Both Carnival Cruises ( and Royal Caribbean ( offer two-, three- and four-night luxury cruises from Long Beach, CA, to Ensenada. Seven- and eight-day cruises with Royal Caribbean continue to mainland Mexican ports.

If you know something about boats and sailing, try looking for a crew position on one of the many boats that sail south from Southern California. Marinas at Dana Point, Newport Beach, Belmont Shores and Marina del Rey are all good places to ask.

From October through February, sailboats converge on San Diego to make repairs and purchases, and to change crews. A good way to get your name out to skippers seeking crew is to send a three-by-five card, for posting on the bulletin board, to Downwind Marine (% 619-224-2733;; 2804 Canon St, San Diego, CA 92106), a nautical chandler geared toward cruising.

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