Road Hazards

The Transpeninsular presents many tricky turns - so to speak - but it's a wonderful road trip if you keep a few things in mind.

First, most of the highway is only the width of a country road, which provides little margin for error. Potholes can be real axle busters, and animals - including burros and cows - can pop up around any corner. Large debris is also a frequent menace, and many drivers will often signal this problem ahead of you by waving their hands downward, which means you should slow down.

When you approach a large, slow-moving truck from behind, the driver will frequently throw on the left-turn signal, indicating that it's safe for you to pass. Just remember that you're relying on someone else's judgment; when you accelerate to pass the driver, make sure they're not signaling to turn left!

When you approach towns, always watch for speed bumps. They're bound to be there, and if you hit one at speed you're in for a real -and potentially dangerous - jolt.

Night on the roads of Baja is like the witching hour - sinister and with amplified mayhem. Either don't drive at all or do so like a nun with a load of school children.

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