Shrine Dancing

Although scheduled performances are grand, lasting memories are often unscripted and the serendipity of catching a shrine dance is unforgettable, like spotting a rainbow. If you hearthedin of drums and percussion from a temple orshrine, follow the sound to see traditional Idkhawn kde bon (shrine dancing). AtLakMeuang (p5£ ; cnrTh Ratchadamnoen Nai & Th Lak Meuang) and the 'awan Shrine (p102); cnr Th Ratchadamri & Th Ploenchit), worshippers commission costumed troupes to perform dance movements that are similar to classical Idkhawn, but not as refined, as they are specially choreographed for ritual purposes.

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@ 0 2412 7287;; Patravadi Theatre, 69/1 Soi Wat Rakhang, Thonburi; S shows 7.30pm-midnight Fri & Sat; B from Tha Chang to Tha Wat Rakhang

The country's top modern-dance theatre recently began combining highbrow entertainment and dining. Performances are plucked from a diverse menu of music, dance, puppetry and theatre; check ahead of time to see what's in store.


@ 0 2411 0305;; 266 Soi Wat Rakhang, Thonburi; set menu 800-1150B; S dinner shows 8.30-9pm Fri & Sat; restaurant shuttle from Tha Mahathat

This stylishly restored teak house garners the famous dual-temple view of Wat Arun as well as the Grand Palace. An outdoor stage hosts dance performances by graduates of the affiliated Patravadi Theatre. The food and service, however, are hit and miss.

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