San Ignacio

After the scrub and cacti forests of the Desierto de VizcaĆ­no, the palm oasis of San Ignacio is a soothing sight. With its lingering colonial atmosphere and its laurel-shaded central plaza backed by a beautifully preserved mission, San Ignacio makes the perfect place to chill out. But there's more - it's also the jumping-off point for two of Baja's premier attractions: whale-watching excursions to Laguna San Ignacio - probably the best spot for contact with so-called friendly whales - and trips to the spectacular pre-Columbian rock-art sites in the Sierra de San Francisco.

San Ignacio has several grocery stores, a handful of restaurants, lodging and modest trailer parks. San Ignacio's Fiesta Patronal (festival in honor of San Ignacio's patron saint, San Ignacio de Loyola) takes place in the last week of July.

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