Sink Or Hang

The witchcraft hysteria that swept Europe and America in the 17th century hit Bermuda as well. The first death sentence imposed upon a 'witch' in Bermuda was in 1651, when a woman accused of evildoing was given a 'trial' in which her feet and hands were tied and she was thrown into the ocean.

The fact that the woman managed to float 'confirmed' she was indeed a witch, and she was subsequently hanged. Bermudians continued searching for witches in their midst until the hysteria ended in the 1690s.


The first permanent English settlers arrive on Bermuda and begin

The first slaves are brought to Bermuda

| building the Town of St George

Onions were first planted in Bermuda in 1616, though large-scale cultivation did not start until the 1830s. By the late 19th century, exported Bermuda onions had become so well known, particularly in New York markets, that Bermuda was nicknamed the 'Onion Patch' and Bermudians themselves were sometimes lightheartedly referred to as 'Onions.'

The onion biz ground to a halt as competition from 'Bermuda onions' grown in Texas swamped North American markets in the early 1900s. And a loss of Bermuda farmland to growing numbers of homes and hotels sealed the demise of onion exports. Indeed, there are indications that as early as 1908, Bermuda was importing the famed 'Bermuda onions' from Texas!

the sale of slaves, and phased out slavery itself over a broader period. By 1834 all slaves in Bermuda were emancipated.

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