Building Your Own Outdoor Aviary

How to Build An Aviary

This ebook contains all of the information that you need in order to build a wonderful aviary of your own! Today, buying an aviary can cost upwards of $700 for a cheap one. A good-priced one can cost more than $2000! In today's economy, wouldn't it be better to build your own for a fraction of that price? You can build your own aviary for $200 or less; not only that, but you will have a custom-made aviary to be proud of and show off! Learn how with this ebook You don't even need to have experience building anything! If this is your first building project, it can still turn out amazing! Caged birds cannot fly, and this can hurt them physically can damage them emotionally. With an aviary, you can keep your birds safe and allow them to fly a bit. This ebook gives you all of the tools that you need! Read more here...

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Soaking Up The Rainforest Scenery

Of Kuranda's two walk-through aviaries, Birdworld (& 07 4093 9188), behind the Heritage Markets off Rob Veivers Drive, is probably the most interesting, as it has eye-catching macaws and a cassowary. The Aviary, 8 Thongon St. (& 07 4093 7411), is good if you want to see a bigger range of Australian species. Birdworld is open daily from 9am to 4pm admission is A 11 (US 7.15) for adults, A 4 (US 2.60) for children 4 to 14, or A 28 (US 18) for families. The Aviary is open from 10am to 3 30pm admission is A 12 (US 7.80) for adults and 6 (US 3.90) for kids ages 4 to 16. Both aviaries are closed Christmas.

Sights Activities

Stretch your car-cramped legs in the 32-hectare Queen Elizabeth Park (Dixon St S 24hr), with its aviaries, duck-filled lake, children's playgrounds and impossibly green cricket oval. Opposite the park is Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art & History ( 06-370 0001 cnr Bruce & Dixon Sts admission free S 10am-4.30pm), documenting the art and cultural heritage of the region, both Maori and Pakeha. Puka ha Mt Bruce National Wildlife Centre ( 06375 8004 adult child 8 free S 9am-4.30pm), 30km north of Masterton on SH2, is an important sanctuary for native NZ wildlife (mostly birds). Large aviaries and outdoor reserves harbour some of the country's rarest species, and there's a nocturnal house with kiwis (sightings aren't guaranteed), tuatara and other reptiles. Feed the fat eels daily at 1.30pm guided park tours ( 15) at 10.30am and 2pm on weekends.

Cultural Eco Travel Experiences

Wildfowl Trust of North America runs the Horsehead Wetlands Center, 600 Discovery Lane, Grasonville s 410-827-7029 or 800-CANVASBACK. Here you can see native birds in aviaries and in the wild, in a wide variety of shore habitats. The Visitors Center has displays including a touch box with feathers, pinecones, snakeskins, turtle shells and other things found at the center. An observation room overlooks a pond, with binoculars and bird books available. A small shop sells birding aids, guides and books on the local area. For more information on the trails and the outdoor exhibit areas they connect, as well as the bird species seen there, see page 363. The Center is open daily, 9-5 admission is 3 adult, 2 age 55 and over, 1 under age 18.

Folk Museum Buddhacasting Foundry Bird Garden

Attached to the foundry is Dr Thawee's new project, the Thai Bird Garden (10 05521 2540 child adult 20 50B S S.30am-5pm). This small collection of aviaries contains indigenous Thai birds and some endangered species, like the very pretty pink-chested jamu fruit-dove, and the prehistoric-looking helmeted hornbill. Unfortunately, the cages look too small and most of the birds are caged alone.

Dolphin Resort and Marina

Nineteen aviaries might make you think Parmer's Place is strictly for the birds, but you'll find the simple air-conditioned motel rooms not only price-worthy, but clean and comfortable. No beach, but a pool in the middle of the property serves swimmers. Boat dockage is limited. Maid service is additional. Complimentary continental breakfast comes with the room.

Where To Stay Moderate

Hotel do Mar fjftfp One of the most unusual self-contained beach-resort hotels south of the Tagus, Hotel do Mar spreads from a high cliff to the water below. The main lobby houses a glassed-in tropical bird aviary, and the passageways are like art galleries, with contemporary paintings and ceramic plaques and sculpture. All the airy guest rooms have private terraces, with views of the ocean and gardens sweeping down the hillside. Some bathrooms are very small, but all contain shower-tub combinations. Suites vary widely in size, facilities, and price. Less expensive suites are comfortable standard accommodations the more expensive deluxe unit features a pool and Jacuzzi. Breakfast is served on a flower-filled terrace. The wood-paneled restaurant overlooks the sea. Rua General Humberto Delgado 10, 2970-68 Sesimbra. & 21 228-83-00. Fax 21 223-38-88. www.hotel units. 120 -145 ( 138- 167) double 125 -215 ( 144- 247) suite. Rates include breakfast. AE, DC, MC,V. Free parking....

Things They Said About El Rastro

The Rastro was itself a curious place then, almost medieval. There was sold almost everything imaginable used clothes, pictures, false teeth, books, medicines, chestnuts, coach wheels, trusses, shoes. There one met all types Moors, Jews, blacks, travelling charlatans, rat-catchers and sellers of caged birds.

Kowloons Teeming Market Streets Walking Tour

1 Yuen Po Street Bird Garden & Flower Market A 10-minute walk away from Prince Edward MTR (exit A), Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is the gathering place for mostly old men who air their caged birds here and feed them grasshoppers with chop sticks. A little further along, FlowerMarket Rd (left) is lined with fragrant and exotic blooms and plants.

Diy Baan Krua Walking Tour

We could tell you to take lefts and rights down little alleys, but exploring this historic Muslim village is more fun if you just venture forth and find your own way. But we will get you into the village Start this DIY tour when you finish your tour of Jim Thompson's House (p97) head left to the khlong and left again. You'll soon come to Garimmin & Sobereen, a makeshift, khlong-side place selling food and cold drinks, which is a great spot to sit and watch the khlong boats motor by while observing village life on the other side men dressed in white dishdashas, exotic caged birds yapping and women selling food and everyday items from tiny stores that are a world away from the nearby mega-malls.

Taman Burung Bali Bird Park Rimba Reptil Park

From over 250 species, including rare cen-drawasih (birds of paradise) from Papua and highly endangered Bali starlings - many of which are housed in special walk-through aviaries. The 2 hectares of landscaped gardens feature a fine collection of tropical plants and a couple of non-native Komodo dragons.

Blegny Mine

Blegny mine is the pearl of Wallonia's industrial heritage Visits include a descent into the old coal mine workings via the miners' lift, where you will see demonstrations of mining tools and equipment, plus a video presentation. Back on the surface, you can see where the coal was washed and sorted. On request, visitors can also visit the Mining Museum, go for a ride on a mine train and visit the biotope on a former slag-heap. On the same site are playgrounds, sports pitches, a mini-golf course and a leisure park with lakes, aviaries and animals. Combined tickets are available, covering entry to the mine, mining museum and biotope, and the train ride.

LEspace Rambouillet

Although the region's forests are teeming with wildlife, visitors are guaranteed a front row view at the Espace Rambouillet (Route de Clairefontaine, Rambouillet, s 01 34 83 05 00, espaceramb ), a 615-acre wildlife preserve that allows visitors to observe deer and wild boar in a natural forest habitat. There are also over 100 birds of prey in aviaries, which are released throughout the day during scheduled flight demos. For smaller visitors there's a playground and pony rides (weekends April to October only). Dress for a forest hike, with backpack, hiking shoes and binoculars (you can rent these at the gift shop), pack a lunch to eat in the picnic area if you want to avoid the snack-bar food. Count on at least four hours for a full visit. All descriptions in French (but it's pretty obvious what everything is). Open daily, 9am to 6pm, April through October and Tuesday through Sunday, 10am

Hitting The Beach

Livorno has a rocky coast with a few stretches of pebbly and sandy beach. The 20th-century promenade Viale Italia offers easy access to both the city beaches (mostly controlled by majestic bathing establishments) and those farther along the coast. Heading south, the first you'll come across is the Spiaggia della Bellana (Bellana Beach), a handkerchief of beach on the edge of Livorno city just before the Terrazza Mascagni. This is where you'll find the Centro Recupero Uccelli Marini (3 0586-400226), a marine bird shelter center run by the LIPU with large aviaries and an interesting guided tour. Continue along Viale Italia to pass the Accademia Navale (Italian Navy Academy, adjacent to the Chiesa di San Jacopo in Acquaviva, founded in 1881), the famous Caprilli racecourse, and Spiaggia Roma (Rome Beach), where on the exit of the River Banditella, you can actually surf. Farther south, the shoreline road starts to climb again over the pinkish stone rocks of Romito, ducking down into coves...

Around Pulau Labuan

Towards the northern tip of the island, Labuan Bird Park ( 463-544 admission free) offers refuge to a wide range of species in three dome-shaped aviaries connected by tunnels. Some birds are also kept in oudying cages, presumably because they don't play well with others. As you enter, you will be greeted by a pair of hill myna birds who say 'hello' and 'Salaam Aleykum'. When you leave, another pair will bid you goodbye. Bus 6 makes the run to the bird park from downtown. Otherwise, a taxi from downtown will run RM25.


This excellent, fully fledged amusement and educational theme park has plenty of white-knuckle rides, such as the celebrated roller coaster called the Dragon, the Abyss 'turbo drop', and a marine park with sea lions and seals, daily dolphin and killer-whale shows, and aquariums. The Atoll Reef is particularly impressive, with over 2000 fish representing 200 species in residence. The walk-through Shark Aquarium has hundreds of different sharks on view and scores of rays. Bird-watchers are also catered for, with aviaries, a flamingo pond and the Amazing Birds Theatre, with regular aerial shows.


China Lan Kwai Fong && CANTONESE This retro-style restaurant in trendy Lan Kwai Fong is one of Hong Kong's hottest and classiest Chinese restaurants, decorated with antiques, hanging lanterns, ceiling fans, and giant bird cages. While the emphasis is on Cantonese food, it offers specialties from other regions as well, including Shanghai, Beijing, and Szechuan. Prawns, for example, are available in six variations, from stir-fried with chiles (Szechuan) to saut ed with black beans and green pepper (Cantonese). Garoupa comes fresh from the restaurant's own tanks. Peking duck (costing HK 380 US 49) and beggar's chicken (order in advance for HK 480 US 62) are also available. An all-you-can eat dim sum brunch is available weekends and holidays for HK 138 (US 18).

Hat Sai Khao

Top Resort ( Ig) 0 3955 1364 www.topresort-koh-chang .com r ind breakfast 1440B IE ) Atop the cliff at the southern end of the beach, this German-run spot has spodess rooms, and a quirky garden with fish ponds and bird cages. For families there are good value, larger stand-alone bungalows (2960B) with kitchen and laundry facilities.

Miami Area

Miami Metrozoo is open every day from 10 am to 5 30 pm. There are more than 2,800 magnificent wild animals living in a cageless natural environment. Paws is a new children's petting zoo. The Zoofari Monorail takes you on an air-conditioned safari. There are elephant rides, koalas, flamingos, white tigers and a 1 -acre tropical aviary. Ticket booth closes at 4 pm. Metrozoo is about 20 minutes from Miami Inter


Kampung Arab (Map ppl66-7) has jewellery and precious metal stores. North on Jl Veteran, Pasar Burung (Map ppl66-7) is a bird market with hundreds of caged birds and small animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits and monkeys, for sale. There are also gaudy and colourful birdcages. You wonder how many endangered species are traded behind the scenes.

Parks Gardens

Imperial parks, used either for sacrifices to the gods or for leisure activities, were off-limits to the common folk. Now they are overrun with them, particularly just after dawn, when the older generation turns out in force to practice thijiqudn and ballroom dancing, or to chat and show off their caged birds (zou niao). Bei Hai Gdngyuan (Beihai Park) An imperial playground dating back to the Tartar Jin dynasty (1115-1234), Bei Hai lies to the north of Zhong Hai and Nan Hai, which were also opened to the public in 1925. In the best tradition of Animal Farm, the Communist leaders created a new Forbidden City and named it Zhong Nan Hai. Bei Hai was left to the masses. Although it's a convenient way to combine a morning visit to the Forbidden City with a more relaxing afternoon in the Back Lakes area, most visitors have a quick peek at the southern half and then disappear. But the north side of the park is more interesting.

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