Hat Sai Kaew

Sai Kaew Beach Resort 0 2438 9771/2; www.samed resorts.com; r 3600-4800B, bungalows 4800-14,500B; (E)) Smart, blue and white bungalows dot this fairly classy beach resort. Off-beach rooms are better than they sound, and away from the jetskis.

Saikaew Villa (@ 0 3864 4139-48; www.saikaew.com; bungalows 700-2500B; IE O ) A huge and not especially personal complex that serves up comfortable accommodation. It's worth asking for a room away from the noisy generators.

Samed Sand Sea (Ig 0 3865 1126,08 7508 3250; www .samedsandsea.com; r 2400-4000B; E)) The last new place on Hai Sai Kaew (since there's now officially no more room to build), Samed Sand Sea has beautiful wooden bungalows with refreshing air-con that's borderline cryogenic.

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