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Martin Reid is a master boat builder with over three decades experience, and also the author of this step by step guide plan on how to build a boat of any kind by your lonesome. In this book, the master of boat building, Martin will show you how to; Design your own custom boat with computer software and building guides. Get started in building amazing boats of all types, in an easy step by step of hundreds of plans. Construct a boat, in an easy to follow video tutorials. The guide with crystal clear photos, every step of the way. With even no boat-building experience or skills, these plans will enable you to do so, with the easy step by step plans and clear pictures. In this book of in instructions and illustrations, you will find; Hundreds of detailed boat plans, schematics and all the patterns on how to cut wood, material lists of all types of boats there is on the waters. There is a simple to navigate and search option that provides for quick cross referencing between the plans that are highlighted in the book. Complete illustrated three-dimensional colour photos and diagrams to assist you in building or constructing and provide visual explanations. Several videos on the how-to and the boat building tips. Read more here...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Myboatplans 518 Boat Plans can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this ebook contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Canoeing Kayaking

Less confident canoeists can find a flatwater route along the Grand Codroy River in Grand Codroy Provincial Park, just a short drive from Port-aux-Basques. Access to upper regions is easy from several points along Trans-Canada-1, which runs close to the river, but mostly out of sight. Both branches cross the highway, at the towns of North Branch and Coal Brook, respectively. The river is fairly shallow, the views are good, and the pace leisurely here. In spring high water, the North Branch provides an exciting trip with a put-in at the town of North Branch and a take-out near South Branch, where the two rivers join. An 18-mile paddle from South Branch to the mouth of the Grand Codroy at Searston, is a long day's trip. It's hard for sea kayakers to beat the scenery from the waters of the Bay of Islands no matter which way you turn there's either the Blow Me Down range or the mountains of Gros Morne Park, or one of the dramatic islands that give the bay its name. The protected waters...

The Cruise Lines Part The Small Ships

hereas big ships allow you to see Alaska while immersed in a vibrant, resortlike atmosphere, small ships allow you to see it from the waterline. There's no distraction from anything un-Alaskan no glitzy interiors, no big shows or loud music, no casinos, no spas, and no crowds. The largest of these ships (the new stern-wheeler, Empress of the North more on that later) carries only 235 passengers. On the small ships you're immersed in the 49th state from the minute you wake up to the minute you fall asleep, and for the most part, you're left alone to form your own opinions. These vessels allow you to visit more isolated parts of the coast. Thanks to their smaller size and shallow draft (the amount of hull below the waterline), they can go places larger ships can't, and they have the flexibility to change their itineraries as opportunities arise say, to go where whales have been sighted. Depending on the itinerary, ports of call might include popular stops such as Sitka or Ketchikan,...

Entertainment On The Small Ships

Ships carrying 100 to 400 passengers have fewer entertainment options, but are no less appealing if you like things mellow. On the high-end lines, there may be a quartet or pianist performing before dinner and maybe afterward, a small-scale Broadway dance revue, and dancing in a quiet lounge. The more casual small ships might have taped music or a synth-piano player before and after dinner or no entertainment at all (you can go off to a club at a port for that). Expect a crew and passenger talent show to be scheduled during the cruise, too. While in port, small-ship lines like Windstar and Star Clippers might bring local performers on board for an afternoon or evening of entertainment. Some small ships also offer movie evenings when a movie is shown in a lounge or outside on the pool deck.

Settling Your Shipboard Account

On big ships, your shipboard account will close just before the end of your cruise, but before that time you will receive a preliminary bill in your cabin. If you are using a credit card, just make sure the charges are correct. If there is a problem, you will have to go to the purser's office, where you will likely encounter long lines. If you're paying by cash or traveler's check, you'll be asked to settle your account during either the day or night before you leave the ship. This will also require you to go to the purser's office. A final invoice will be delivered to your room before departure. On small ships, the procedure will be simpler. Often, you can just mosey over to the purser's desk on the last evening, check to see that the bill they give you looks right, and sign your name.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Portsmouth's biggest attraction, the Historic Dockyard ( 9286 1512 adult child single-attraction ticket 10 8, all-inclusive ticket 16 13, season ticket 30 25 10am 6pm Apr-Oct, As resplendent as she is venerable, the dockyard's star attraction is HMS Victory (www.hms, Lord Nelson's flagship at the 1805 Battie of Trafalgar and the site of his infamous 'Kiss me Hardy ' dying words when victory over the French had been secured. This remarkable ship is topped by a forest of ropes and masts, and weighted by a belly filled with cannons and paraphernalia for an 850-strong crew. Clambering through its decks is a stirring experience, though these days cannon fire is replaced with the dull thuds of visitors so in thrall that they forget the low overhead beams. There are excellent 40-minute tours. For prices and more information, check the websites. The Continental Ferryport is north of the Historic Dockyard.

Silver Moon Kayak Company

Northwest Montana's largest paddlesports specialty shop offers guided tours, lessons, rentals and retail sales of sea kayaks, recreational kayaks, whitewater kayaks and canoes. From the unique perspective of our seaworthy kayaks, your adventure will unfold upon Montana's beautiful wate ays. Conveniently located near Flathead Lake, we're on the way to fun 1615 N. Somers Rd., K ipO, MT 59901 08-402-7594

Kayaks Surf Bikes Other Beach Toys

You'll find plastic kayaks for rent at many of the island's large public beaches, where you can paddle around outside the swimming areas. For a more peaceful experience, try kayaking through the labyrinthine mangroves at Parguera, Aguirre (South Coast), Laguna de Condado (San Juan) or Las Cabezas de San Juan near Fajardo. Another way to play off the beach is by riding the kayak-bicycle hybrid known as the surf bike, a new invention that is beginning to pop up in surfing and kayak shops island-wide. Amore nefarious machine, the personal watercraft (Jet Ski is one brand name), shatters tranquility wherever it goes. Unfortunately, this evil toy is hugely popular in Puerto Rico. We recommend against using them because they disturb wildlife in and out of the water and are a danger and a nuisance to humans. If you absolutely must ride one, try to stick to the waters around San Juan, which already suffer from enough noise pollution that the waspy whine of your engine will make little...

White Water Kayaking Rafting

White-water rafting, scenic floats, and sea kayaking are options in and around Olympic National Park. Guided trips last approximately half a day. Canoe and kayak rentals are available from Olympic Raft & Kayak, 123 Lake Ald-well Rd., Port Angeles ( 888 4521443 or 360 452-1443 www.raftand prices start at about 50 per day. Rates for guided trips start at 42 for adults and 39 for kids 5 to 11. The company also offers classes (call for details).

Kayaking Tybee Island

Kayaking is a bit more novel way to see the area. Sea Kayak Georgia, s 912-786-8732, 888-KAYAKGA (5292542), e-mail SeaKayakGA, www.seakayakgeorgia. com, run by Dale Williams, offers a variety of local half-day, day-long and overnight trips. Also available are trips farther afield, along the Georgia Coast, in Florida, through the Okefenokee Swamp, in Coastal Maine and even in Scotland and the British Isles. For newcomers to the sport, there are many instructional courses throughout the year. All instructors are certified by the American Canoe Association, the British Canoe Association, or both, with many having also worked as professional interpretive naturalists.

Guided Canoe Kayak Tours

On alternate Friday evenings from May through September, Amphibious Horizons offers guided kayak tours of Harness Creek in Quiet Waters Park. Trips begin at the park at 6 pm, and the 35 fee includes boat, instruction and refreshments. Beginning and intermediate small-group lessons are offered on weekends private lessons can be arranged as well. The company also offers evening and sunset paddles in Mataponi Creek and day-long Saturday trips through wild rice marshes in the Patuxent River Park. s 410-267-8742 or 888-I-LUV-SUN,

Boating Yachting Kayaking

Rowboats can be rented (around R150 per hour) on Yelagin Island near the bridge to the Vyborg Side. For more serious sailing contact Kayaking on Lake Ladoga can also be arranged through the friendly guys at Wild Russia (Mappp230-1 3138030 nab reki Fontanki 59 (M) Gostiny Dvor). They can also arrange rock dimbing trips outside of the city.

River Rafting Kayaking

The rivers of Borneo offer scope for exciting river-trips, whether by kayak or raft. Keep in mind that water levels vary significantly throughout the year. Setting out to descend an unknown river in an isolated part of Borneo is a serious and dangerous undertaking indeed. Make sure you know what The'Coral Triangle', in you are getting into and, ideally, bring a local along with experience on the which Borneo is located, river in question. More than a few would-be first-descenders have come holds 600 species of coral to grief on the rivers of Borneo. While not exactly kayaking, in Tanjung Puting National Park (p253) visitors can rent wooden canoes to explore the park's rivers and try to see the rehabilitated orangutans. Near the headwaters of Sungai Kapuas in Betung Kerihun National Park (p245) is a great place for water adventure. KOMPAKH offers, in addition to its treks (see p243), kayaking, canoeing and white-water rafting.

Belize From The Seat Of A Kayak

If you want to see Belize with a paddle in your hands, a number of Belize- and North America-based firms offer recommended kayaking holidays Belize Kayak Rentals ( in USA 800-667-1630 s d per day BZS66 110, per week BZS420 700) If you prefer to go it alone on your kayaking expedition, this branch of Island Expeditions (following) rents out kayaks from its base camp in Dangriga. Also offers weekly packages, which include a boat charter out to the cayes. GAP Adventures ( in USA 800-465-5600 8-day trip BZS2450) Using Placen-cia as a base, GAP'S trip gives you four nights of island-hopping on the cayes. Island Expeditions ( in USA 800-667-1630 5710-day package BZS3060 4180) This ecologically minded company takes tours departing from Dangriga and spending the night at rustic lodges on Tobacco Caye, Southwater Caye and Coco Plum Caye. Island also does a tasty 10-day Coral Jaguar Expedition, which includes four days of...

Whitewater Rafting Kayaking

White-water kayaking is popular among enthusiasts but, unlike rafting, it's a solo activity requiring skills and training. From September to April, the Hew Zealand Kayak School ( 03-352 5786 in Murchison offers intensive multiday courses for introductory to advanced levels from 395.

Canoekayak Rentals Guided Tours

Amphibious Horizons, based at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis (s 410-267-8742 or 888-I-LUV-SUN,, offers evening and sunset paddles in Mataponi Creek and day-long Saturday trips through wild rice marshes in the Patuxent River Park. Cost of all day excursions is 75. A day-long excursion by kayak from Chesapeake Beach explores the beach and fossil cliffs of Calvert County. The trip includes stops for fossil hunting and lunch at a waterside restaurant. A weekend trip with Amphibious Horizons explores the Patuxent River Park and its freshwater tidal ecosystem in October, when foliage of the surrounding woodlands is at its peak. All equipment for kayaking and camping is included in the 200- 250 fee. in Charles County, is a good place to launch your own boat. You can head straight out into the Potomac, rated the number 1 tidewater river in the United States for largemouth bass. The estimated population is from 400,000 to 500,000. They gather especially among the...

Shipbuilding The Old

Alexandria's importance as a strategic port is intertwined with its history as a city, with the ships of countless empires docking here over several thousand years. From humble beginnings of the papyrus-reed boats of ancient Egypt, to today's steel-hulled monoliths, shipbuilding has played a pivotal role in this harbour city's personality. While steel and fibreglass construction techniques dominate the modern shipbuilding industry, more traditional methods of construction remain in Alexandria. At the ship yards (Map pp380-1 Qasr Ras at-Tin) at the northern end of Anfushi, yacht's are still constructed by hand and made entirely from wood. Along this stretch of coast lie dozens of yachts in various stages of completion, many with the slick modern designs more reminiscent of their fibreglass cousins. Here, skeletal wooden hulls of three-storey vessels tower over the sand like beached dinosaur exhibits and dozens of smaller craft compete with them for beach space. In between curving...

Canoeing Kayaking Sailing

Fresh Air Adventures in Alma, s 800 545-0020 or 506 887-2249, e-mail FreshAir, provides full-day, half-day and multi-day kayaking tours in the harbour and estuary and along the Fundy coast. They include instruction for beginners, as well as interpretive information about the natural environments explored. A Day Adventure package includes a three-hour guided trip, with kayaks and equipment, instruction and lunch, for 50 per adult, 30 per child or 150 for a family of four. You can choose from three destinations the long inlet and harbor at Point Wolfe, the bird-filled tidal reaches of Long Marsh, or the sea caves and beaches of Fundy National Park's isolated stretches of coast. Two-hour tours at 35 explore either the estuary and harbor or the bay. Full-day trips, at 90, can explore even more of the coast, and include a hot meal. Multi-day kayak trips are scheduled throughout the summer, with all camping equipment except bedding supplied. Two-day overnight trips cost 230 per...

Kayaking Fishing Rafting

While Columbia Glacier is Valdez's main attraction - more people come to see it than anything else - there is lots of other good wild territory in the area. If you're good with a boat, you can run the rivers - the one-hour runs through Keystone Canyon or on the silty Love River are great - or kayak with Keystone Raft & Kayak Adventures, s 907-835-2606. They've got day trips and grand 10-day adventures, from floats down the Tosina (which hits Class IV whitewater) to serious trips on the Talkeetna. Anadyr Adventures, s 907-835-2814, runs guided kayaking trips into Prince William Sound. Just a quickie half-day trip will run you 59 as with any trip of this sort, you're better off taking the full-day trip, be cause you get a chance to get away a bit more. A day paddling near Gold Creek will run you 89 going out to the Shoup Glacier by ship and then picking up the kayaks there will cost you 139. Trips out to Columbia Glacier or Galena Bay run 169. Kayak rentals are available from 45 per...

Canoeing Rafting Kayaking

(see page 75 and 76) offers a booklet titled Adirondack Waterways, with sketch maps and route descriptions, regulations, guidelines, lists of outfitters, guides, equipment and supplies. And the Adirondack Mountain Club, listed on page 75, also has information on canoe and kayak routes. The Fulton Chain of Lakes, beginning at Old Forge, is popular among canoeists because only two carries connect the lakes. At the edge of Eighth Lake you can carry for one mile into Raquette Lake, where you can paddle past a Great Camp. From Bolton Landing on Lake George, you can explore the wilderness area on the islands in the center of that lake. Farther inland, there are many lake and river opportunities for canoes and kayaks, and the Blue Ledges area of the upper Hudson is a mecca for rafters, especially during the wild water season each spring. In recent years outflows from a number of dams have also provided warm-water opportunities for rafting and whitewater canoeing or kayaking. One year we...

Canoeing Kayaking Rafting

The mighty Tibiao River on Panay churns up some healthy white water, and kayaking is popular out of the town of Tibiao Resorts often rent kayaks and canoes for paddling about, and the natural wonders of places like the Bacuit Archipelago off Palawan can be appreciated on kayaking tours. If you have your own equipment, sea kayaking is excellent off Naga in Southeast Luzon.

Kayaking Canoeing Rafting

The coastal lagoons and sheltered bays of the Pacific coast are magnificent for kayaks and canoes. If you have your own boat, you'll be in heaven. If you don't, don't worry - many places rent kayaks and provide guides and transportation to boot. Parque Nacional Lagunas de Chaca-hua, Laguna de Manialtepec, Barra de la Cruz (near Bah as de Huatulco), La Manzanilla and Barra de Navidad are all places with brackish, bird-filled, mangrove-fringed lagoons just waiting to be paddled. Outfitters in San Blas (p131) and La Manzanilla (p153) take folks on some excellent kayaking trips. You can also rent kayaks and or canoes and paddle off on your own at these and other places, including Bucer as, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (both near Puerto Vallarta), Puerto Escondido and Pie de la Cuesta, near Acapulco.

Sailing Ship Tours

The sight of a sailing ship, especially one with tall masts, will likely evoke fantasies of adventure and romance. While in Charleston, you can experience this for yourself on a two-hour afternoon or sunset cruise aboard the 84-foot, three-masted gaff topsail Schooner Pride, s 843-571-2486, This Class C Tall Ship, modeled to resemble the old coastal trading schooners, sets sail from the City Marina at Lockwood Drive every day between March 1st and the end of November. Either cruise (each one is different because she sails with the winds and tides) costs 17 per person. If you are so inclined, you may assist in raising and trimming the sails, or even take a turn at the wheel. Remember to take your camera, as these pictures will give you talking points for years to come.

Nelsons Dockyard

This historic dockyard (www.nationalparksantigua .com adult 12yr EC 13 free S 9am-5pm) is Antigua's most popular tourist sight, as well as the island's main port of entry for yachts. Try to ignore the frequent flocks of day trippers as you walk among the palm-flanked Georgian buildings. The dockyard, which dates from 1745, was abandoned in 1889 following a decline in Antigua's economic and strategic importance to the British Crown. Restoration work began in the 1950s, and this former royal naval base now has a new life closely paralleling its old one - that of an active dockyard. And it's the only working Georgian marina in the western hemisphere. The handsome old brick-and-stone buildings have been converted into yachting and tourist-related facilities. The boat home and joiners' loft are nicely restored and it's easy to imagine a British frigate being prepared to sail out and blast a few French or pirate ships. The dockyard is English Harbour's main center of activity. With all...

Royal Naval Dockyard

The Dockyard's handsome old stone buildings that once served the mighty Royal Navy now buzz with vacationing tourists. The former Keep has been turned into a maritime museum. The Cooperage, where barrels were made, is now the site of an atmospheric pub, a movie theater and a craft market. The handsome twin-towered naval administration building on the waterfront has been turned into a shopping center, called the Clocktower Mall. You could easily while away a full day here. Most people visit the Royal Naval Dockyard to have lunch at one of the restaurants and browse for souvenirs. But there's much more to do than that. The Bermuda Maritime Museum is the island's most extensive history museum and well worth a couple of hours of your time. And strolling about the rest of the Dockyard


This is the perfect way to break away from the beach scene and see Bermuda's varied coastline from a whole new angle. You can paddle along peaceful mangrove-lined shorelines, visit nearshore islands or make your own outing. Most places that rent kayaks have singles and also doubles in case you want to make it a romantic outing with your sweetheart. Singles typically cost 15 to 20 an hour and doubles 20 to 30 an hour, but you can often get steep discounts for longer rental periods for instance, a four-hour rental typically costs just a bit more than double a one-hour rental. Kayaks can be rented at various seaside locales around the island and in most cases you can just hop in and paddle away. Among the kayak rental operations are Fantasea Bermuda (p53) in the City of Hamilton and at the Wyndham Bermuda Resort (pl23) Blue Hole Water Sports (p89) at Grotto Bay Beach Hotel Blue Water Watersports (pl07) at the Elbow Beach Hotel Somerset Bridge Water Sports (p 133) at Robinson's Marina...

Kayaking Resources

A rich source for the latest information on kayaking throughout Ireland can be found on the Web, at the official website of the Irish Canoe Union Kayaking vacations are also available at Delphi Adventure Centre, Leenane, County Galway (& 095 42307 fax 095 42303 see chapter 12), and National Mountain and Whitewater Centre, Tiglin, Ashford, County Wicklow (& 0404 40169 see chapter 5). Whether by cruising from port to port or dinghy sailing on the lakes, many regions of Ireland can best be experienced from the water. The elaborately indented coastline offers a plethora of safe havens for overnight stops there are more than 140 between Cork Harbor and the Dingle Peninsula alone. This region of West Cork and Kerry is the most popular coastline for cruising, and several companies offer yacht charters.

Kayaking Surf Biking

Kayak rentals are available at most public beaches and from many surf and dive shops. The going rate is 10 per hour or 40 per day for single-person kayaks (two-person kayaks are usually available, too). These aren't true long-distance, ocean-going crafts, but amateur versions (you sit on top, not in them) intended for paddling along the shore to check out the scenery. Though in Boquer n, if you're feeling energetic, it is possible to rent a kayak at the beach, paddle south for an hour or so, cross a portage and enter the mangrove bird refuge (see Eco-Travel, below). The Boquer n rental shop, on Calle Mu oz Rivera in town, also rents out a new apparatus - the surf bike. With a bicycle seat, pedals and handlebars mounted to a surfboard-like hull, these contraptions apparently can reach speeds of 10 mph or more on the water, depending on your energy level. In El Combate, Israel Boat Rental south of the town center has kayaks and pedalos (foot paddleboats) for 10 an hour.

Sea Kayaking

Island resorts and beachside accommodations invariably all have a kayak or two for guests to paddle to caves, nearby islands and good snorkelling spots. Between July and November paddling alongside humpback whales is possible. Beluga Diving (opposite) rents single double sea kayaks with dry bags for US 20 30 per day, and Adventure Backpackers (p253) hires out kayaks (nonocean-going) with jackets for T 30 per day. Friendly Islands Kayak Company (g fax 70173 VHF Channel 71 Private Bag 10, Neiafu S Jun-Dec) has been revealing some of Tonga's magic to kayaking adventurers on their camping and paddling expeditions around Vava'u (and Ha'apai) since 1991. This environmentally conscious company provides truly unique experiences (and supplies excellent equipment) on five- nine- eleven-day packages (with four six eight days of guided kayaking) forUS 900 1790 2130. No experience is required, but all trips require a minimum of four people (and a maximum of 10). Tents, camping mats...

Boating Sea Kayaking

907 224-5739 is a good place to know about if you intend to spend any time outdoors around Seward, especially if you like to do things on your own. They have a campground and cabins (described below), a boat launch with skiffs, sea kayaks for rent, and fishing charters with experienced skippers. Skiffs rent for 65 for 4 hours kayaks are 40 a day single, 50 double. Fishermen hang around the shop trading lies and advice (5 , with a money-back guarantee). The staff will teach you how to fish for salmon and send you out on your own or on a guided charter. The water-taxi operation, landing craft with a bow ramp, charges flat rates to take travelers to remote beaches and public cabins around the bay or to the national park great for sea kayakers or those who just want to get off on their own ( 30 one-way to Caines Head, 250 round-trip to the park service cabin in Aialik Bay half price children under 10). If sea kayaking is your goal, contact Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking...

Sea Dive Kayaking

Sea and dive kayaking are becoming increasingly popular in Fiji. Kayaking is a great way of exploring the coast at a gentle pace. Dive kayaks, which can carry lunch, snorkelling gear and scuba gear, can be double the fun. The islands of Taveuni, Vanua Levu, Ya-sawa, Nananu-i-Ra and Kadavu are great for kayaking. Some keen kayakers paddle Taveuni's rugged Ravilevu Coast, but generally the western sides of the islands are preferred as they're sheltered from the southeast trade winds. Many resorts have kayaks for guest use, or for hire at about 20 30 for a half full day. There are also special sea-kayaking tours available during the drier months between May and November. Some combine paddling with hiking into rainforests, snorkelling, fishing and village visits, and have support boats that carry camping gear and food. They don't necessarily require that you have previous experience. For more information on kayaking tours, see the destination chapters.

Kayaking Jetboating

Kayaking in the pristine waterways of the World Heritage Area is unbeatable. Fiordland Wilderness Experiences ( 0800 200 434 www.fiord 66 Quintin Dr) rents out kayaks ( 55 per day) for independent paddling. See p657 for their kayaking trips on Milford Sound.

Canoe Kayak Tours

Canoe and kayak tours offer close encounters with Florida's exotic birds and fish, dolphins, manatees and alligators. Sea kayaks are favored for snorkeling and ocean outings, while canoes are the choice for backcountry creeks, streams and mangrove trails. Both types of craft permit access to shallow-water wilderness areas where other boats can't go. In fact, powerboats are prohibited on many of the mangrove trails. If you are new to paddling, ask the canoe or kayak renter to give you a short lesson in basic paddling skills and safety. Ultimately, you must determine your own skill level and plan your own adventure accordingly. Biscayne National Aquatic Park, just south of Miami, offers easy canoeing in unpopulated waters. Winds and tides are the most important factors in planning your paddling tour. Tides can create strong currents. First-time canoe or kayak renters should stick to short protected trails. Let someone on shore know where you are going and how long you expect to be out....

Ocean Kayaking

For a wonderful adventure, rent a kayak, arrive at Lanikai Beach just as the sun is appearing, and paddle across the emerald lagoon to the pyramid-shaped islands off the beach called Mokulua it's an experience you won't forget. Kayak equipment rental starts at 10 an hour, or 37 for a day. In Waikiki, try Prime Time Sports, Fort DeRussy Beach (& 808 949-8952) on the windward side, check out Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks, 130 Kailua Rd., a block from Kailua Beach Park (& 808 262-2555 On the North Shore, contact Waimea Falls Park, 59-864 Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa (& 888 973-9200 or 808 638-8511), which also has guided kayak tours in the stream for 35 for 1 hour and in the ocean for 45. First-timers should go to Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks, 130 Kailua Rd., in Kailua (& 808 262-2555, where the company offers a guided tour with the novice in mind in a safe, protected environment. Included in the tour are lunch, all equipment, and...

Sailing Kayaking

Madagascar and the Comoros offer miles of coasdine to explore and a variety of vessels to sail in, from tiny wooden pirogues to luxury catamarans. Nosy Be and Mayotte are the two most popular take-off points. The water around the Masoala Peninsula in northeastern Madagascar is ideal for sea kayaking. Kayak Masoala ( madagasGr .asp), a company based near Maroantsetra, runs boat- supported sea-kayak trips to beautiful Cap Masoala on the peninsula's southern edge.

By Kayak and Canoe

A glance at a map will tell you that there is a lot to do in the province for canoeists or kayakers. Look at a map of the west end of the island, and you can't miss that huge protected body of water that runs from Cascumpec Bay down through the immense Malpeque Bay. On the north coast of the central part there at a number of bays and rivers to explore, to say nothing of the big Charlottetown Harbour and its tributaries, especially the Hillsborough River. On the east side of the island there are more bays, harbors and rivers that cut deeply into the land. We have pointed out some of these places, but hope that you take the time to find some of your own. CANOE & KAYAK OUTFITTERS These outfitters offer canoe and or kayak trips in multiple locations around the island. In each chapter we also list other outfitters who conduct trips in their own areas and who rent equipment.

Sea Kayaking Boating

All three communities also have operators offering sea-kayak rentals and guided outings of various lengths. The best sea kayaking is east of Whittier, an area of long fjords, calving glaciers, narrow passages, and Forest Service cabins, but to get out there you need a boat ride first the waters right around Whit-tier aren't as interesting. The local sea-kayaking operators can help you arrange drop-off service. Cordova has interesting waters right near town, so you can paddle from the boat harbor. Those who haven't done much sea kayaking should consider only a guided trip if you're a raw beginner, start with a day trip rather than an overnight. For those who aren't up to paddling but don't want to ride a big tour boat, renting a skiff or chartering a small boat is a great alternative. Boat rental operators in the Valdez and Cordova harbors offer skiffs with fishing gear, and small-boat natural history tours depart from Whittier. Exploring the Sound in a small boat is our family's...

Renting A Rowboat

Many people rent rowboats and paddleboats on the Vltava, which is free from commercial boat traffic. The remarkably romantic (if not sparkling clean) river slowly snakes through the middle of town and gleams beneath the city's spires. Rent-A-Boat, on Slovansky ostrov (Slavic Island), is the only company at press time that offers lanterns for evening jaunts. This is an extremely romantic time to row, when the amber lights of the city flicker above you. The docks are at the bottom of the steps on the small island 2 blocks south of the National Theater. Enter from just behind the theater. Rowboat rates are 50KC ( 1.80) per hour during daylight for up to four people, or 80KC ( 2.85) per hour with lanterns after dark. Paddleboats are 120KC ( 4.20) per hour. Boats are available March to October (sometimes in Nov if it's pleasant) from 10am to 11pm, weather permitting.


Osprey ( 440-8126 is the fastest and most reliable way to move amongst the islands of Grenada. The 144-seat motorized catamaran connects Grenada's three populated islands in less than two hours (per person one way round-trip Grenada to Carriacou EC 80 160, Carriacou to Petit Martinique EC 30 60). Reservations are rarely required, except on holidays. Tickets are either purchased on board or from the office prior to departure. In St George's the Osprey departs from the east side of the Carenage.

Know Your Boat

Heua phai (rowboat) - essentially a pirogue common in Si Phan Don. river taxi. The heua hang nyao (longtail boats) are the most typical, though for a really short trip (eg crossing a river) a heua phai (row-boat) or one of the small improvised ferries can be hired. The heua hang nyao are around US 5 an hour for a boat with an eight- to 10-person capacity. Larger boats that carry up to 20 passengers are sometimes available for about US 8 per hour, although higher tourist prices are often applied, and prices go up with fuel consumption if you're heading up-river when the river is at full flood. With public boats hard to find, tour companies are increasingly offering kayaking and rafting trips on some of the more scenic stretches of river. The best places to organise these are Luang Nam Tha, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Tha Khaek and Pakse.

Before Samet Meant Escape

If marketing minds had been involved, Ko Samet would still be known by its old name Ko Kaew Phit-sadan (Vast Jewel Isle), a reference to the abundant white sand. But the island's first cash cow,thecajeput (or omf f) tree, lent its name to the island as this valu-ablefirewood source grew in abundance here. Locally, thejomeftree has also been used in boat building.

Southwestern Peninsula

Only a few of the beautiful offshore islands, fringed with coconut palm-studded sandy beaches and offering fine snorkelling, are inhabited. Currently, Gili Nanggu and Gili Gede have accommodation. The latter island has some Bugis villages where locals make a living from boat building, and also some offshore pearl farms.

Life on the Water in Aberdeen

Situated on the south side of Hong Kong Island, Aberdeen is nestled around a naturally protected harbor. Famous for its colorful floating seafood restaurant and boat people who live on junks in Aberdeen Harbour, the town has undergone massive changes in recent years. Originally a typhoon shelter and land base for seafarers, it used to be a charming fishing village and boat-building port, supported primarily by several thousand junks and boat people. Many of the boat people, however, have since been moved to massive housing projects, and the waterfront surrounding Aberdeen is now crowded with high-rises. At anchor are almost as many yachts as fishing boats and junks.

North Of Hillsborough

From here, the route northeast (called the High Rd) leads down to Windward, a charming small village with a shop, school and little else. It is, however, the home of boat building on the island. If you're lucky the lads will be out building a seafaring craft in the traditional way - the same way they've done it for a century.

Getting Outside On The Water

Alaska Adventures Unlimited (& 907 747-5576 akfish is a booking agent that makes reservations for more than half of the charter boats in the harbor. If you can handle your own boat, skiffs rent for 85 for a 1 i day and up from Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures (& 907 747-6375 www.ssocean SEA KAYAKING Sitka's protected waters and intricate shorelines are perfect for sea kayaking. You're almost sure to see sea otters, seals, sea lions, and eagles, and could see whales. Various companies offer guided paddles. Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures (& 907 747-6375 www.ssoceanadventures. com), run by the same friendly couple as the Camp Coogan Bay Hideaway (see Rent a Floathouse, below), takes many beginners. Their small-group, 2-hour paddles cost 60 per person, and they do trips of up to 3 days. They also rent kayaks for independent kayakers at reasonable prices, but lessons may be required. Baidarka Boats is a good place for serious kayakers to know about. Their well-stocked...

Stroll Around Edgartown

Now, head down Main Street toward the water, stopping in at any of the inviting shops along the way. Veer left on Dock Street to reach the Old Sculpin Gallery, 58 Dock St. (& 508 627-4881 open late June to mid-Sept). The output of the Martha's Vineyard Art Association displayed here tends to be amateurish, but you might happen upon a find. The real draw is the stark old building itself, which started out as a granary (part of Dr. Fisher's vast holdings) and spent the better part of the 20th century as a boat-building shop. Keep an eye out for vintage beauties when you cross the street to survey the harbor from

James H Sloppy Floyd State Park

This state park was named for James H. Floyd, one of Georgia's most distinguished State Representatives. Sloppy Floyd served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1953 until his death in 1974. The park is adjacent to the Chattahoochee National Forest. Hiking and fishing are the popular activities, and you can take along your boat - if you can get by without a motor - or rent a pedal boat and spend an afternoon on the quiet water of two small managed lakes. Beyond that, there are a couple of picnic shelters and a playground.

Penimbawan Water Village

About 5km north of Tuaran (RM1.5 by mini-van or RM20 by taxi) is the tiny kampung of Surusup, which overlooks a lovely estuary. From here you can charter a small boat (RM40 return) to the picturesque water village of Penimbawan. The trip up the estuary takes about 15 minutes, and the boat will wait while you wander the plankwalks of the village. Your boat driver may accompany you into the village or he may just wait for you in the boat. Needless to say, don't part with your cash until you arrive back in Surusup (and don't be surprised if a few villagers tag along for a free ride).

Where To Dine In Hyannis Expensive

The Black Cat NEW AMERICAN Conveniently located on Hyannis Harbor less than a block from the Hy-Line ferries, this is a fine place to catch a quick bite or full meal while you wait for your boat to come in. The menu is pretty basic steak, pasta, and, of course, fish but attention is paid to the details the onion rings, for instance, are made fresh. The dining room, with its bar of gleaming mahogany and brass, will appeal to chilled travelers on a blustery day in fine weather, you might prefer the porch. There's live jazz on the weekends in season. 165 Ocean St. (opposite the Ocean St. Dock). & 508 778-1233. Reservations not accepted. Main courses 15- 29. AE, DC, DISC, MC, V. Apr-Oct daily 11 30am-10pm call for off-season hours. Closed Jan.

River Gambia National Park

South of Kuntaur, five islands in the Gambia River are protected as a national park. Its heart is so-called Baboon Island - the name is sometimes used to refer to the entire park - the site of a project (privately initiated but now government-owned) that takes chimpanzees captured by illegal traders and rehabilitates them to live in the wild. Boat trips are available, but visitors are not allowed to land or get close to the islands. This is partly because it interferes with the rehabilitation process, but mainly because the chimps (there are more than 60) are nervous about humans getting too close. While females and young ones may be docile, the males can be quick to attack. Having lost their fear of people, they are more aggressive than 'wild' chimps and, being several times stronger than humans, they're capable of awesome deeds when riled. If they are not able to get at the object of their frustration, they will often vent their spleen on the females and youngsters of their own...

Chongqing To Wanzhou Sj JjJM

Drifting through the county of Zhongzhou, the boat takes around three hours to arrive at Shibaozhai (Stone Treasure Stockade admission Y40 S 8am-4pm) on the northern bank of the river. A 12-storey, 56m-high wooden pagoda built on a huge rock bluff, the structure originally dates to the reign of Qing-dynasty emperor Kangxi (1662-1722). Your boat may stop for rapid expeditions up to the tower and for crowded climbs into its interior.

Orientation Information

Next stop is the PHKA office (national parks office Mapp252 0 fax23832 JlnHMRafi'iKm 1.5 S7am-2pm Mon-Thu, 7am-11am Fri, 7am-1pmSat) on the way into Pangkalan Bun from the airport. Registration costs 50,000Rp per day per person, and 5000Rp per day for a klotok (15,000Rp for a speedboat). Provide a copy of your police letter from Pangkalan Bun and another photocopy of your passport. Then head to Kumai. When the park office is closed, it may be possible to arrange entry at the park's entry checkpoint. Ask your boat captain or guide.

Getting There Away

Take note of the boat's number and be sincere when you agree to a pick-up time. If you do want to share a different boat back, tell park headquarters your boat number - staff are happy to call and cancel your original boat. It's a pleasant 20-minute boat trip past coastal scenery and fishing boats. From November to February the sea is often rough, adding a real touch of excitement to the ride, and at times it may not be possible for boats to approach or leave Telok Assam. If you're planning a day trip, be aware that boatmen may insist on an early-afternoon return time to beat the tides. Take a waterproof jacket to protect against spray in the open boats.

International Flights

Most ferry, hydrofoil and high speed catamaran services to the islands leave from Athens' massive port at Piraeus (pl52). Piraeus is the busiest port in Greece, with a bewildering array of departures and destinations, including daily services to all the island groups, except the Ionians and the Sporades. The departure points for ferry destinations are shown on Map pi53. Note that there are two departure points for Crete. Ferries for Iraklio leave from the western end of Akti Kondyli in Piraeus, but ferries for other Cretan ports occasionally dock there as well. It's a long way to the other departure point for Crete on Akti Miaouli, so check where to find your boat when you buy your ticket. Most hydrofoil and high-speed catamaran services from Piraeus to the Saronic Gulf

Myanmar Formerly Burma

Once the formalities are done, your boat will head up to some beautiful islands and pinnacle dive sites. There are an estimated 800 islands in the 14,000 square mile region that is part of the vast Mergui Archipelago. It is much less developed here and there are also more small 'long tail'fishing boats around.

Kachemak Bay State Park

TIDAL WARNING In the park, be aware that the tides in Kachemak Bay are tremendous. The vertical difference between high and low tide can be as much as 28 feet, with an average of 15 feet. Some of the passages get so narrow the tide flows in like a rapids, so take all proper boating precautions and stay off the mud flats. Don't kayak unescorted out here unless you really know what you're doing. And when you beach your boat, make sure you pull it up a lot farther than you think you need to.

Kenai Fjords National Park

The geological events that formed this landscape are vast and ongoing. The steep, coastal mountains amount to a dent in the earth's crust where the northward-moving Pacific tectonic plate is colliding and adding land to the southern edge of Alaska. As the Pacific plate pushes under Alaska, it slams islands onto the Alaska coast, then pulls them under into the molten layer down below. These mountains are shrinking measurably as the earth swallows them up. The 1964 earthquake dropped them by 6 to 8 feet. As your boat passes the park's

Sightseeing Wildlife Cruises

An important factor in choosing your boat tour is your susceptibility to seasickness. To reach the heart of the park, vessels must venture into the unprotected waters of the North Pacific. Large, rolling waves are inevitable on the passage from Resurrection Bay to the fjords themselves although once you're in the fjords, the water is calm. On a rough day, most boats will turn back for the comfort of the passengers and change the full-day trip into a Resurrection Bay cruise, refunding the difference in fare. Of course, they'd rather not do that, and the decision may not be made until the vessel is out there, often after many of the passengers are already vomiting over the side. If you get seasick easily, my advice is to stick to the Resurrection Bay cruise, or take a boat tour in protected Prince William Sound out of Whittier (see section 4 in this chapter), where the water is smooth. In any event, ask about the tour company's policy on turning back and refunds, and take Dramamine...

Getting to the Islands by Boat Island

Prices start at 26 per person for nonlanding tours and run 42 to 70 for full-day excursions. Island Packers also arranges specialty trips, primarily sea kayaking and snorkeling. Private yachts and commercial dive and tour boats also visit the park on a regular basis. Specializing in dive trips, the second boat concessionaire is Truth Aquatics ( 805 962-1127 www.truthaquatics. com). It leaves from Santa Barbara Harbor and charges about 60 for a 1-day round-trip to Santa Cruz overnight live-aboard trips are also available. The trips take about 3 hours each way. If You Have Your Own Boat. If you want to take your own boat, check with the mainland visitor center. Access to the islands is prohibited in some places and difficult in others going ashore often requires a skiff, raft, or small boat. More details To land on the private western portion of Santa Cruz, boaters must obtain a permit from the Nature Conservancy, Attn. Santa Cruz Landing Permit Program, 3639 Harbor Blvd., Ventura, CA...

Halibut Cove Venice on Kachemak

It's also an essentially private community. Unless you have your own boat, an excursion boat owned by the community's restaurant is the only way to get here. Once there, you have to leave according to plan, as there's no business district and everything is privately owned. You're really a guest the whole time you're in Halibut Cove the community is open for visitors, however they arrive, only between 1 and 9pm, unless you're staying at the cabins mentioned below. Not all nearby lodges have privileges to take their guests to Halibut Cove, so make sure you ask before booking.

Sound Head Boat Fishing

Another great way to fish the Outer Banks is by small boat in the Pamlico, Croatan, Albemarle and Roanoke sounds. Either from your own boat or from one rented in the area, you can expect to catch a wide variety of fish, including flounder, sea trout, croaker, spot, sheepshead and, at night, even red drum. Tarpon can be caught in the southern areas of the Outer Banks, though they are not as plentiful in the sounds as they are in the ocean. Cobia, too, can be caught in the great sounds they are a hard-fighting fish sure to give you an exciting run, especially when they hit their peak in late May or early June. In recent years, there have been good catches of striped bass during the fall, winter and early spring.

Sports Outdoor Activities

The Cayuga branch of the Erie Canal system leads directly to Cayuga Lake and flows directly through Seneca Falls. Outdoors enthusiasts could hardly have a better or more historic place to hike or bike than the Erie Canal Trail, which runs along the historic canal towpath from the village of Jordan to Montezuma and the Seneca River. For more information, call & 315 252-2791. Liberty Boat Tours (& 877 472-6688) in Seneca Falls does canal and lake tours, and the River Otter Boat Tour, Riverforest Park, 9439 Riverforest Rd., off Route 34 in Weedsport, operates 2-hour tours (Mon and Sat at 10am and 2pm) of the Seneca River and Erie Canal (for reservations, call & 315 252-4171). Cayuga Lake State Park (& 315 568-5163), 2678 Lower Lake Rd., on the west side of the lake, has campgrounds (& 315 568-0919), nature trails, playgrounds, a launch site, and docking. Cayuga Lake is known for its bass fishing, while Seneca Lake has superb trout fishing. On the shores of the two lakes are four state...

British Virgin Islands

It holds most of the population and commerce, and its demeanor is a little bit stern as a result. That doesn't mean it won't let its hair down at a full-moon party or out on the bay windsurfing. Virgin Gorda is the BVIs' beauty, beloved by movie stars, millionaires and yachties. Somehow she's maintained her innocence, with a clutch of exceptional national parks. Jost Van Dyke is the jovial island, where a man named Foxy is king and 'time flies when you ain't doin' shit,' as the T-shirts proclaim. Not-like-the-others Anegada floats in a remote reef if you're looking to get away from it all, this atoll has a hammock waiting. Then there are the sprinkling of out islands - some uninhabited, some with just a beach bar, some with shipwrecks to dive on. You'll need your own boat to reach them, but since the BVIs are the world's charter-boat capital, you're in luck.

Adventures On Water

You can choose from tours of two days, one day, an afternoon, or an evening trip. If that's not enough, you also have the option of renting your own boat. The trip from start to finish takes several days and is quite expensive, whether you take a tour boat or rent one on your own. Either way, I wouldn't recommend spending more than a day on the canal or you'll get either bored or frustrated (or both). You're better off picking out a nice section, for example between Berg and Motala, and exploring that area fully. Berg, near Linkoping, is very picturesque and S S Maryonette is a boat that takes you around on a guided tour. Bookings can be made at the STF Hostel in Berg, s 013-60330. Or you can take the guided cruise on M S Wasa Lejon between Berg and Borensberg, s 011-127801. Another scenic journey starts at Motala and goes to Borensberg. Contact Motala Kanaltrafik, s 070-6260249. Canoeing Kayaking Rental

Diving Snorkelling

Phuket has heaps of 'dive' shops - at last count there were over 100, though most of them are the equivalent of a booking agency. The more serious ones often operate their own boat(s) while others send you off with another operator, so ask if you're concerned. And it doesn't hurt if an operator is a five-star PADI dive centre, though this isn't always the best criterion for dive shops. Many of these operations are centred at Hat Patong or Ao Chalong, though the smaller beach towns certainly have their share. Some of the bigger (but not necessarily better) places have multiple branch offices all over Phuket.

Hotel Pricing Chart

Pak'Ok Resort and Marina, Calle Principal, & 502 2067561, fax 502 334-6075, pakok, 25 rooms, . In Kak'chikel Maya this name means place of reunions and it was usually associated with the shamans who gathered together to pray. This hotel is not all that spiritual, but it does offer a tranquil setting amid coffee plantations. The rooms are decorated in colonial style with two large double beds, fantastic bathrooms, private verandas and kitchenettes. The hotel also has a small grocery store on-site, along with an excellent restaurant, pool, tennis court, bar and laundry. If you've got your own boat, make use of the full-service marina and storage area.

Eco Cultural Adventures State Parks

Walker State Park, s 912-287-4900, 5653 Laura Walker Road, Waycross, GA 31503, is a 300-acre park, nine miles southeast of Waycross on Route 177, and is named for one of Georgia's most famous citizens. A naturalist, teacher, writer, and civic leader, Laura Walker was a lover of nature and the outdoors, especially trees. She was also a dedicated worker for the preservation of Georgia's natural beauty. The park is located close to the Okefenokee Swamp and is famous for its birds, animals, and wildflowers. Hiking is a popular pastime at Laura Walker. The nature trail offers a nice easy stroll and opportunities for nature study, birdwatching and wildlife photography. Picnicking is also popular, and the picnic area is big enough for family reunions and group outings. There is also a 120-acre lake, a pool, nine picnic shelters, four group shelters and a nature trail. The fishing here is good lots of bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish, you can bring your own boat, or you can...

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Narrow there isn't even room to turn a motorboat around. The only way to truly appreciate this lake is from a boat, whether a houseboat, a runabout, or a sea kayak. Water-skiing, riding personal watercraft, and fishing have long been the most popular on-water activities, and consequently, you'll be hard-pressed to find a quiet corner of the lake if you happen to be a solitude-seeking sea kayaker. However, with so many miles of shoreline, you're bound to find someplace to get away from it all. Your best bet for solitude is to head up-lake from Wahweap Marina. This will get you away from the crowds and into some of the narrower reaches of the lake. There are few roads penetrating the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, so the best way to appreciate this rugged region is by boat. If you don't have your own boat, you can at least see a small part of the lake on a boat tour. A variety of tours depart from Wahweap Marina (& 888 486-4665 or 928 645-2433 The paddle...

The Islands Their People

Except for a handful of people who have their own boat, there are only a few ways of traveling through the islands. The first option is to charter a boat. You and your family can be captain and crew if you have the necessary navigational experience. If not, the charter company will provide a crew for you. This is a costly way to see the Caribbean. For most people, it is not a viable option. But if chartering interests you, most travel agents can put you in touch with brokers who arrange both on-your-own rentals and and charter rentals with crew.

Whitewater Rafting Other Organized Tours

Situated along the San Juan River, Bluff is a center for river rafting. Wild Rivers Expeditions, Box 118, Bluff, UT 84512 (& 800 422-7654 or 435 672-2244 fax 435 672-2365 offers river trips on the San Juan that are both fun and educational. Boaters see dozens of American Indian sites along the river, such as the spectacular Butler Wash Petroglyph Panel a 250-yard-long wall of petroglyphs plus spectacular rock formations. Trips, offered from March through October, range from a full day to more than a week, with rates starting at 125 per adult and 75 per child 12 or younger, including lunch.

Nearby National Monument

Covering 328,000 acres, Giant Sequoia National Monument was created by proclamation by Pres. Bill Clinton on April 15, 2000. The monument contains 38 groves of sequoias, including some of the most magnificent giant trees anywhere. In addition, it has towering domes of granite, scenic Hume Lake (a popular destination for boaters and anglers), and the spectacular Kings Canyon the deepest canyon in North America, with elevations ranging from 1,000 to 11,000 feet. ( 800 229-8658 or 559 561-1000 runs class III, IV, and V trips (rated moderate to difficult) on the Kaweah River. Trips are in inflatable kayaks or rafts and are offered from spring to early fall. Prices range from about 40 per person for a 2-hour trip to 130 per person (including lunch) for a full day. Offering trips on the Kaweah, Kings, Kern, and Merced rivers is Whitewater Voyages ( 800 400-RAFT www.whitewater Rates range from 109 to 209 (including lunch) for full-day trips, and...

Beaches Parks Natural Areas

Headquarters for fishing types, boaters, and beachers, Cape Coral Yacht Club, 5819 Driftwood Pkwy., s 941-574-0815, is a city facility set on the Caloosahatchee River. The public beach is enhanced by a barbecue area, shaded picnic tables, restrooms, outdoor shower, tennis, horseshoes, a heated pool ( 1.50- 3.50 admission), adult and youth classes and programs, a 620-foot lighted fishing pier, and a free public boat ramp. A large beach pavilion is available for rental. The beach closes at dusk.

Exploring The Parks North Side

The northern portions of Olympic National Park are the most accessible and most heavily visited areas of the park. It is here, south of Port Angeles, that the only two roads leading into the high country of the national park are found. Of these, the Hurricane Ridge area is the more easily reached. The Deer Park area is at the end of a harrowing gravel road and thus is little visited. West of Port Angeles and within the national park lie two large lakes, Lake Crescent and Lake Ozette, that attract boaters and anglers. Also in this region are two hot springs the developed Sol Duc Resort and the natural Olympic Hot Springs. Outside the park boundaries, along the northern coast of the peninsula, are several campgrounds and a couple of small sportfishing ports, Sekiu and Neah Bay, that are also popular with scuba divers. Neah Bay, which is on the Makah Indian Reservation, is the site of one of the most interesting culture-and-history museums in the state. This reservation encompasses Cape...

New National Monument Is Created

Covering 328,000 acres, Giant Sequoia National Monument was created by proclamation by President Bill Clinton on April 15, 2000. The monument contains 38 groves of sequoias, including some of the most magnificent giant trees to be seen anywhere. In addition, it has towering domes of granite scenic Hume Lake, a popular destination for boaters and anglers and the spectacular Kings Canyon the deepest canyon in North America with elevations ranging from 1,000 to 11,000 feet.

Clearwater Clearwater Beach

Clearwater itself is principally big-city. Its main concession to tourism is a 100-year-old grande dame wooden hotel, the Belleview Biltmore Resort & Spa (see page 82). On its eastern coast, fronting Tampa Bay, the community of Safety Harbor is the county's birthplace - a quiet spot for boaters, picnickers, and spa-goers.

Parque Nacional Marino Isla Bastimentos

You can get current park information from the IPAT or ANAM offices in Bocas del Toro (p220). The dive operators and boaters in Bocas are also good sources of information about the park and its attractions. If you want to camp out anywhere in the park, you are required to first obtain a permit from ANAM.

Other Sights Activities

About 10km west of Richmond is the turn-off to Rabbit Island, a recreation reserve boasting unspoilt swimming beaches and pine forests. We didn't see any rabbits when we visited, but plenty of boaters, whitebaiters, walkers, horse-riders and sunbathers. The bridge to the island closes at sunset overnight stays are not allowed.

Day O Page Lake Powell

Just before you reach town, you can stop at Antelope Canyon (p. 122) and hike into one of the Southwest's most photographed slot canyons. It's beautiful but is also often crowded, which will give you a greater appreciation for the permit systems in effect at some of the region's other slot canyons. Now for something completely different. Although the Lake Powell reservoir is best known to house-boaters and water skiers, it also offers the most spectacular sea kayaking in the Southwest. Rent a boat and head out to Antelope Canyon again. This time, you'll be paddling up from the mouth. If there

Middle Keys Dive Sites

Sombrero Reef, Marathon's most popular ocean dive and snorkeling spot, offers good visibility and a wide depth range, from the shallows to 40 ft. Cracks and crevices shot through the coral canyons that comprise the reef overflow with lobster, arrow crabs, octopi, anemones, and resident fish. A huge light tower marks the area. Boaters must tie up to the mooring bouys on the reef.

Biscayne National Park

Boca Chita Key and some private islands to the north, the Ragged Keys. The entire area rates high for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, diving, snorkeling and wilderness camping. The Intracoastal waterway runs through the park boundaries. To reach Biscayne's Convoy Point Visitor Center take either Florida's Turnpike to Exit 6, Tallahassee Rd., or travel nine miles east from US 1, Homestead, on SW 328th St. (North Canal Drive). Public boat tours leave from Convoy Point. Diving and snorkeling trips can be arranged at the ranger station. Anglers and boaters may launch their own boats at the Homestead Bayfront Park boat ramp next to Convoy Point. WaveRunners and Jet Skis are not allowed in the park.

Knights Key Campground

Located on a beautiful spit of land at the Seven Mile Bridge, three miles from shopping, Knights Key Campground offers a variety of oceanfront, harborfront and meadow sites for RVs and tents. Once a junction for the old Flagler Railroad, the surrounding deep water provided a sheltered harbor for Cuban ships to unload goods from the trains. Today, the deep harbor is a swimming area, complete with diving board and a white sand beach. The campground also features a well-stocked stone aquarium, coin laundry, clean bathhouses, boat ramp and a pub-style restaurant. Boaters can rent marina sites with

North Eastside Campgrounds

Two campgrounds are on Olympic Hot Springs Road, up the Elwha River, which is popular with kayakers and anglers. Elwha is the trailhead for a trail leading up to Hurricane Ridge. Altaire has a boat ramp often used by rafters and kayakers. And, yes, there are hot springs, a 2.5-mile hike away. The only national park campground on Lake Crescent is Fairholme, at the west end of the lake. This campground is popular with power boaters and can be rather noisy. South of this area, nearby Sol Duc sits amid impressive stands of old-growth trees, adjacent to the Sol Duc Hot Springs (and the resort there). Not surprisingly, it is often crowded.

Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas, an uninhabited island group 70 miles off Key West, sit in the midst of a pristine shallow reef tract, ideal for snorkeling, with vibrant staghorn thickets, hordes of fish and critters. On calm days, high-speed ferry, catamaran and seaplane tours depart for Garden Key, site ofthe Fort Jefferson Monument. Seaplane tours are half-day trips. The ferries depart Key West at 8 am and return at 7 pm. Bring a picnic lunch, cold drinks and snorkeling equipment. Tortugas Ferry operates Yankee Freedom II, a luxurious 100-ft aluminum catamaran cruiser that departs Land's End Marina, Key West, for day-tours of the Dry Tortugas. The 3 million yacht averages 30 knots per hour, with travel time from Key West to the Tortugas approximately 2 hours. Launched in May 1999, the Fast Cat II, an 86-ft high-speed power catamaran, carries passengers to the Dry Tortugas in a comfortable, air-conditoned salon or on the rear sundeck. The yacht's innovative wave-piercing design means a smoother,...

Dolphin Resort and Marina

Dolphin Resort and Marina is close to Looe Key Marine Sanctuary and a 30-minute drive to Key West. A good choice for boaters, fishermen and families who want a laid-back vacation. No pets. s 800-942-5397. A wealth of sports and recreational amenities are offered for resort guests. Among them are the lagoon-like freshwater pool and waterfall, surrounded by an arbor of trees, plants, exotic birds, fish and flowers and a strip of beach boasting soft white sand. There is complimentary use of the fitness center, a life-size chess set, day sailers, kayaks, and sailboats, as well as rods and reels for fishing and masks and fins for snorkeling. Pontoon and fishing boats can be rented. Canoes and bicycles also available. Arrangements can be made for scuba diving, snor-

Where To Stay In Around Truth Or Consequences

Elephant Butte Inn This hotel offers a comfortable stay and a unique experience. It sits above Elephant Butte Lake and has panoramic views as well as a relaxing resortlike feel. Recent years have brought a complete face-lift to the whole place. It caters to boaters, fishers, and other relaxation lovers. Rooms are standard size, furnished with medium-firm king- or queen-size beds. Bathrooms are small but functional. I recommend the lakeside view, where a big grassy lawn stretches down to tennis courts. The pool was recently remodeled and is now heated. Golf packages include greens fees at the nearby Truth or Consequences Golf Course.

Liguria Live a Region for Festivals

Liguria offers shows and festivals for all tastes. The most important maritime show is the Boat Show based in the Genoa Exhibition Centre, which has now doubled its evocative exhibition space on the water, with over 2,600 boats on display, together with all the novelties of the sector.

Traditional River Boats

There are about 60 types of boats plying the rivers of Bangladesh. Steamers are only one type - the rest are traditional wooden boats of all shapes and sizes, some with sails but most without. These smaller boats plying the smaller rivers are the only way to see life along the riverbanks. On a bigger boat out on the wide Padma, you'll see lots of big launches, traditional boats and maybe some river dolphins, but you might not see people fishing with their nets, children waving from the shore, farmers working in un imaginably green paddy fields and women brightening up the river banks with their et colourful saris.

Picturesque towns in the archipelago music and rocks warmed by the sun

The classic wooden boats race, Postrodden, goes between Grisslehamn and the island of Aland, while the Roslagen Sea Race, with sailing boats, takes place in Oregrund along with the speedy Ros-lagsloppet power boat race. Oregrund's Seaside Resort Days turn back the clocks to the years 1870-1940. Dress up in costumes characteristic of the period

Seattle Center Lake Union Attractions

Built in 1962 for the World's Fair, Seattle Center is today not only the site of Seattle's famous Space Needle but also a cultural and entertainment park that doubles as the city's favorite festival grounds. Within Seattle Center's boundaries, you'll find the Experience Music Project (EMP), the Pacific Science Center, the Seattle Children's Museum, the Seattle Children's Theatre, Key Arena (home of the NBA's Seattle Supersonics), the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, a children's amusement park, a fountain that's a favorite summertime hangout, the Intiman Theatre, and the Bagley Wright Theatre. Especially for Kids lists further details on Seattle Center attractions that young travelers will enjoy (see p. 130). The Center for Wooden Boats This unusual little museum, located adjacent to the Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Center, is basically a collection of wooden boats of all kinds. Most of the boats are tied up to the docks surrounding the museum's floating boathouse, but some are stored...

South Of Labuhan Lombok

Tanjung Luar is one of Lombok s main fishing ports and has lots of quaint Bugis-style houses on stilts. From there, the road swings west to Keruak, where wooden boats are built, and continues past the turn to Sukaraja, a traditional Sasak village where you can buy woodcarvings. Just west of Keruak a road leads south to Je-rowaru and the southeastern peninsula. You'll need your own transport be warned that it is easy to lose your way around here and that the roads go from bad to woise.

Museum Of The Arctic Antarctic Mapp

Inside the former Old Believers' Church of St Nicholas, this little museum is devoted to Soviet polar explorations. The self-pro-claimed highlight of the museum is the 'polar philatelic collection' - a huge selection of postcards sent by various expeditions and stamps with polar themes. Apart from stuffed polar bears and the like, the most impressive exhibit is a wooden boat plane hanging from the ceiling.

Arctic Antarctic Museum

In the former Old Believers' Church of St Nicholas is the Arctic & Antarctic Museum (Map pp234-5 SS571 2549 ul Ma-rata 24A adult student R100 50 S 10am-6pm Wed-Sun (M) Vladimirskaya), which focuses on Soviet polar explorations. Apart from stuffed polar bears and the like, the most impressive exhibit is a wooden boat plane hanging from the ceiling. Check out the informative website though for details of Vicaar, an Arctic expedition and tourism agency linked to the museum.

Choosing a Safari Boat

Boat size - Generally speaking, bigger boats will be more comfortable, and therefore more expensive, than small boats. Boats with more than 20 or so passengers may not have the camaraderie you'd get with a small group. Most boats have about 12 berths or less few boats have more than 20.

The Good The Bad The Ugly

'Well my family can't go to the beach and I can't go out fishing sometimes, when my boat's on-shore and men and women are sunbathing naked on the sand beside it. We don't take our clothes off in front of strangers. They never see us like that, so why do they think it's OK and that we don't mind '

Tips San Diego by Land Sea at the Same Time

If you can't decide between a bus tour of San Diego's most popular neighborhoods and a cruise of the city's prettiest waterways, then opt for an amphibious tour from Sea and Land Adventures. Their 2-hour tours depart from Seaport Village hourly every day starting at 10am each specially built boat holds 50 passengers. After cruising the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, Old Town, and Coronado and garnering the curious stares of passersby you'll take a dip into both San Diego and Mission bays to experience the maritime and military history of San Diego from the right perspective. The trips cost 24 for adults and 12 for kids 4 to 12. For information and tickets, call & 619 298-8687, or visit San Diego Harbor Excursion This company also offers daily 1-and 2-hour narrated tours of the bay, using its fleet of seven boats ranging from a 1940s passenger launch to a modern, paddlewheel-style vessel. The 1-hour itinerary covers 12 miles including the Star of India, U.S....

Wind Cave Clearwater Cave

Next on the Mulu menu are two more so-called 'show caves' Wind Cave and Gearwater Cave. Like Deer and Lang's Caves, the park requires that you join a guided tour to visit these caves (RM10 per person tours depart park HQ at 9.45am and 10.30am). However, in this case it's worth it, and the fee includes a great boat trip up Sungai Melinau. Wind Cave, first on the tour, contains several chambers filled with phantasmagorical forests of stalactites and stalagmites.

Take A Trip In A Pointu

The traditional, double-bowed fishing boat, the pointu, so evident in Cassis, is also seen in the small Marseille harbors away from the center - Vallon des Auffes (left) and l'Estaque, Malmousque. The tourist office organizes day trips in pointus that sail around Ch teau d'If and harbor islands and explore the small coves and havens. Trips cost 42 and can be booked at the Tourist Information Office on the Quais des Belges (page 165).

North Cascades Stehekin Lodge

Located right at Stehekin Landing, the North Cascades Stehekin Lodge sits in the shade of tall trees and overlooks the lake. It has a variety of rooms, ranging from basic units with no lake view to spacious apartments. The studio apartments, which have kitchens and lake views, are the best deal. Fishing boat and bike rentals are available. Snow-shoeing has become popular Saturday moonlight snowshoe walks are held January to March. Narrated bus tours are also offered.

Adventures Eco Cultural Adventures

Crooked River State Park, s 912-882-5256, 10 miles north of St. Marys on Georgia Spur 40, or east of Kingsland, 12 miles off Highway 17, or eight miles off I-95, is on the banks of the river from which it takes its name. The freshwater fishing is good year-round, though private boats are limited to 10 hp. There are more than seven miles of canoe trails to explore, as well as the 400-acre lake. Of special interest are the ruins of the old McIntosh Sugar Works. The mill was built around 1825 and was used during the Civil War years to produce starch. For active outdoors people there's swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, hiking, and miniature golf, all of which make Crooked River an exciting and unique outdoor experience. Major facilities at the park include 21 tent and trailer sites, a winterized group shelter, four picnic shelters, and canoe and fishing boat rentals. The park is open from 7 am until dark, and the park office is open from 8 until 5.

Exploring The Town Hiking Near Town

The Cordova Historical Museum, at 622 1st St. (& 907 424-6665 www., is a well-presented one-room display with some valuable artifacts reflecting Cordova's eventful past. The three-seat kayak and other artifacts of Prince William Sound Native peoples are of particular interest. Cordova is the home of the last few Eyak, a Native people whose language now has only one speaker left. There's also a historic lighthouse lens, a Linotype machine, the interior of a fishing boat, and photographs of fishing and historic scenes. The museum is open summer Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, Sunday from 2 to 4pm winter Tuesday through Friday from 1 to 5pm, Saturday from 2 to 4pm. Recommended donation is 1.

Western Australian Maritime Museum

You can't miss the display of Australia II, the famous winged-keel yacht that won the America's Cup yachting race in the 1980s (and stole it away from the Americans, ending their 132-year domination of the competition -an achievement which is the source of much Sandgroper pride). Other boats on show include an Indonesian fishing boat, introduced to the Kimberley and used by the indigenous people, and a pearl lugger used in Broome. Even a classic 1970s panel van (complete with fur lining) makes the cut - because of its status as the surfer's vehicle of choice.

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