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A bowl of noodles or a stir-fry dish bought from a street vendor should cost 25B to 30B, depending on the portion size and ingredients. Climbing up the scale are the canteen shops that have a selection of pre-made dishes, sturdier chairs and a roof. For these luxuries, you'll probably pay 30B to 40B.

Thai restaurants with an army of servers and laminated menus usually offer main dishes for around 60B to 120B. Add ambience, air-con and fancy uniforms, and a main jumps to about 120B to 200B. Anything above 300B will deliver you into the arms of some of the city's fanciest restaurants. An exception is the restaurants in top-end hotels, which feature prices close to what you'd expect to pay at any flash hotel in the world.

In most parts of the city, Western food occupies the high end of the scale, costing from 200B to 350B. One obvious exception is Banglamphu, where. farcing food comes in under 200B a plate.

Note also that nearly all hotel restaurants include '++', which implies an additional 7% for VAT (value added tax) and a 10% 'service charge' on top of your total bill.

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