Where to Hike

Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857 (p111), offers great wilderness hiking around Laguna Hanson, the park's aqueous centerpiece. Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Mártir (p114) is home to Baja's highest peak and attracts hardy wilderness hikers willing to brave the often unmarked, high-mountain backcountry. The area around Cataviña (p147) offers some of the peninsula's most splendid desert scenery. The mesas surrounding the village of San Ignacio (p162) offer another wonderful opportunity for exploring the desert scenery on foot; it's strikingly different from what you'll see near Cataviña.

In the Sierra de San Francisco (p164), you can take multiday guided hikes to see cave paintings, and people usually hire mules to carry their food and gear. More cave paintings can be found by taking adventurous hikes (which involve swimming up gorges!) in the Cañón la Trinidad (p175), west of Loreto and Mulegé; these are best done with guides as well.

In southern Baja's lush Sierra de la Laguna (p203), hikers with experience in orienteering can navigate their way across the peninsula's most biodiverse region, from one side of the cape to the other. The Sierra de la Laguna section lists guides if you'd rather entrust your whereabouts to locals.

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