Cell Phones

The most widespread cellular (mobile) phone system in Mexico is Telcel (www.telcel.com), which has coverage virtually anywhere with a significant population. You can buy a Telcel cellular phone for under US$50 (Oxxo convenience stores sell them), including free air time. When you run out of air time, you can purchase prepaid minutes in denominations starting at US$10. To dial any mobile telephone from a landline, you must dial % 044 before the area code, giving you a total of 10 digits to punch in. US cell phones work in major population centers throughout Baja, but check those rates before racking up the minutes.

This is a rapidly changing field and you can stay up to date by checking www.kropla.com. For information on GSM (Mexico operates on GSM 1900), including coverage maps, roaming partners and links, see www.gsmworld .com or www.gsmcoverage.co.uk.

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