The chief Mexican holiday periods are Christmas through New Year's, Semana Santa, and from mid-July to mid-August. Transportation and tourist accommodations are heavily booked at these times. Banks, post offices and government offices throughout Baja are closed on the following national holidays: Año Nuevo (New Year's Day) January 1. Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) February 5. Día de la Bandera (Day of the National Flag) February 24.

Día de Nacimiento de Benito Juárez (Anniversary of Benito Juárez' birth) March 21.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) March/April. Business closures are usually from Viernes Santo (Good Friday) to

Domingo de Resurrección (Easter Sunday).

Cinco de Mayo May 5. Anniversary of Mexico's 1862

victory over the French at Puebla, where it is grandly celebrated. It's a normal, business-as-usual day in Baja


Día de la Independencia September 16. Commemorates the start of Mexico's war for independence from Spain; the biggest celebrations are in Mexico City, the evening before.

Día de la Raza October 12. Commemorates Columbus'

discovery of the New World and the founding of the mestizo (mixed-ancestry) Mexican people.

Día de la Revolución (Anniversary of the 1910 Mexican

Revolution) November 20.

Día de Navidad (Christmas Day) December 25.

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