Ao Hin KhokAo Phai

Jep's Bungalows (@ 03864 4112;;

r 300-1200B; E O)) Jep's bungalows are a cheery mix of mahogany and magenta, although there are better options around if you're going to fork out more than 600B. Guests staying in the pricier pads get free breakfast. Mosquito repellent is a must.

Samed Villa (§ 0 3864 4094;; r incl breakfast 1800-2800B; E) Hugely popular place with well-maintained, tree-shaded bungalows with large verandas. The larger bungalows are large indeed and are suited to families, while the best of the lot have sea views.

Silver Sand (§§ 08 6530 2417; www.silversandresort .com; bungalows 300-1800B; El) This establishment has about 40 comfortable but oddly green bungalows with their own verandas and some with beach frontage. There is also a lively beach bar.

Tok (Ig 0 3864 4072; bungalows 300-800B; E) One of the island's first bungalow operations is still kicking along, with clean but spartan fan and air-con bungalows with and without bathroom. The hillside lodgings are popular because they are fair value.

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