Playa El Requesn Playa La Perla

Playa El Requesón, 45km (28 miles) south of Mulegé, once made a Condé Nast Traveler list of Mexico's top-10 beaches, but its scanty services keep it suitable - fortunately - for short-term camping only. El Requesón's unique feature is its tombolo (sandspit beach) that connects the main beach to the offshore Isla El Requesón except during very high tides. Camping out on the spit means you're surrounded on both sides by water. Despite its proximity to the highway, it's relatively quiet; camping here is free.

At the time of research, the access road to Requesón was blocked, but the beach was accessible via nearby Playa La Perla, a short distance south. Campsites are available at La Perla for US$5.

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