Fishing charters are available at all of Baja's fishing hubs, and you'll find reputable local companies listed throughout this book. Always ask what's included in the rates. Fishing licenses, tackle, crew and ice are standard, but sometimes charters may also include bait, cleaning and freezing, meals, drinks and tax. Tips for the crew are at your discretion, but US$20 (per angler) for a successful eight hours is considered adequate. Bring along a hat, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses and Dramamine (or equivalent) if you suffer from seasickness.

Prices depend on boat type and size, ranging from US$300 for a 26-footer to upwards of US$1600 for a 42ft fishing yacht. The cheapest boats are pangas, the vessel of choice of Mexican commercial fishermen, as they put you right up close with the sea. These sturdy outboard skiffs are made from fiberglass and wood, cruise up to 40km/h (25mph) and are capable of beach landings. Superpangas are larger and more comfortable, and they often


Who's gonna believe you if you can't even tell them what kind of fish you caught? This little angler's glossary should help. It will also help you communicate with Mexican guides and captains, who can usually tell you what you're most likely to catch.

■ barracuda


■ black marlin

marlín negro

■ blue marlin

marlín azul

■ bonito


■ dolphin fish (mahimahi)


■ halibut


■ mullet


■ red snapper

huachinango, pargo

■ roosterfish

pez gallo

■ sai lfish

pez vela

■ sea bass


■ shark


■ Spanish mackerel


■ striped marlin

marlín rayado

■ swordfish

pez espada

■ tuna


■ wahoo

peto, guahu

■ yellowfin tuna

atún de aleta

■ yellowtail


The phrase that will serve you most, however, may turn out to be se me Then throw your hands up and say te lo juro (I swear it)!

fue (it got away).

For in-depth information on the types of commercial fishing practices threatening the Sea of Cortez, or to get involved yourself, check out Sea Watch (www

Thanks to perfect wind and wave conditions, Punta San Carlos (p122) is widely considered the best wavesailing destination in the world.

feature toilets and a canvas shade top. Pangas usually hold up to three anglers and start from US$100 to US$150 (for the boat) per day.

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