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Aussie Rules football and cricket are played at "The Gabba," as Aussies call Brisbane Cricket Ground, 411 Vulture St. at Stanley Street, Woolloongabba, a 5-minute drive south of the city. Call Transinfo (© 13 12 30) for details on buses.

AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL (AFL) The Brisbane Lions are the local heroes in this uniquely Aussie sport. Tickets are about A$50 (US$33); book through Ticketmaster (© 13 61 22 in Australia). The season begins in late March and ends in late August. Most games are played on Saturday night. CRICKET Boring to some, fascinating to others, cricket is big business in Australia, and some of the most important national and international matches are played in Brisbane in the season from October to late February. Most matches are played midweek and weekends during the day; a few are played at night. Tickets cost up to about A$70 (US$46). Book through Ticketmaster (© 13 61 22; www.ticketmaster7.com).

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