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Only the tiniest of Baja villages lacks an internet café. Prices are highest in Los Cabos (up to US$6 per hour), while prices on the rest of the peninsula average US$1 to US$2 per hour. Many B&B or boutique-type hotels offer free internet access. Nearly all top-end hotels either have en-suite wireless internet or computer rooms, where you can go online (for a fee). Most midrange hotels have phone lines in the rooms, but make sure you have a reputable 'global' modem.

260 DIRECTORY •• Legal Matters

260 DIRECTORY •• Legal Matters

One of the best online resources you'll find is Steve Kropla's comprehensive website (

Either 'Alt + 64' or 'Alt-Gr + 2' is the command to get the '@' symbol on almost any Spanish-language keyboard.

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