Summer Sun

Lots of sun, endless fun swimming and sunbathing, a zest for life, summer from the first day of spring until well into the autumn: that is what holidaymakers normally want when they head south. That is until they discover Carinthia. Once bitten, they tend to change their ideas about the summer. And start to expect quite a bit more than just a holiday in the sun.

A whole host of natural features does however make Carinthia the epitome of the south: for example the unique combination of lakes and mountains - the warm waters lie at the foot of the most scenic peaks in the Alps. The links forged between the new and the familiar - the hospitable locals' sunny disposition and the warm atmosphere ensure that visitors soon feel at home here. The climate - in Carinthia spring and autumn are both part of summer. Or all the things to see and do - the landscape and cultural diversity provide an incredibly wide range of opportunities for visitors.

We wanted to know what appeals most to holidaymakers in Carinthia. So we asked various south-loving people - friends of Carinthia of all ages - for our Summer Journal. As you can imagine, we got as many answers as there are opportunities here. To give you an idea of the scope, here is a brief guide to a southern summer full of sun and fun.

Nature & sports

The south has everything.

The call of the mountains.

Carinthia has Austria's highest - the Gross-glockner, the southernmost in the Karawanken and Carnic Alps, and the roundest peaks in the Nock Mountains. Ideal for walkers and climbers of all ages and abilities.

The lure of water.

Thanks to its 200 lakes, a large part of Carinthia is water. Clean enough to drink, up to 28 degrees warm and surrounded by picture-postcard mountains. Lakes Worth, Millstatt and Ossiach are the largest and most famous.

The beauty of nature.

Carinthia's scenic beauty can be admired from the cycle and footpaths: on leisurely flat routes, challenging hill climbs or idyllic forest trails. Luckily, all the paths invariably lead to water (and places to swim).

Events & festivals

The south arouses curiosity.

New adventures every day.

South-loving people seek and indeed find great variety: trendy sports events, musical highlights and culinary festivals. And something new every day. The key to it all is the Kärnten Card. A smart card, it opens the door to virtually all the sights, cable cars and cruise boats.

Three years of water.realm.

Carinthia has been proclaimed a water.realm for three years (initially). Staged as a voyage of discovery, this large-scale event is running in three stages: from "WaterGold" in the high alpine Upper Möll Valley, downriver to the Lieser/Malta Valleys in search of "WaterPower" in 2005, and to "WaterLife" on Lake Millstatt in 2006.

Warmth-heartedness & fun

Health & well-being

Warmth-heartedness & fun

The south loves children.

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