Anyone who's happiest barreling down an empty road whistling the old Cole Porter tune Don't Fence Me In will appreciate this: 85% of the peninsula's population lives in the northern state of Baja California, and 94% of those folks live in Tijuana, Mexicali or Ensenada. That leaves a lot of sparsely inhabited country. The biggest towns in Baja California Sur are La Paz (196,900), Los Cabos (San José and Cabo San Lucas combined; 150,000) and Loreto (11,800). The Cape Region's burgeoning tourism and housing developments (principally in and around Los Cabos) have generated a great need for service-industry personnel and construction workers, who migrate from mainland Mexico and continue to swell the region's population. The number of people in the border cities and the Cape Region is probably higher than official statistics suggest.

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