Air-conditioned buses operate daily between towns all along the Baja peninsula. Most have onboard toilets (bring your own toilet paper) and amenities such as videos, drinks and snacks are common on long-distance carriers. Some companies offer primera clase (first class) services, which are more comfortable, faster and only slightly more expensive: Norte de Sonora's version is its Elite buses; ABC's first class buses are called ABC Plus. Ejecutivo (executive) is another variation on first class.

Traveling from top to bottom of the peninsula takes 24 to 27 hours (with a change in La Paz), as buses stop in almost every town to drop off and pick up passengers. A ticket from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas costs about US$130; Tijuana to Loreto will set you back about US$100, and Tijuana to San Quintín about US$25.

Baja's main long-distance bus companies are Autotransportes de Baja California (ABC; www .abc.com.mx) and, in the south, its subsidiary

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Subur Baja (www.abc.com.mx). Norte de Sonora operates principally in the north (and between Baja and the mainland state of Sonora), and Autotransportes Aguila (% in La Paz 612-122-2157) operates principally in the south.

For fares and details, see the Getting There & Away entries in the respective city sections. If a town is on the Transpeninsular, assume it has bus service to anywhere else on the Transpeninsular (though you may have to transfer if you're going a long way).

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