Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

ABOUT fifty years ago, when the subject of English furniture first began to be studied and to be written about, it was divided conveniently into four distinct types. One writer called his books on the subject The Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut, The Age of Mahogany and The Age of Satinwood. It is not really quite as simple as that, for each of the so-called Ages overlaps the others and it is quite impossible to lagt down strict dates as to when any one timber was introduced or when it finally, if ever, went out of favour.

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Tips Antiques Hunting

The most popular concentrations of antiques stores are around the Epsom area and in Parnell, Remuera, Ponsonby, and inner city. Lord Ponsonby Antiques, 86 Ponsonby Rd. (& 09 376-6463), is as good a place as any to start. Also in Ponsonby is Piper Antiques, 159 Ponsonby Rd. (& 09 3769000). In Parnell, look for John Stevens Antiques, 377 Parnell Rd. (& 09 377-4500) in Epsom, you'll find Auckland Antique Shop, 465 Manukau Rd. (& 09 630-4048), and Country Antiques, 489 Manukau Rd. (& 09 6305252). In inner city, look for goodies at Walker & Hall, 32 Anzac Ave. (& 09 379-6200), and Strand Arcade Antiques, Shop 6, Strand Arcade, 235-237 Queen St. (& 09 379-0206). The visitor center also has a list of some favorites.

Antiques Collectibles

With more than 80 antiques shops and specialty stores, downtown Glendale (northwest of downtown Phoenix) is the Valley's main antiques district. You'll find the greatest concentration of antiques stores just off Grand Avenue between 56th and 59th avenues. Five or more times a year, the Phoenix Fairgrounds Antique Market (& 623 587-7488 or Antique Trove If you love browsing through packed antiques malls searching for your favorite collectibles, then this should be your first stop in the Valley. It's one of the biggest antiques malls in the area. 2020 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale. & 480 947-6074. Arizona West Galleries tf (f Nowhere else in Scottsdale will you find such an amazing collection of cowboy collectibles and Western antiques. There are antique saddles and chaps, old rifles and six-shooters, sheriffs' badges, spurs, and the like. 7149 E. Main St., Scottsdale. & 480 994-3752. Bishop Gallery for Art & Antiques & This cramped shop is wonderfully eclectic,...

Art Galleries and Antique Shops

The Alfalfa neighborhood, especially around the Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro Street and adjacent streets, contains a large number of antique shops and galleries which exhibit and sell contemporary art. The rest of the city's antique shops are located in the shopping district. In these streets the traveler can find a large number of stores for the purchase of art and antiques. - The Antiques Fair is held every year in the old Plaza de Armas train station or in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos (Exhibition and Convention Center). - Another opportunity for buying and selling antiques is the market held on Thursdays on the Feria Street.

Shangs Antique Gallery

Map pp62-3 Antiques Stuffed as it is with a fine collection of genuine Southeast Asian religious antiques (including some huge ones in the outdoor area) and furniture, Shang's must be mortified that it has to share Pagoda St with all the tourist stalls. A diamond among the dross.

Snohomish Antiques Capital of the Northwest

If antiques are your passion, you won't want to miss the opportunity to spend a day shopping the many antiques stores in the historic farm town of Sno-homish. Located roughly 30 miles north of Seattle off I-5, Snohomish was established in 1859 on the banks of the Snohomish River and was the county seat until 1897. When the county government was moved to Everett, Sno-homish lost its regional importance and development slowed considerably. Today, an abundance of turn-of-the-century buildings are the legacy of the town's early economic growth. By the 1960s these old homes had begun attracting people interested in restoring them to their original condition, and soon antiques shops began proliferating in the historic downtown area. Today the town has more than 450 antiques dealers and is without a doubt the antiques capital of the Northwest. Surrounding the town's commercial core are neighborhoods full of restored Victorian homes. Each year on the third Sunday in September, you can get a...

Delight Antique stores and galleries

One of the most charming of Ljubljana walks is exchanging door handles of Ljubljana's galleries, antiques stores and second-hand bookstores. Stroll among the paintings, drawings, graphic prints, photographs, sculptures, objects and other artistic creations of unrecognized but promising Slovenian and foreign artists. Fill your batteries with the energy of the artworks, maybe one of them will travel with you into the world. Over thirty friendly gallerists and antiquarians are expecting you for a look and a chat.

Antiques Art Furniture

For real antique finds and colonial furniture, there's no place like Chor Bazaar's Mutton Street (see Markets, earlier in this chapter closed Fri), which is a wonderful place at which to browse and discover hidden treasures. You'll spot plenty of imitation antiques and faux products here, but these are usually pretty easy to identify. Store owners will often (but not always) tell you which are genuine items and which are reproductions. If, however, walking through dirty streets and sifting through dusty shops is not your cup of tea, head straight for the more established antiques stores in the city, some of the best of which are downtown in Colaba. Natesan's Antiqarts (& 022 2285-2700), conveniently located at Jehangir Art Gallery, deals principally in stone, wood, and bronze items. Whether you pick up an ornate teak and sandalwood carving, a bronze piece created using the 4,500-year-old lost-wax process, or a refurbished antique, Natesan's will arrange shipment. Nearby Phillips...

Shopping A To Z Antiques

With a rich selection of specialized shops carrying antique artifacts from keys to precious furniture, Budapest will please all bric-a-brac-adoring travelers. Nevertheless, when shopping for antiques, you should know that Hungary forbids the export of items that are designated cultural treasures. Some purchases come with a certificate allowing export with other purchases, the buyer has the responsibility of going to the correct office (in the Museum of Applied Arts) and applying for the certificate. Our advice is to buy only from those shops that supply the certificate for you a journey through Hungarian bureaucracy like any other bureaucracy can be a withering experience. Although it no longer has a monopoly on the sale of antiques, the state-owned trading house contingent BAV (Bizomanyi Kereskedohaz es Zaloghitel Rt. continues to control the lion's share of the antiques market in Hungary. Here's a partial list of addresses, contact information, and products for BAV shops...

Handicrafts Antiques

Several shops along Th Samsenthai, Th Pangkham and Th Setthathirat sell Lao and Thai tribal and hill-tribe crafts. The Lao goods are increasingly complemented by products from Vietnam and Thailand, such as lacquer work and Buddha images. Many of the places listed under Textiles and Clothing (right) also carry handicrafts and antiques.

Antiques Street Packed With Treasures

Ecseri Flea Market

Among the 21 shops and galleries on Falk Miksa Street, some specialize in certain areas and some sell a kaleidoscope of antiques. Some are just 20 square metres of shop floor, others are three-storey emporiums. Most prop their doors open to entice in the curious, and many hold auctions of museum-quality pictures, sculptures and other outstanding art objects. Among the bigger companies there are a couple who specialize in the works of a chosen artist or stage temporary exhibitions of the finest paintings by a particular school, thereby spreading the word and bringing to the attention of the general public the oeuvre of artists who have sunken into obscurity. For example, the Kieselbach Gallery gives a comprehensive overview of modern Hungarian painting from 1919 to 1964. The largest second-hand market in Budapest, the flea market on Nagykorosi Road, may be located some distance from the centre of town and yet most tourists find the journey out there well worth the time. Known by the...

Antiques and collectibles

Palazzo Frescobaldi Vintage Map

Antiques hounds should make a beeline for Via dei Coronari, Rome's main artery for antiquar-iato. The jumbled assortment of marbles at Marmi Line includes some remarkably faithful copies of Roman portrait busts, fountains, and a whole lot of pointless accent pieces that might have been lifted from the set ofAll My Children. W Apolloni, specializing in silver and 17th-century furniture, is one of Rome's best-known antiques stores. If you're looking for collectibles from the 20th century or Art Deco furnishings, seek out Comics Bazar. Of course, if you have a good eye for antiques and are willing to battle crowds, your best bet may be to head for one of the flea markets like Porta Portese (see above). Marmi Line (p. 142) PIAZZA NAVONA Wide selection of restored marble antiques. Will ship anywhere in the world Tel 06 68937-95. Via de' Coronari 113-141 145. Buses 70, 87, 280, or 492. Mon-Sat 10am-7 30pm. W Apolloni (p. 142) PIAZZA DEL POPOLO Antiques vendor of art and...

S Lisbon Shopping From Antiques to Wine

Antiques lovers gravitate to Rua Dom Pedro V in the Bairro Alto. Other streets with antiques stores include Rua da Miseric rdia, Rua de S o Pedro de Alcantara, Rua da Escola Polit cnica, and Rua do Alecrim. HOURS, SHIPPING & TAXES Most stores open between 9 and 10am, close at noon for lunch, reopen at 2pm, and close for the day at 7pm. However, many shopkeepers take lunch from 1 to 3pm, so check before making the trip. On Saturday, many stores open from 9 or 10am to 1pm on Sunday, most stores in Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal are closed. If the open hours of an individual place listed below differ from the norm, we give the specific hours. Many establishments will crate and ship bulky objects. Any especially large item, such as a piece of furniture, should be sent by ship. Every antiques dealer in Lisbon has lists of reputable maritime shippers. For most small and medium-size shipments, air freight isn't much more expensive than sending the items by ship. TAP, the Portuguese...

Henry Antique Warehouse

Map p123 Antiques This enormous showroom, with more than 2000 high-quality antique pieces, both large and small, is a good first stop for antique hunters. It's down a lane off Hongzhong Rd in a not-so-obvious location look for the signs. The Traditional Furniture research department of Tongji University is based here.

Old Town Gods Temple Antique Market Map pAntiques

The basement of the Huabao Building, slap bang in the centre of the bazaar, houses a collection of established antique shops. These are the kind of antique stalls that accept all major credit cards and there's a real mish-mash of stuff here, from old mah-jong sets and watches to porcelain and pottery, as well as the opium pipes found in every Chinese antique market. The 1 st floor has silk and scarves. On the 2nd and 3rd floor, there's jade and crystal. The sales staff are a bit pushy here and you need to haggle.


Cambodia has a reasonable range of antiques, although a lot disappeared or was destroyed during the war years. Popular items include textiles, silver, swords, coins, ceramics and furniture, but when buying antiques be very careful of fakes - they are extremely common in this part of the world. If the prices seem too good to be true, then they usually are and you'll end up with a well-aged, modern copy. This is particularly the case with 'old' bronzes from 'the time of Angkor' and a lot of 'ancient' Chinese pieces. Remember that ancient sandstone carvings from the Angkorian or pre-Angkorian periods cannot legally be taken out of the country. For those settling in Cambodia for any length of time, there are some very nice pieces of antique furniture available in markets and shops in Phnom Penh, with Chinese, French and Khmer influences all evident.

Hunting for antiques

One of the best places in the world to go searching for gudong (goo dcxmg antiques) is you guessed it China. The following words and phrases can come in handy when hunting for antiques u* Nide gudong ditan zai nar (nee duh goo dcxmg dee tahn dzye nar Where are your antique carpets ) u* gud ng di n (gcx) doong dyan antique shop)

Parade Of Antiques

Happily, the art and antique shops that populated the area before the boom have survived, and during the daytime it's a peaceful, almost rustic area to wander around, perusing anything from Kashmiri carpets and teak furniture to landscaping ornaments and antiques. Try Shang Antiques ( 6388 8838 No 16), which specialises in Southeast Asian antiques, some of them around 2000 years old, with price tags to match. Red House Antiques ( 6474 6980 No 26) is one of the best of the city's dealers in Chinese antiques, in both original and restored condition. Pasardina Fine Living ( 6472 0228 No 13) has just about everything decorative and Asian for the home, while Asiatique ( 6471 3146 No 14) stocks Indonesian furniture made from recycled wood. Eastern Discoveries ( 6475 1814 Block 26, 01-04) has a superb range of antiques from around the region.

What To Buy Antiques

Hong Kong has a rich and colourful array of Asian, especially Chinese, antiques on offer, but serious buyers will restrict themselves to the reputable antique shops and auction houses only Hong Kong imports many forgeries and expert reproductions from China and Southeast Asia. Just remember that most of the really good pieces are sold through the auction houses such as Christie's (p158), especially at its auctions in spring and autumn. Most of Hong Kong Island's antique shops are bunched along Wyndham St and Hollywood Rd in Central and Sheung Wan. The shops at the western end of Hollywood Rd tend to be cheaper in price and carry more dubious 'antiques'. Some of them stock a range of old books and magazines, Chinese propaganda posters, badges from the Cultural Revolution and so on. It's easy to get lost in some of these dusty holes in the wall, but be cautious - tread carefully through this minefield of reproductions. When it comes to buying antiques and curios, there are relatively...

Antiques CumOS

Great streets for antiques, ceramics and curios (eg traditional Chinese kites) are Rua de Sao Paulo, Rua das Estalagens and Rua de Sao Antonio, and the lanes off them most shops are open from 10.30am or 1 lam to 6pm or 7pm, with a one-hour lunch some time between 12.30pm and 2pm. Coloane Village has a few shops selling bric-a-brac, traditional goods and antiques. Asian Artefacts (Map p330 28881022 9 Rua dos Nego-ciantes S 10am-7pm) is one of the best.

Art Antiques

Worth checking out is the weekly antiques flea market (Cankarjevo nabrezje Map pp66-7 S 8am-12pm Sun) held year-round on the embankment between Triple and Cobbler Bridges. A summer art market called Ljubljana Montmartre (Pogacarjev trg S 9am-4pmSat Jun-Sep) near the Central Market has paintings and ceramics. Galerija Fortuna ( 425 01 87 Gornji trg 1 S10am-1 pm & 4-8pm Mon-Fri, 10am-1 pm Sat) Packed into this lovely shop are some really beautiful antiques, especially glassware from the 1920s and other delightful Art Nouveau treasures. Prices are pretty reasonable too.

Antiques Curios

If you prefer Raj-era bric-a-brac, head to Chor Bazaar (Map pp768-9 opposite) the main area of activity is Mutton St where you'll find a row of shops specialising in antiques (many ingenious reproductions, so beware) and miscellaneous junk. Phillips (Map p774 22020564 www.phillipsantiques .com Woodhouse Rd, Colaba S 10am-1.30pm & 2.30-7pm Mon-Sat) Opposite the Regal cinema, this long-running antique shop is known for its quality prints, silver, brassware and glass lamps - all late Victorian.

For Antiques Hounds

If you're a collector, come prepared to hunt. In Masterton, head to Walterwood Antiques, Matahiwi Road ( 06 377-4385), for 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century furniture. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm and Monday by appointment. Woodstream Antiques, Morris Road, Masterton ( 06 377-1350), has Georgian and Victorian country furniture imported mainly from France and England. Open Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm, weekdays by appointment. Trotters Antiques & Collectibles, 276 Queen St., Masterton ( 06 370-2226), is another. In Carterton, you'll find collectibles in the Main Street store of Queen Victoria, 21 High St. ( 06 379-7891). Just north of Carterton at Clare-ville, Country Charm Antiques, State Highway 2 ( 06 379-7929), specializes in blue-and-white china, kitchenware, and colonial furniture. Open daily from 10am to 5pm. In Greytown, visit Wakefield Antiques, 72 Main St. ( 06 304-9807), for a large range of colonial and antique furniture and collectibles. Open Monday...

The Newton Hotel Nairn

Just before you enter the little coastal town of Nairn from the west, you should spot this castlelike hotel located in parkland and overlooking the Nairn Championship Golf Course. It could be just the thing you need after a busy day of sightseeing. The overnight rooms are quite large, and the comfortable public rooms are decorated with antique furniture. In addition to the usual room facilities, other nice touches include heated bathroom

The Marcliffe Hotel and

This hotel, also known as Marcliffe at Pitfodels, is perhaps the best place to stay in Aberdeen. It's certainly often recommended, probably because the Marcliffe combines high-class five-star accommodation with intimate attention. The family-run, three-story hotel sits among trees and has a country feel despite its proximity to the city. All of the individually decorated rooms are comfortable and spacious, the beds huge, and the antique furniture in good taste. Mikhail Gorbachev officially opened the place as a guest in 1993, and if it's good enough for the father of glasnost, it should be good enough for you.

Where To Stay Moderate

Estalagem Quinta de Santo Antonio Finds This once private Quinta, dating from 1668, now receives paying guests. This is one of the finest examples of Alentejo architecture in the region, and the property is enveloped by a beautiful garden. The interior was faithfully restored and decorated with antique furniture. The bedrooms are generally spacious and exceedingly comfortable, with well-maintained bathrooms with tubs. The on-site restaurant, A Quinta, is known locally for its superb cuisine of the Alentejo school. Activities on site or nearby include horseback riding, biking, and motorboat rides.

Hotel Pricing Chart

Mayan Inn, 3 Avenida at 8 Calle, 502 756-1179, fax 502 756-1212, 30 rooms, . Built in 1932 by the Clark family of Clark Tours, this hotel oozes class and style. The original building is genuine adobe complete with the original woodwork. The other buildings are restored colonial houses. Rooms have fireplaces, antique furniture (including carved headboards and side tables), private baths and colorful decorative art as accents. All look out onto the beautifully maintained flower gardens or the hills beyond. Meals are in a majestic dining room with a fireplace the menu changes daily. The service here is first-class.

Ardhasaig House Ardhasaig Harris

This small, four-star hotel is fairly remote, but the reward for making it here is the view of the nearby bay and mountains. The building dates to 1904, but the bar lounge is surprisingly modern. Dining at Ardhasaig is usually a real treat the menu changes pretty much daily, emphasizing what is fresh and locally available, such as pan-fried Harris scallops or fillet of venison. The six overnight rooms are comfortably if basically furnished (no TVs) and some include antique furniture, while all have views either of the hills or of the sea. In 2004, the old stone barn was converted into a self-contained suite with a king-size sleigh bed and sheepskin rugs.

Peranakan Museum Map pp

In addition to featuring traditionally crafted, beaded Peranakan clothing and exquisitely carved antique furniture, the museum also has a number of interesting and interactive exhibits. Our favourite is the diorama displaying a traditional Peranakan home complete with two video-mounted portraits of elders who argue with each other about whether or not their descend-ents are leading culturally appropriate lives. This museum is a must-visit for anyone who wants to understand local culture.

Bruggemuseum Welcome Church of Our Lady

In the luxurious city mansion of the Lords of Gruuthuse you will be welcomed like a medieval nobleman. The mansion contains a wide variety of objects, ranging from old weapons and a guillotine, right through to antique furniture and kitchen utensils. Amongst the main attractions are the Hall of Honour, with its tapestries, its imposing chimney piece and its richly decorated beams all testifying to the wealth of the Lords of Gruuthuse. The more than 500 years old kitchen and the prayer chapel are only some of the eye-catchers.

Romes runnerup accommodations

Top of Spanish Steps This is always a top choice and considered a steal, given all the pricey hotels in the neighborhood. Aside from a few boring rooms, many of the hotel's rooms feature antique furniture and low wood ceilings. Reserve early. See map p. 394. Piazza Trinita dei Monti 17. 06-679-3006or06-6994-0896. Fax 06-6994-0598.

Moments The Heurige of Grinzing

Although it's probably easiest to wander about and choose a Heuriger that suits your fancy, for a specific recommendation you might try the Altes Presshaus, Cobenzlgasse 15 (& 01 320 02 03), uphill from the tram stop. Built in 1527, it's the oldest Heuriger in Grinzing, with an interior filled with wood paneling and antique furniture and a pleasant garden terrace that blossoms throughout summer. Mayer am Pfarrplatz, Pfarrplatz 2 (& 01 370 33 61), has been owned by the Mayer family since 1683. The house remains unchanged since Beethoven lived here in the summer of 1817, when he is said to have worked on his Ninth Symphony here.

Shopping In Windward Oahu

Without holes.) With its abundance of free parking and a menu of homemade soups, artisan breads, and unique pastries, Agnes is a Kailua treasure. Alii Antiques of Kailua II Abandon all restraint, particularly if you have a weakness for vintage Hawaiiana. Koa lamps and rattan furniture from the 1930s and 1940s, hula nodders, rare 1940s koa tables, Roseville vases, Don Blanding dinnerware, and a breathtaking array of vintage etched-glass vases and trays are some of the items in this unforgettable shop. Across the street, the owner's wife runs Alii Antiques of Kailua, which is chockablock with jewelry, clothing, Bauer and Fiesta Ware, linens, Bakelite bracelets, and floor-to-ceiling collectibles. 9-A Maluniu Ave., Kailua. & 808 261-1705. BookEnds BookEnds is the quintessential neighborhood bookstore, run by a pro who buys good books and knows how to find the ones she doesn't have. There are more than 60,000 titles here, new and used, from Celtic Mandalas to C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of...

Sights Activities

Wat Khao Sukim (S daylight) doubles as a local meditation centre and is 16km north of Chanthaburi, off Rte 3322. The museum (donation appreciated (3 daylight) on the wat (temple) grounds contains valuable items donated to the temple, such as jade carvings, ceramics and antique furniture, as well as resin figures of some of Thailand's most revered monks.

York Taking A Step Back In History

It's worth the short walk out of town to the excellent Residency Museum, Brook Street (& 08 9641 1751), for its displays of everything from prayer books, children's toys, needlework, and old kitchenware to antique furniture, farm tools, and other memorabilia of life in York in days gone by. It's open Tuesday through Thursday and holidays from 1 to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm, and also Monday through Friday from 1 to 3pm in school vacations (times vary as the staff are volunteers closed Christmas and Good Friday). Admission is A 3 (US 1.95) for adults and A 1 (US65

Where To Stay Expensive

Jeanette's Bed & Breakfast If you've ever wanted to step back in time and live in the early 20th century, then you might want to stay at this unusual B&B a few miles from downtown. Innkeeper Jeanette West and her husband built this new old house a few years ago, and their attention to detail is astounding. There are vintage tubs and sinks, vintage heat grates, vintage light switches, and, of course, plenty of antique furniture. What you might not expect is that wardrobes, dressers, and trunks are filled with vintage clothing. The house was designed as a 1912 Victorian that has been updated to a less cluttered 1920s look. One bedroom has a fireplace, while another has a porch with a view of nearby Mount Elden. Mornings start with coffee in the parlor and then an elaborate Victorian breakfast.

What to look for and where to find it

From antiques to chic fashion and design, Barcelona Spain's finest shopping city has it all. Antiques The atmospheric streets Carrer de la Palla and Banys Nous in the Gothic Quarter are home to innumerable antiques dealers many of the shops are as interesting as their wares. Bulevar dels Antiquaris, Passeig de Gr cia 57 (Metro Passeig de Gr cia), is a storefront that hides a maze of at least 70 antiques dealers, but keep in mind that dealers sometimes randomly disappear for long breaks and not just at siesta time. L'Arca de L' via, Banys Nous 20 ( 93-302-15-98 Metro Jaume I), a friendly and inviting little shop that specializes in antique clothing and lace, is reportedly the shop where the costume designer for Titanic found the clothes on which that movie's costumes were based. On a recent trip, my wife and I found gorgeous antique lace mantillas and an embroidered 20-foot moderniste curtain from the 1920s.

Tanglin Shopping Centre

Map pp74-5 Art & Antiques Although dim and unappealing inside, this relic contains the best collection of antiques and art galleries in Singapore, including Antiques of the Orient (above) and several Middle Eastern and South Asian carpet shops. There's also the superb Select Books (opposite).

Holesovice Bubenec Dejvice

ANTIKVITA Map pp132-3 Antiques This antique shop is a collector's delight, crammed with cases and cabinets overflowing with vintage toys, model trains, dolls, coins, medals, jewellery, clocks, watches, militaria, postcards, porcelain figures, glassware and much, much more. If you have something to sell, Antikvita holds buying sessions on Wednesday and Thursday (from 10am to noon and 2pm to 5pm). Almost a suburb in itself, Prague's sprawling, slightly depressing city market includes a large open-air area selling fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, large covered halls housing supermarkets, electrical goods and car accessories, and dozens of stalls selling everything from cheap clothes to garden gnomes. In the eastern part of the market are several antiques warehouses, some of which look like they have emptied a baroque palace or two.

StGermaindes Prs and StSulpice th

This prime shopping district combines upscale galleries, old-fashioned boutiques, and popular mainstream shops. Antiques, art galleries, and chic home d cor shops are concentrated along the Quai Voltaire, Rue de Baune, Rue de Lille, Rue des Beaux Arts, Rue Jacob, Rue Bonaparte, Rue de Seine, and the Rue de Bac. Designer and trendy clothing stores can be found around the Place St-Germain-des-Pr s (Dior, Vuitton), Boulevard St-Germain, Rue du Four, Rue St-Sulpice, and Rue de S vres, Rue de Rennes (C line, Kenzo), and Rue des Saints P res (Paco Rabanne, Prada, Ferragamo, Sonyia Rykiel, Barbara Bui, Yoji's Y). Discount clothing shops are grouped around the Rue St-Placide, Rue du Cherche-Midi and the lower end of Rue de Rennes.

The Other Island In The Seine Ile Stlouis

As you walk across the little iron footbridge from the rear of Notre-Dame toward the Ile St-Louis, you'll enter a world of tree-shaded quays, restaurants, antiques shops, and stately town houses with courtyards. In contrast to its sister island, the Ile de la Cit the site of Lut ce, the first settlement in Paris Ile St-Louis is a relatively recent creation. The result of a contract between Louis XIII and the architect Christophe Marie in 1614, the island was developed when Marie was given 10 years to build mansions for the bourgeoisie. The land was then two islands known as l'Ile N tre Dame and the Pr s aux Vaches the cow meadow. Construction, which began with the creation of a bridge to link the two islets, was completed half a century later. The unity of the classical architecture gives the island the image of a cozy, aristocratic village, with a steep church spire emerging from the heart of it all. The illustrious quarter drew its name from the sumptuous feast King St-Louis threw...

Checking Out the Big Names

Gump's, in Union Square at 135 Post St., between Kearny Street and Grant Avenue ( 415-982-1616, is famous for its Asian antiques, silver, and china, as well as for longevity it's been in business since 1861. Anyone who receives a gift from Gump's will shower impressed thanks on the giver because of the name itself. It's open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

Tips Specialty Travel Websites

At InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide (, you can find tours in Italy (as well as other countries) centered around just about any and everything antiques, archaeology, art history, churches, cooking, gay life, nudism, religion, wineries, and much more. If this sounds expensive to you, don't worry while searching the site, you can even set your own price limit. Two other good resource sites for specialty tours and travels are the Specialty Travel Index ( and Shaw Guides (

Five Special Splurges

Visit Marathon, the gateway to Big Bend. Allow some time and or money for the little town of Marathon, whose antiques shops have cornered the market on Georgia O'Keeffe-type cow skulls, and where the vintage Gage Hotel from 1927 ( 800 884-GAGE, 800 884-4243 has been gentrified only to the extent it had to be (if you ignore the motel-like annex with pool next door). In early March the town hosts the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Marathon was named by a retired sea captain who said it reminded him of Marathon, Greece. (Funny, it doesn't remind us of Marathon, Greece.) Marathon Chamber of Commerce 482 386-4516 www.marathon

Southern Canal Belt

From sleek Dutch fashion and design to colourful bouquets and rare Dutch jenevers, the variety of goods on offer in the Southern Canal Belt is nothing short of staggering. The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat (aka the Spiegel Quarter) is celebrated for its antique stores, bric-a-brac collectibles, tribal and oriental art, and commercial art galleries. CITYBOEK Map pp100-1 Art & Antiques DECORATIVA Map ppl00-1 Art & Antiques s 32010 93 Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 9a An amazing jumble of European antiques, collectables and weird vintage gifts fills this large space. Look up and you'll even see paintings on the ceilings. Map pp100-1 Art & Antiques Map pp100-1 Art & Antiques JASKI Map pp100-1 Art & Antiques LI EVE HEMEL Map ppl00-1 Art & Antiques 623 00 60 Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 3 Map pp100-1 Art & Antiques Map pp100-1 Art & Antiques Antiques markets Nieuwmarkt (Map pp62-5 S 9am-5pmSun May-Sep) Amstelveld (Map ppl00-1 DeLooier antiques market (Map p86 624 90 38 Elandsgracht 109 S...

Nearby Dining Lodging

Motto del Gallo p Finds MEDITERRANEAN For a visual treat, visit this baroque house practically bursting with atmosphere. There's a collection of antiques and the tables are covered with lace. The restaurant is in a 15th-century hamlet that alone is worth the trip 13km (8 miles) from Lugano on the road to Bellinzona. The excellent menu features a selection of homemade pastas, including green tagliolini with scampi. Two types of risotto are offered, one of them cooked delectably in champagne. Fresh fish looms large on the menu, including a selection of fruits of the sea gratin e with zabaglione. Main meat dishes are likely to include a veal mignon, veal kidneys cooked with sherry, a mixed medley of meats, or perhaps alpine-style lamb roasted aromatically with fresh herbs. Instead of dessert, such as one of the cold souffl s, many diners prefer to end their meal with a regional cheese of the Ticino. The wine list includes some 500 wines from all over the world.

What You Can Take Home From China

An official seal must be attached to any item created between 1795 and 1949 that is taken out of China older items cannot be exported. But in fact you are highly unlikely to find any genuine antiques, so this is a moot point (and if the antiques dealer is genuine, then he'll know all about how to get the seal). There are no such prohibitions on exporting items from Hong Kong, which is where you can find reliable dealers with authentic pieces and a willingness to allow thermoluminescence testing to prove it.

From the UKs No operator of escorted holidays

(LU), Terrazza della Repubblica (Tel. +39 0584 962350) Fourth weekend antiques and objects. UMBRIA Perugia, Rocca Paolina (Tel. +39 075 5005110) Last weekend antiques and collectables - Pissignano di Campello (PG), Via Flaminia (Tel. +39 0743 521030) First Sunday collectables, crafts, objects, furniture - antique and modern - Terni, Via della Rinascita (Tel. +39 0744401486) Second weekend small antiques and collectables. - Todi (PG), Historic Centre (Tel. +39069044263) Second Sunday furniture antique and modern - Gubbio (PG), Logge del Cento Storico (Tel. +39 06 9067901) Third Sunday (except January and February) antiques, objects and crafts. VENETO Asolo (TV), Piazza del Mercato (Tel. +39 0423 529046) Second weekend furniture, antiques, fabrics, clocks and objects. - Padova, Prato della Valle (Tel. +39 049 8205856) Third Sunday objects, multi-ethnic - Treviso, Borgo Cavour (Tel. +39 0422 419195) Fourth Sunday (except July) furniture - antique and modern, books and objects - Verona,...

Going For The Long Haul

If you're a craftsman or collector of antiques, you could happily and perhaps profitably spend a season or two ensconced in the Appalachians, where people are friendly and prices are modest. There are crafts courses open to the public and countless antiques shops and rural flea markets. One of the biggest and most famous is the Hillsville Flea Market every Labor Day weekend with more than 2,000 vendors on hand. It's about 8 miles north of the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Mile 200, via old Route 52 or I-77.

Along the Baccalieu Trail

On a street of fine old homes is Keneally Manor. It was built in 1839 by two schooner captains and is a fine home for a bed and breakfast, furnished with period antiques. 8 Patrick St., Carbonear, NF A0A1T0, n 709 596-1221. ( ) Rothesay House is a 1919 Queen Anne-style home furnished in antiques. Each bedroom has a sitting area and some have fireplaces. Water St., Harbour Grace, NF A0A2M0, n 709 596-2268. ( )

BCBG bourgeois chic The e

Stylish young professionals with old family (called Bon Chic Bon Genre or BCBG) call this, one of the prettiest areas in Paris, home. Here you can shop with the BCBG amid bookstores, art and antiques galleries, high-end designer-clothing shops, decently priced shoe and accessories stores, and sophisticated and trendy boutiques. You won't go thirsty with famed literary hangouts such as Caf de Flore, Les Deux Magots, and Brasserie Lipp nearby, and you may not even go broke all price ranges are represented here.

Sleeping with History in Spains Paradores

Ever dreamed of sleeping in a medieval monastery In Spain, that fantasy can become reality. Many of the country's government-owned parador chain of hotels are historic properties housed in ancient castles, convents, and palaces. With thick stone walls and period antiques, you'll get a real taste of Spain's storied history. And although many paradores qualify as luxury digs, they're comparatively reasonably priced most are around 130 ( 156) a night, and they offer great deals for seniors and families. The best paradores covered in this book are the Parador Pr ncipe de Viana in Olite, near Pamplona (see Chapter 12) Parador de Toledo (see Chapter 14) Parador de Carmona in Carmona, near Seville (see Chapter 15) Parador Casa del Corregidor in Arcos de la Frontera (see Chapter 16) Parador de Ronda (see Chapter 16) and Parador Nacional San Francisco, the most sought-after of all the paradores, given its incredible location within the grounds of the legendary Alhambra (see Chapter 17). You...

Lower River Grand Lake

Steamers Stop Inn has the easy peaceful ambience of its days as a stop for upper class riverboat passengers. Today it's a welcoming, nicely run inn, with antiques, river views, and a dock for guests, with kayaks and canoes for exploring the river. The dining room ( ) serves old-fashioned dishes (like gingerbread) and stylish modern entr es, mainly seafood, by reservation only. Front St. (PO Box 155), Village of Gagetown, NB E0G 1V0, s 506 488-2903, fax 506 488-1116. ( )

Londons top hotels and BBs

This inn on chic, boutique-lined Sloane Street still gives you the feeling of living in one of the posh 19th-century homes that were linked together over a century ago to make a hotel. The antiques-stuffed rooms unfold above a series of genteel lounges and bars. Suites have much larger sitting rooms than do junior suites plus marble-finished baths and nonworking fireplaces but all the rooms are huge, quiet, and absolutely lovely. No. 118 is a smallish corner suite furnished with fin-de-si cle d cor, just as it was in 1895 when guest Oscar Wilde was arrested here for offenses against young men and carried off for two years of hard labor. Of all London's boutique inns, this one succeeds the best at creating a cozy private-home feel with discreet hotel comforts in a building from the 1800s. Victorian antiques and artwork abound, and the choicest room The Pelham is an oasis of tranquility in a busy road hub, mere steps from a Tube stop and blocks from the shopping of Brompton Road. Tom...

Information Bookshops

Libraria Noi (Map p66 s 311 0700 B-dul Nicolae Balcescu 18 S 9.30am-8.30pm Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm Sun) Best bookshop In Bucharest by a kilometre. It stocks the only decent range of English-language novels, has Lonely Planet guides, lots of maps, and a fab antiques section with old maps, sketches and photos of Bucharest's glory days.

Morrison Clark Historic Inn and Restaurant

History and attentive service are hallmarks of this charming hotel that waits for gentrification at the northeast edge of the Penn Quarter arts and entertainment district. The name comes from the families who lived in the two Victorian mansions that were combined to create the hotel. Built in 1864, the mansions now are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The rooms are individually decorated, some with period antiques. Antiques also are on display throughout the public areas. Some rooms that face L Street have porches and are particularly attractive. If you value peace and quiet, ask for a room on the inner courtyard. If you're here between 5 30 and 7 30 p.m. on a Thursday from spring into fall, step outside for the Big Easy on the Veranda free hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. Try the house specialty, the vodka-and-Cointreau-based Steel Magnolia. Discounts to 109 are sometimes available.

On The Left Bank Moderate

Brasserie de l'Hotel de Ville (fi (finds SWISS This is one of the most deliberately archaic-looking restaurants in Geneva, with a reputation that dates from 1764 and a clientele that prefers that absolutely nothing changes in either its old-fashioned decor or its choice of dishes. In spite of its look, it's rather hip and popular with the Genevois, as well as a growing number of arts-industry hipsters and affluent members of the bourgeoisie, who appreciate the place for its old-fashioned charm. Be aware that this place doesn't have a lot of patience with diners who aren't familiar with dining rituals as practiced in an upscale brasserie, and the staff can be brusque. Nonetheless, we continue to recommend it as we would a time capsule to another era. Within a dining room loaded with antique or semiantique kitsch, you'll be joined by antiques dealers and clients from the local antiques shops, as well as occasional celebrities who have recently included Kofi Annan, secretary general of...

Leisurely Southern Sojourn

Visit St. Francis Church and Santa Cruz Cathedral stop to gaze at the famous Chinese fishing nets. Drive to Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace) and Paradesi Synagogue before following your nose to the spice warehouses. Antiques lovers will be bowled over by Cochin's antiques warehouses full of real treasures. Take a sunset cruise around the harbor at dusk and end your day dining on a seafood platter at one of Cochin's wonderful restaurants.

Vladimirskaya Vosstaniya

LA RUSSE Map p92 Antiques Lots of rustic old whatnots and genuine antiques are piled into this quirky arty antique store. You might unearth anything from a battered old samovar to an intricately painted sleigh. Enquire about occasional excursions into the countryside, where most of these items are procured.

Pioneer Square the International District

The historic Pioneer Square area is Seattle's main nightlife district and can be a pretty rowdy place on a Saturday night. By day, however, the area's many art galleries and antiques stores attract a very different clientele. Still, even in the daylight, be prepared to encounter a lot of street people. Warnings aside, this is one of the prettiest corners of Seattle and the only downtown neighborhood with historic flavor. The International District lies but a few blocks away from Pioneer Square again, a good place to explore by day but less appealing at night. There is only one recommendable hotel in the area.

Western North Carolina Heritage Center

This is Asheville's museum of local history. Inside you'll find all sorts of exhibits, artifacts, furniture, antiques and bits and pieces that interpret the way of life in this area of North Carolina in general and Asheville in particular. The old brick house, built in 1840, is located on the campus ofAsheville-Buncome Technical Community College at 283 Victoria Road. It's open from 10 am until 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday from May until October, and 10 am until 2 pm, November through April. Admission is 5 for adults, 2.50 for children.

Mercure Beau Vau Vieux Port Old Port

This classic hotel, part of the Mercure chain, has undergone a renovation to restore some of its former grandeur. Most of the 73 rooms open onto port views, and some contain balconies. All have large windows that let in lots of light and air. The lobby is attractively decorated with antiques and oriental rugs.

Where To Stay In Amado

The Inn at Amado Territory Ranc* This modern inn just off I-19 in the crossroads of Amado is built in the territorial style, and captures the feel of an old Arizona ranch house. Guest rooms are outfitted in a mix of Mexican rustic furnishings and reproduction East Coast antiques, much in the style that homes would have been furnished in Arizona 100 years ago. Rooms on the second floor feature balconies with views across the farm fields of the Santa Cruz Valley, while those on the ground floor have patios. The Amado Caf is right next door.

Shopping for local treasures

One of the wealthiest towns in Spain, Girona has a surprising number of chic design, clothing, and home-furnishings shops sandwiched near El Call. The Rambla de la Llibertat, Carrer Argenteria, and Carrer Santa Clara (the latter across the Pont de Ferro from the Old Quarter) are the top shopping streets. One design store you shouldn't miss, if only for how coolly it's installed in a mansion in the Old Quarter, is Pabordia, Catedral 4 ( 972-20-17-04). An attractive antiques store is La Cononja Vella, at the end of Pla eta de L'Institut Vell, next to the Cathedral. A cool, tiny jewelry shop with original designs is Majoral, Carrer de la Forca 17. For some of the best chocolates this side of Belgium and funky

Offthewall Attractions

Bedrooms of America Museum and Pottery, New Market, Virginia. This period house is full of antiques, collectibles, and junk, and includes 11 bedrooms, each filled with vintage furniture and furbelows depicting a different specific period between 1650 and 1930. 2.50 adults, 1.50 seniors. Open daily 9am to 5pm, Sunday noon to 5pm. At the light on Congress Street (aka U.S. 11), 2 blocks from I-81, exit 264 in New Market ( 540 740-3512).

Exploring Hammondsport

Tiny Hammondsport fj , at the southern end of Keuka Lake, is a postcard-perfect small town built around a village square. There are antiques and gifts shops, an ice cream parlor, and a couple of restaurants and inns. If you'd like a bit of small-town life to complement your Finger Lakes experience, it makes a good base.

The Upper Hudson Valley After Dark

The nightlife is pretty quiet in the Upper Hudson Valley. When you tire from all the antiques shops and galleries in Hudson, pay a visit to the Hudson Opera House, housed in the Old City Hall, 27 Warren St. (& 518 822-1438 www. It hosts concerts, theater productions, workshops, lectures, and readings. Hudson is also home to a handful of cafes and bar restaurants. My favorite watering hole and restaurant on Warren Street is Red Dot, 321 Warren (& 518 828-3657).

Tips Service Charges

Killeen House (g Vai ue Here's a truly lovely, elegant place to stay just out of town. Catherine Doyle has always loved antiques, and in her handsome manor (ca. 1840) she has themed her guest rooms according to period Art Deco, Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, and Regency. Everything harmonizes very well, and there are no false notes just a lot of design fun and a sense of quiet luxury. The decor in the rest of the house is equally aesthetic, with lots of grand, look-at-me pieces of furniture and high-backed chairs in the sitting room. Overall, this gorgeous house offers better value than you'd normally find at this price. On N59,6km (4 miles) from Galway, Bushy Park, Galway, County Galway. & 091 524179. Fax 091 528065. 6 units. 140- 160 ( 169- 193) double. Rates include full breakfast. AE, MC, V. Free parking. Closed Christmas. Amenities Sitting room. In room TV.

Historical Society Of The Massapequas

The society hosts two annual antiques shows, in April and November a Strawberry Social & Craft Fair in June and a Fall Apple & Harvest Festival in October. They also open the Old Grace Church (dating from 1844) on Sundays, from May through September, from 2-4pm and other times by appointment.

Exploring The City Environs

Also take a look around Battery Point, an area chock-full of colonial stone cottages. The area gets its name from a battery of guns set up on the promontory in 1818 to defend the town against potential invaders (particularly the French). Today, there are plenty of tearooms, antiques shops, cozy restaurants, and atmospheric pubs interspersed between grand dwellings. One of the houses worth looking into is Narryna Van Diemen's Land Folk Museum, 103 Hampden Rd. ( 03 6234 2791), which depicts the life of upper-class pioneers. It's open Tuesday through Friday from 10 30am to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5pm (closed July). Admission is A 5 (US 3.25) for adults and A 2 (US 1.30) for children. Also in this area is the Maritime Museum of Tasmania, 16 Argyle St. ( 03 6234 1427), one of the best museums of its type in Australia. It's open daily from 10am to 5pm, and admission is A 7 (US 4.55) for adults, A 4 (US 2.60) for children 4 to 16, and A 16 (US 10.40) for a family.

Chedworth Roman villa

Cirencester is a local market town, which means that people come from miles around to do their shopping. A street market, one of the oldest in the country, is held on Monday and Friday in the central Market Place in front of the parish church. On Friday, you can shop in an antiques market in Corn Hall next to the Tourist Information Centre on Saturday, you can find a crafts market in the same space. If you're looking for antiques or local crafts, you can also try these shops Rankine Taylor Antiques, 34 Dollar St. ( 01285 652-529) This shop sells silver, 17th- to 19th-century glass, and furniture.

Poppy Hill Bed Breakfast

This restored country farmhouse, surrounded by large oak and pine trees, provides a delightful escape. The inn is decorated with a variety of antiques, most from the 1800s, but also holds new furnishings such as the 1925 Wurlitzer baby grand piano in the parlor. (You're welcome to tickle its ivories.) Each attractive room declares its name in its decor Mariposa lily, iris, and, of course, poppy. Rooms have queen-size beds (the Mariposa lily room also has a twin-size day bed), down comforters, bathrobes, and lots of personal touches. The Mariposa lily room has a tub shower combo the other two rooms have large showers.

The Marais StPaul th

The narrow streets of the Marais are packed with trendy clothing and accessories stores, art galleries and charming gift boutiques. It's one of the few neighborhoods where shops are open on Sundays. Almost any street in the area between Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Rue Roi de Sicile, Rue de Turenne and Rue du Temple is worth exploring, but the Rue des Rosiers remains the most popular, with its mix of kosher delis and designer boutiques (Issey Miyake, Bill Torrade, Annick Goutal). The St-Paul quarter is known for its antiques shops, concentrated around the Rue St-Paul and its antique village. There are also art galleries and unique shops along the Rue Fran ois Miron.

Other Verde Valley Attractions Activities

(& 928 567-2501), which specializes in reproduction leather holsters, gun belts, saddles, and the like. It also sells Western antiques and rents equipment to movie companies. Another place worth a look is White Hills Indian Arts, 567 S. Main St. (& 928 567-3490), housed in an 1883 stagecoach stop and specializing in Native American arts and crafts. Out on the edge of town, you'll find Camp Verde's top attraction Cliff Castle Casino, 555 Middle Verde Rd. (& 800 381-SLOT), at Exit 289 off I-17.

Ferry Excursions from Seattle

Among Seattle's most popular excursions are ferry trips across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island (Seattle's quintessential bedroom community) and Bremerton (home of the Naval Shipyards). If your interests run to shopping, small towns, wineries, parks, and gardens, you'll want to head over to Bainbridge Island. If, on the other hand, you're more interested in naval history and antiques and collectibles, you'll want to visit Bremerton. It's also possible to link these two excursions by taking one ferry out and the other ferry back. It's not a long drive between Bainbridge Island and Bremerton (less than 1 hr.), but if you stop often to enjoy the sights, you can certainly have a long day's journey.

Hyde Park To Chelsea

Gracious Chelsea and Kensington present London at its elegant best, though count on little to nothing in the midrange or budget categories. The theme of many top-end hotels in this part of London seems to be antiques - particularly the Victorian variety. Accommodation is more modest in Victoria and Pimlico, but you are near major tr ansport links. Victoria may not be the most attr active part of London, but you'll be very close to the action, and the budget hotels in this area are better value than those in Earl's Court. Pimlico is more residential though convenient for the Tate Britain at Millbank.

Antiquing Craft Hunting

The antique business is popular throughout the tri-state region. You'll find shops and stores on every street in every small town, and on almost every backcountry road. If antiquing means adventure to Like antiques, country crafts are a very big business. The old skills have been passed from generation to generation, and everything from handmade country furniture to tiny wooden, glass and fabric gifts is available at reasonable prices. Goodies can be bought anywhere and everywhere craft festivals, roadside stores, flea markets and even garage sales.

Queen Anne Bed Breakfast

This award-winning bed-and-breakfast, which occupies adjacent 19th-century Victorian homes laden with art and antiques, offers excellent service with a personal touch. Some rooms offer canopy beds, jet tubs, and TVs all the accommodations have air-conditioning. During ski season, the Queen Anne features a special Ski Train package ( 295 double) that includes two nights' lodging and one-day Ski Train tickets for two.

Chinese Craft Emporiums

Chinese Arts and Crafts Ltd In business for more than 30 years, this is the best upscale chain for Chinese arts and crafts and is one of the safest places to purchase jade. Prices are high, but so is the quality. You can also buy silk dresses and blouses, arts and crafts, antiques, jewelry, watches, carpets, cloisonn , furs, Chinese herbs and medicine, rosewood furniture, chinaware, Chinese teas, and embroidered tablecloths or pillowcases here in short, virtually all the upmarket items that China produces. It's a great place for gifts in all price ranges. The main shop, located in Star House, near the Star Ferry, is open daily from 10am to 9 30pm. Other branches include Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Central (& 852 2523 3933 MTR Admiralty), open daily from 10 30am to 7 30pm and in the China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Rd., Wan Chai (& 852 2827 6667 MTR Wan Chai), open daily from 10 30am to 7 30pm. 3 Salisbury Rd.,Tsim Sha Tsui. & 852 2735 4061. MTR Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Curry Mansion

Adjacent to the Curry Mansion, which was built in 1899 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Curry Mansion Inn features 28 rooms that are beautifully decorated in wicker and antiques, and feature private baths and telephones, wet bars, ceiling fans and cable TV. Room rates include a European breakfast buffet each morning, an afternoon cocktail party and on-site parking. Recre

Hotel Place St Michel

Recently renovated, this is a beautifully restored European-style hotel. No two rooms are quite alike all are decorated with antiques, and feature cable TV and business telephones. The Hotel Place St. Michel, built in 1926, evokes the atmosphere of the historic Mediterranean, and is included in the prestigious Zagat survey. Award-winning dining is of

Htel du Petit Palais SSS North of Center

Formerly the home of French actor writer Sacha Guitry, this Belle Epoque property boasts 25 rooms. The hotel is set high in a residential district, about a five-minute drive up from the center of town and within walking distance of the Chagall Museum. The interior retains its elegant details, including sculpted ceiling moldings and paneled walls. The commons rooms and guest rooms are furnished with antiques some units open onto terraces and distant sea views. An attractive garden is on the property.

Spending the night

How unexpected to find an affordable hotel in St-Paul. After all the day-trippers have left, you can wander the romantic streets in peace and make your way to this medieval house, located in the center of the village, for a candlelit dinner and quiet slumber. The rooms are on the small side, but they're unique, with arches, stone walls, paintings, and antiques. Each room has a view of the village or the valley below, and some have floor-to-ceiling windows. The restaurant, with a terrace and noted for its quick, simple food, offers reasonably priced Proven al cuisine. This former farmhouse, built in the 1700s, about a kilometer (half-mile) north from St-Paul, is a pleasant place to stay, with views of the village. The rooms are attractive some have tiled floors and beamed ceilings, and all contain antiques. The large garden has jasmine, honeysuckle, and a greenhouse-inspired orangerie. The hotel also has a large pool with a Jacuzzi. Breakfast, in your room or on the terrace, includes...

Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolo Frascati

Housed in Villa La Rufinella, one of the famous villas built on Mount Tuscolo between the 16th and 17 th centuries, this gorgeous hotel is surrounded by a great park with a swimming pool. It offers professional and friendly service. Guest rooms are spacious and bright, with splendid views over the countryside, and are furnished with simple elegance a few antiques, wooden floors, and plaster walls and moldings. Bathrooms are good-size and modern. The hotel also offers a shuttle to the center of Frascati, and a restaurant with panoramic views over Rome. Via del Tuscolo at Km 1.5. 06-942900. Fax 06-9424747. www.villatusco Rack rates 180 ( 230) double. Rates include buffet breakfast. AE, DC, MC, V.

Hotel Ristorante Adriano Villa Adriana

Countryside elegance describes this tree-surrounded villa housing this hotel located by the entrance of Villa Adriana. The few guest rooms are very nicely appointed, with some antiques. Bathrooms are good-size and modern. Suite 14, with a splendid view over Hadrian's Villa, was where the writer Marguerite Yourcenar stayed for a while, perhaps getting ideas for her famous novel Memoirs of Hadrian. The restaurant is excellent (see review above).

In Santa Croce Moderate

Hotel San Cassiano Ca'Favretto Call this place a moderate splurge choice, which gets two stars for its location and views. About half the rooms here look across the Grand Canal to the gorgeous Ca d'Oro (accounting for the highest rates listed below), and tend to be larger than the others, most of which open onto a side canal. Built into a 16th-century palace, the hotel is steeped in dusty old-world elegance, with Murano chandeliers (but no elevator). The rooms are outfitted in modest, dark-wood 1970s-style faux antiques. The breakfast room is done in 18th-century-style pastels and stuccoes get down to breakfast early to snag one of the two tiny tables on the wide balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. There's also a wood-beamed bar and TV lounge with a canal-view window and a few small tables on the private boat launch where you can sip an aper-ativo in the evening, gaze at the Ca d'Oro, and just generally make other tourists on the passing vaporetti intensely jealous because they're...

Holland Road Bukit Timah

These largely residential suburbs are speckled with the kind of shops that appeal to affluent residents antiques, gourmet foods, chic home-wares, furniture and decor, 'wellness' centres, ethnic curios and the like. The New Age heart of the area is the Holland Road Shopping Centre, an ageing mall packed with everything the Asiaphile shopper could desire.

The Upper Hudson Valley

The great estates continue in the Upper Hudson Valley, one of the most pastoral segments of the region. The simple beauty of the landscape was a perfect complement to the Shakers, who established one of their largest communities in the area east of the Hudson, near Chatham. Today there's an excellent museum and library dedicated to the Shaker legacy. The Upper Hudson is perhaps best known for the town of Hudson, which has exploded as an art and antiques center. The east side of the Hudson, including the towns of Catskill and Saugerties, is covered in chapter 8.

Hotel Pensione Pendini

For more than 100 years, this classic Italian pensione has been a favorite of travelers. The devoted regulars appreciate the mix of antiques and modern conveniences in the usually spacious rooms. The hotel rises above the storefronts and cafes of Piazza della Repubblica, is near the major sights, and is right in the middle of Florence's best shopping area.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

A good stopover in lower Alentejo as you're heading south to the Algarve is the little beach town of Vila Nova de Milfontes. At the wide mouth of the Mira River, the sleepy resort is attracting more visitors because of the soft white-sand beaches that line both sides of the river. There are no other attractions and nothing to do here but relax, or perhaps search for antiques.

Old Grist Mill Historical Museum

The mill, located in a park with a playground and band shell, was established in 1688. It was used to mill rye, wheat and corn for peninsula farmers and to saw logs for shipyards, helping to make East Rockaway an active port. The museum houses several rooms of authentic South Shore antiques it is handicapped-accessible. Open weekends, June to Labor Day, 1-5pm. Take the Southern State to Malverne, Exit 17. Go south on Ocean Avenue cross the railroad tracks in East Rock-away and turn right onto Centre Avenue, then left onto Atlantic Avenue. The grist mill is about two blocks on the left.

Via Cesare Beccaria mFlaminio

06 3612 154 Via di Ripetta 19 mFlaminio Step inside, under the faded gilt and mirrored sign, and feel like you've gone back in time. Once a coach house, then a tavern, in the 1960s this building became Buccone, furnished with 19th-century antiques and lined with around 1000 Italian wines as well as a good selection of international tipples. You can eat here too.

Near San Lorenzo The Mercato Centrale Moderate

Hotel Bellettini fjf Value A hotel has existed in this Renaissance palazzo since the 1600s. Gina and Marzia, sisters and third-generation hoteliers, run this gem of terra-cotta tiles, wrought-iron or carved wood beds, antiques, and stained-glass windows. Room 44 offers a tiny balcony that, blooming with jasmine and geraniums by late spring, makes it second best only to room 45 with its view of the Medici chapels and the Duomo's dome. In 2000, they added a lovely six-room annex with frescoes, marble bathrooms, minibars, and coffeemakers (those are the double rooms that cost 160 184). The hotel shares management with the 26-room Le Vigne, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 24 (& 055-294-449 fax 055-230-2263), which absorbs some of the overflow into large but simple renovated rooms. The rates are slightly lower than at the Bellettini, and duplex 119 is great for families. Breakfast is an impressive spread.

Near San Marco Santissima Annunziata

Hotel Regency AMU The Regency, converted from two 19th-century mansions, is set on a wooded piazza at the edge of town that looks remarkably like a giant London residential square. The posh old England feel continues into the salon and bar lounge, furnished with worn antiques and darkly patterned carpets and wall fabrics. This decoration scheme dominates in the comfortable rooms as well, with a liberal use of mirrored wall panels in the smaller rooms (though none are tiny by any stretch). The marble-clad bathrooms feature heated towel racks, and the discreet service includes fresh fruit and candies left in your room and a complimentary Herald Tribune each morning. Piazza Massimo d'Azeglio 3, 50121 Firenze. & 055-245-247. Fax 055-234-6735. 35 units. 297 -363 ( 342- 417) comfort double, 330 -440 ( 380- 506) superior double, 385 -484 ( 443- 557) deluxe double 473 -605 ( 544- 696) jr. suite, 671 -880 ( 772- 1,012) suite. Rates include breakfast. AE, DC, MC, V. Valet...

Exploring the Fortress of Finland

It houses an extensive collection of foreign paintings from the 14th to the 19th centuries and has a stunning collection of foreign miniatures. The collection originated from the wealthy Sinebrychoff dynasty, a family of Russians who owned a local brewery and occupied this yellow and white neo-Renaissance mansion. They were great collectors of antiques, their taste leaning toward the opulent in furnishings. Their art collection was wide ranging, especially noted for its Dutch and Swedish portraits from the 17th and 18th centuries. There is also a stunning collection of porcelain. Outdoor concerts in summer are often staged in the formerly private park surrounding the estate.

Prospect Historical Hotel and Motel

This hotel, in the tiny community of Prospect, 34 miles from Crater Lake's Rim Village, combines vintage and modern style. The old (1889) hotel is a big white building with a wraparound porch on which sit several bent-willow couches. The small rooms are furnished with antiques and have a country flair that gives them a bit of charm. The modern motel rooms have TVs, telephones, refrigerators, and microwaves, and some also have kitchenettes. All units are nonsmoking.

EG s Garden Grill Country

Located in downtown Grand Lake on the third floor of a 1910 building, this bed-and-breakfast is a good choice for those seeking a bit more personal attention than the area's standard motels and larger lodges can offer. The spacious, well-appointed rooms are individually decorated and have some antiques. Each has a gas fireplace, one queen- or king-size bed, a dataport, and a TV VCR combo. Two also have whirlpool tubs. For a room with a view, you can't do much better than this Two units overlook the lake, and the third faces the national park. Room service for lunch

Manitou Lodge Bed Breakfast

This secluded B&B on 10 forested acres is only minutes from some of the most beautiful and remote beaches in the Northwest. The rooms are decorated in an eclectic style that combines handmade furniture, quilts, and other crafts with antiques. All units have microwaves and Wi-Fi. The largest guest room, Sacagawea, has a wood-burning fireplace, king bed, handmade tables, and an old oak freezer chest as a dresser. There are five rooms in the main lodge, two more in a separate cabin, and a small, summer-only cabin that has a portable toilet outdoors but no shower. Guests tend to gravitate to the comfortable living room, where a huge stone fireplace is the center of attention.

And whats on when youre here

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At Home In A Cosmopolitan City

The very special 4-star ART Hotel Rotterdam is accommodated in the unique 'Queen of the South' building. The hotel has 104 apartments, all beautifully furnished with art and antiques and with all modern comforts including TV, DVD, HIFI set, ADSL, trouser press, safe, fully-equipped kitchenette and a modern bathroom with hairdryer. Ideal for the most discerning guests, for a short, but certainly also a long stay. Restaurant THUIS is the place to be for an extensive breakfast, excellent dinner and pleasant drink

The Windward Coast

From the Pali Highway, to the right is Kailua, Hawaii's biggest beach town, with more than 50,000 residents and two special beaches, Kailua and Lanikai, begging for visitors. Funky little Kailua is lined with million-dollar houses next to tarpaper shacks, antiques shops, and bed-and-breakfasts. Although the Pali Highway (Hwy. 61) proceeds directly to the coast, it undergoes two name changes, becoming first Kalanianaole Highway from the intersection of Kamehameha Highway (Hwy. 83) and then Kailua Road as it heads into Kailua town but the road remains Highway 61 the whole way. Kailua Road ends at the T intersection at Kalaheo Drive, which follows the coast in a northerly and southerly direction. Turn right on South Kalaheo Drive to get to Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai Beach. No signs point the way, but you can't miss them.