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Bangkok is a very well wired town. Internet cafés are scattered throughout the city, charging from about 40B per hour up to 120B. Th Khao San (Map pp68-9) has the highest concentration of internet cafés, with dozens available. Other good areas include Th Silom (Map pp108-9), Th Ploenchit and Siam Sq (Map pp98—9). Additionally, the vast majority of Bangkok guesthouses and hotels offer internet access; see the boxed text, p210, for details.

RJ11 phone jacks are the standard, though in a few older hotels and guesthouses the


Wi-fi (wireless fidelity) is not hard to find in Bangkok. All Starbucks ( and Gloria Jean's ( coffee shops and growing number of cafés and bars offer free wi-fi services. Most top-end and midrange hotels have wi-fi, as do quite a few guesthouses, sometimes for free and sometimes available by prepaying for time; see 21C for details. Of the various websites listing Bangkok wi-fi spots and www are the most comprehensive.

phones might still be hard wired. In the latter case you might be able to use a fax line in the office, since all fax machines in Thailand are connected via RJ11 jacks.

With so much free internet available, and so many net cafés, paying for a temporary dial-up internet account barely seems worth it. If you think it is, find a nearby 7-Eleven (which shouldn't take too long) and buy a prepaid card for a couple of hundred baht.

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