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Baja's windsurfing capital is Los Barriles (p205), a fast-growing settlement on the east cape, but Bahía de la Ventana (p201), southeast of La Paz via a good paved highway, has more consistent wind and is rapidly gaining popularity. The season runs from mid-November to early March. In these areas, equipment is easy to come by, but elsewhere windsurfers have to bring their own.

On the Pacific side, popular spots include Punta Baja (p122), Punta San Carlos (named 'best wave sailing spot in the world' by Windsurfing magazine; p122) and remote Punta Abreojos (p161) on the Vizcaíno Peninsula. Another insider spot is Bahía de Los Ángeles (p150). The season here runs from February to October, peaking in the summer.

Vela Windsurf Resorts (p205) and Baja Expeditions (p48) both organize windsurfing trips.

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