Where To Eat Drink

The number of places to eat will thrill you and where you end up will depend on your mood and budget. Perhaps the most typical places are oceanside palapas. These casual thatched-roof structures are found nearly everywhere there is an easily accessible beach. You will discover delicious traditional seafood cocktails and entrees at moderate to low prices. While you are ordering, it's not uncommon to see a boat pull up and deliver the fresh catch you will be served!

Baja's urban areas are filled with puestos that usually specialize in a single item - tacos, burritos etc. Many of them serve dishes passed down through generations. As always, take precautions when eating at such informal places. Check overall cleanliness, and especially the availability of bathroom and hand-washing facilities. Slightly more formal are loncherías, comedores and taquerías, small sit-down establishments often found in private homes in villages and at markets in towns and cities. A step up are cafés that serve Mexican specialties such as antojitos and simple but delicious meat and seafood entrées, usually accompanied by homemade soups, steaming rice pilafs, beans and fresh vegetables.

Resorts and large cities offer upscale dining with local atmosphere -indoor-outdoor dining areas with tropical landscaping and birds - and a combination of international foods and elegant Mexican creations. Many of their chefs practice Mexico's upscale version of fusion cooking, called nueva cocina mexicana or alta cocina (new Mexican cooking), where regional Mexican ingredients, techniques and recipes are combined in delicious, aesthetically pleasing new ways.

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