, so you can bring your insect repellant along.

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494 TRANSPORTATION •• Getting Around


The usual safety precautions apply, but hitchhiking on Statia is considered to be very safe and easy, so it's perfectly fine to stick your thumb out at someone (and not in the Shakespearean kind of way).


The island's taxis congregate at the airport after flights arrive. If you're looking for a cab, ask a local to call one, or they'll just give you a lift. You can also try the dispatch line (% 3182205) Figure US$5 per person per trip.

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