Maps In This Book

Our maps are based on the best available references, sometimes combined with GPS data collected in the field. They are intended to show the general route of the walk and should always be used in conjunction with the maps suggested in the walk description. For information on symbols used on our maps, see the legend on the back page.

large deposit) for hiring a car. They can also be used to get cash advances over the counter at banks and from many ATMs, depending on the card, though these transactions incur immediate interest. Charge cards such as Diners Club and American Express (Amex) are not as widely accepted.

The obvious danger with credit cards is maxing out your limit and racking up a steaming pile of debt and interest charges. A safer option is a debit card from which you can draw money directly from your bank account using ATMs, banks or Eftpos devices. Any card connected to the international banking network (Cirrus, Maestro, Plus and Eurocard) should work, provided you know your PIN. The most flexible option is to carry both a credit and a debit card.

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