Algerian Operators

Akar Akar (§§ 029 344638; in French; Tamanrasset) Long-established Tamanrasset agency with tours around the Hoggar.

Club d'Aventure Africaine ( @ 021 697922; in French; 7 rue des Frères Oughlls, Algiers) Allows you to organise everything from Algiers. Essendilène Voyages ( @ 029 475295;; Djanet) Has strong local contacts and Is especially good if you're planning to cross Into Niger, but also offers tours that Include yoga, art therapy and family-friendly activities.

Hoggar Soleil (§§ 029 346972; in French; Tamanrasset) Four-to 14-day treks through the Hoggarand Tassili N'Ajjer.

Immidir Voyages ( @ 029 344468;;Tamanrasset) Offers 4WD treks and tours around the Immidir region.

Mer de Sable ( §§ 049 902595;; rue Abd el-Kader Ziadi, Timi-moun) Trips in camel caravans and by 4WD Into the Grand Erg Occidental. M'Zab Tours (§§ 029 880002;; avedu 1er Novembre, Ghardaia) Tailored tours around the M'Zab and the Grand Ergs.

Tarakeft Voyages ( @ 029 342007;; Tamanrasset) Runs 4WD and trekking tours in the Hoggarand Mali.

Timbeur Voyages ( @ 029 475270;; Djanet) Short trips around Djanet and into the Tassili N'Ajjer.

Timtar Expeditions ( @ 029 346038;; Djanet) Creative camel treks and 4WD expeditions.

Walene Voyages ( §§ 029 344229; in French; Tamanrasset) Range of tours including camel treks to Assekrem.

Zeriba Voyages ( @ 061 382853/346924; in French; Djanet) Tassili N'Ajjer treks and the Djanet-Tamanrasset route.

100 Bowling Tips

100 Bowling Tips

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