How To Find Out If Someone Has Been Arrested

Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Employees are an integral part of a companys business. And this is why before hiring an individual for a job position companies deem it important to conduct a thorough background check on that person, which includes his personal history, criminal records, past employment, and the like.

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Background Searcher Investigate Anyone

When you become a member of Background Searcher, you have access to a broad variety of State and Federal files, and you can perform a background search on anyone that you need to. You can also occasionally get unlisted phone numbers and other formerly hidden information. You do not have to be a Federal employee, police officer, or investigator to have access to a huge amount of background data. If you need to see if someone has filed for bankruptcy, been arrested or sued, how many houses, cars or boats they own, and if they large amounts of credit card debt. You can learn all you need to about business partners, employees, family, friends, or potential customers. You can take control of who you do business with. If you want, you can even look at the information that the FBI has on your personally. This information is not just for government workers Anyone can get to it that needs it!

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Tips Prepare to Be Fingerprinted

Starting in January 2004, most international visitors traveling on visas to the United States will be photographed and fingerprinted at Customs in a new program created by the Department of Homeland Security called US-VISIT. Non-U.S. citizens arriving at airports and on cruise ships must undergo an instant background check as part of the government's ongoing efforts to deter terrorism by verifying the identity of incoming and outgoing visitors. For more information, go to the Homeland Security website at dhspublic.

Tps Prepare to Be Fingerprinted

Since January 2004, many international visitors traveling on visas to the United States are now photographed and fingerprinted at Customs in a new program created by the Department of Homeland Security called US-VISIT. Non-U.S. citizens arriving at airports and on cruise ships must undergo an instant background check as part of the government's ongoing efforts to deter terrorism by verifying the identity of incoming and outgoing visitors. Exempt from the extra scrutiny are visitors entering by land or those from 28 countries (mostly in Europe) that don't require a visa for short-term visits. For more information, go to the Homeland Security website at dhspublic.

Prudhoe Bay Arctic Industry

If you do go, you must reserve at least 24 hours ahead to clear security. Tours are operated by the Arctic Caribou Inn, P.O. Box 340111, Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734 (& 877 658-2368 or 907 659-2368 They will need your name and an identification number that British Petroleum can use to run a background check before allowing you on the oil field a driver's license, passport, or Social Security number will work. The inn also offers the area's visitor services, including a hotel and cafeteria, open in the summer only. Rooms start at 125 double. The restaurant has a buffet for breakfast ( 10.50) and dinner ( 18), and menu service for lunch. The hotel is near the airport in Deadhorse and serves as the starting point for the tours. The tour itself lasts 2 hours, including a 20-minute video. Visitors are carried by bus among oil field buildings (which look a lot like industrial buildings anywhere) and then stop for 15 minutes at the Arctic Ocean. It costs 37 per person....

National Archives of Australia

.au Queen Victoria Tee, Parkes admission free S 9am-5pm), a repository for Commonwealth government records in the form of personal papers, photographs, films, maps and paintings. There are short-term special exhibits, but the centrepiece exhibit is the Federation Gallery and its original charters, including Australia's 1900 Constitution Act and the 1967 amendment ending constitutional discrimination against Aboriginal people. Records of military service and emigration can be accessed for those keen on exploring their ancestry.

Why The Leaning Tower Leans

Welcome to one of the world's greatest architectural cock-ups. The cathedral's campanile (bell tower) first started to lean when its architect, Bonanno Pisano, had completed only three tiers. Shifting soil is the most favoured explanation and the 'leaning tower' continued to incline by an average of 1mm every year. Over the years several solutions to stop the lean were tried without success. Then in 1998, cables were wrapped around the 3rd storey and attached to A-frames. This held the tower in place while workers removed small portions of soil on the northern side to create a counter-subsidence. It did the trick and the famous lean lost 40cm. The lean is now 4.1m off the perpendicular (once it was 5m) but, more importantly, the slippage that first caused the tower to lean has finally been arrested.

Act Two All Power to the Soviets

At the Tauride Palace the Soviet remained in emergency session late into the night, when Lenin finally announced that the Provisional Government had been arrested and the Soviet was now the supreme power in Russia. Half the deputies walked out in disgust. Never one to miss an opportunity, Lenin quickly called a vote to make it official. It passed. Incredibly, the Bolsheviks were now in charge.

Knocking Rebellion On The Head

By 1310 Venice was in serious difficulties. Doge Pietro Gradenigo's pursuit of mainland conquests had brought upon the city a papal interdict. The Venetians had been defeated in the field, and many Venetian merchants abroad had been arrested and had their goods confiscated.

Barearsed In Snowy Kharkiv

Since 2006, art-lovers in Kyiv have been making a beeline to the PinchukArtCentre (p80). This not only has major international exhibitions and works from the likes of Damien Hirst, Anthony Gormley and Andreas Gursky it's also a good place to learn about leading local artists such as lllya Chichkan (b 1968), who favours staged photos, or painter and installation artist Alexander Hnylytsky (b 1961). There are also some There've been three new photos by Ukrainian-born, Moscow-based Oleg Kulik (b 1963), who is books of Boris Mikhailov's usually more famous for his performance art, in which he habitually acts photography in recent like a dog. (He's even been arrested for biting people.) years. Yesterday's Sandwich (2007) is a coiiec- Theatre & Dance

Leribe Hlotse

Leribe (also known as Hlotse) is a busy regional market hub. It served as an administrative centre under the British, as witnessed by a few old buildings slowly decaying in the leafy streets. The main sight is the crumbling Major Bell's Tower near the market. It was built in 1879, and spent most of its career as a storehouse for government records.


In all three countries (but especially in Russia), you should be particularly careful about taking photographs of stations, official-looking buildings and any type of military security structure - if in doubt, don't snap Travellers, including an author of this book, have been arrested for such innocent behaviour.

The Mafia

It takes a pretty big story to knock a general election off the headlines before a winner's even been declared. But that's exactly what happened on 11 April 2006 when it was announced that after 43 years on the run, the Sicilian mafia boss, Bernardo Provenzano, had been arrested. A huge PR victory for the Italian police, the arrest was an important breakthrough in the fight against organised crime just how important remains to be seen.

Dangers Annoyances

Care must be exercised when travelling in the area of the Attila Line (known as the Green Line in the capital) that divides the North from the South. Be sure to only cross at designated checkpoints and nowhere else. The dividing line is normally clearly visible and identifiable by barbed wire, sentry boxes and UN watchtowers. Despite this, there have been cases of people inadvertently straying across the line towards the North, whereupon they have been arrested. The delineation between North and South is less clearly marked within the Dekelia Sovereign Base Area in the east, where there is no UN buffer zone as such. Extra care must be exercised here.

After Dayton

The Dayton Agreement also emphasised the powers of the Hague-based International Court of Justice and authorised NATO to arrest indicted war criminals. Minor, and a few major, players have been arrested (among them Biljana Plavsic) but the two most-wanted war criminals - Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic and his military henchman Ratko Mladic - remain at large at the time of writing. Several SFOR hunts for them have ended in embarrassing failure, and while High Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte made confident claims that they would be arrested during 2005, no progress has been made so far.

Legal Matters

In the unlikely event you are arrested, it's best not to reply to, or appear to understand, any questions in Farsi. If you do choose to answer questions, do so politely, openly and diplomatically. In our experience - yes, we have been arrested a couple of times (see the boxed text, p379) - the primary motives for arresting a foreigner are usually curiosity, mild suspicion and the desire to appear powerful. Answer your interrogators so that their curiosity is satisfied, their suspicion allayed and their sense of their own self-importance flattered. Take special care not to incriminate yourself or anyone else, especially anyone Iranian, with a careless statement, and get in contact with your embassy in Tehran as soon as possible if things get heavy.

Early Settlements

A Native American tribe under the leadership of Chief Debedeavon sent relief supplies by canoe across the Chesapeake in 1614 to save the struggling English colony at Jamestown. By 1632 this was a flourishing community that was already keeping permanent court records (which are still at the Clerk's Office in Eastville).

The Shipwreck Trail

Admiralty Court Records show that a three-masted, square-rigged vessel by the name of North America, carrying dry goods and furniture, was lost November 25, 1842 on Delta Shoals while en route from New York to Mobile, Alabama. Local wreckers provided assistance to Captain Hall and his crew during a three-day salvage effort. Four ships were registered by the name of North America during this period, but the size of the remaining wreckage and Captain Hall's name in the court records suggest it may be the North America built in Bath, Maine in 1833. James B. Hall of New York and George S. Hall of Bath, Maine were part-owners of the North America, based in New York. This ship-rigged vessel had two decks, three masts, was 130 ft long and had a beam of 29 ft.

Yamal Permits

Technically, you'll require a permit to venture into the Yamal Peninsula. Until 2003 several travellers managed a trip without one, but recently authorities have been much stricter, and some visitors have been arrested and deported from Russia for permit violations. Check carefully in Salekhard for the latest information before heading out. The strategic gas-production area Bovanyenkogo is especially sensitive.