The main emergency numbers are:

Ambulance (via Police 0 191)

Police (0191)

Tourist Police (01155)

You're unlikely to find any English-speaker at the fire number, so it's best to use the default

0191 number. In a medical emergency it's probably best to call the hospital direct, and it will dispatch an ambulance. See p262 for recommended hospitals.

The best way to deal with most problems requiring police, most likely a rip-off or theft, is to contact the Tourist Police on the 24-hour 01155 hotline. Unlike the regular Thai police, the tourist police are used to dealing with foreigners and can be very helpful in cases of arrest. Although they typically have no jurisdiction over the kinds of cases handled by regular cops, they should be able to help with translation, contacting your embassy and/or issuing a police report you can take to your insurer.

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