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This powerful guide walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to free yourself from your alcohol addiction without going through AA meetings or expensive sessions. There are three main types of relaxation techniques you can practice when you feel upset and stressed. If you practice regularly, they will become part of your lifestyle and you may find yourself habitually more relaxed as a result. Part 2 will exercise Neuro Linguistic Programming to release thoughts and a technique of progressive muscle relaxation also negative situations. Because of the mind body connection, exercises to relax the body will also flow through the mind. Much of the stress we feel is because of our resistance to certain feelings or emotions. Alcohol Free Forever is a lifesaver ebook. This guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails make it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. Read more here...

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I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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How To Give Up Alcohol

This new ebook is called How to Give Up Alcohol and it shows you how to control or even Quit drinking. and it gives you the action steps you can use right now. Now you can stop dealing with headaches, nausea and the painful embarrassment that comes from excessive drinking. Not only that, but you can also stop the potentially irreversible health damage to your liver and brain caused by heavy drinking. Best of all, you can do all of this in the privacy of your own home, without the need to go to AA or to spend thousands on counseling! In fact, you can learn this stuff in just one day. and it will help you improve your life almost immediately. Your relationships will improve, your health will improve, your career will improve, and your finances will improve because you're no longer spending so much money on booze. Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn. Discover the Most Critical thing you Have to do if you want to stop drinking and take control of your life. Ignore this one thing and you'll be a slave Read more here...

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Alcoholism is a real problem but is far worse in the cities than in the countryside. Drunks are more annoying than dangerous, except when they are driving your vehicle. Drivers who work for tour companies have been disciplined to hold their alcohol on trips, but hitchhikers may encounter drunk drivers.

Fast Facts The Czech Republic

Liquor Laws There's no law against teenagers drinking alcohol, but it can only be sold to those who are over 18. Any adult selling liquor to younger person can be prosecuted. Pubs and clubs can stay open 24 hours. Mail Post offices are plentiful and are normally open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Mailboxes are orange and are usually attached to the sides of buildings. If you're sending mail overseas, make sure it's marked Par Avion so it doesn't go by surface. If you mail your letters at a post office, the clerk will add this stamp for you. Postcards to the U.S. cost 14Kc (60 30p), to any E.U. country 9Kc (40tf 20p). Mail can take up to 10 days to reach its destination. Police Dial the European Emergency Number & 112 from any phone in an emergency. For Czech police dial & 158.

Drinking Etiquette In Russia Mongolia

Mongolians are not quite so pushy when it comes to drinking alcohol, but it's worth noting at least one local vodka drinking tradition. Before the first sip, honour the sky gods and the four directions by dipping your left ring finger into the glass and flicking drops into the air four times as well as touching the finger to your forehead.

Life Death The Family

Mexico is the home of machismo, that exaggeration of masculinity whose manifestations range from a certain way of trimming a moustache to aggressive driving, heavy drinking or the carrying of weapons. The other side of the machismo coin is the exaggeratedly feminine female. But gender equalization has come a long way today you'll find most Mexicans, especially among the increasingly educated and worldly younger generations, ready to relate simply as one person to another.

God Preserve Thy People

Russia's most legendary letch and holy man was Grigory Rasputin, mystic and healer. He was born in 1869 into poverty in a small village east of the Urals. After a dissolute boyhood and a short-lived marriage, he discovered religion. Rasputin preached (and practiced) that the way to divine grace was through sin and redemption binge drinking and engaging in sexual orgies, and then praying for forgiveness. St Petersburg's high society was receptive to Rasputin's teachings. Despite his heavy drinking and sexual scandals - or perhaps because of them - he earned the adoration of an army of aristocratic ladies. More notable, Rasputin endeared himself to Emperor Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra. The healer had the powertoease the pain oftheirson Alexey, who suffered from haemophilia.

East Of The Danube Canal

Located on the wrong side of the tracks (Praterstern can be uncomfortable at times) and looking for all the world like a pre-fab schoolroom, Flue is the closest Vienna's nightlife scene comes to anarchy - without the fear of physical violence. Black-clad students, smashed alcoholics, 30-something freelancers and the occasional TV celebrity all share the stripped-back venue without any hassle, and DJs or live acts play every night (electr nica features heavily).

Threats To Indigenous Culture

Alcohol abuse is a huge problem in the far north, and it's readily apparent in most communities at weekends and after payday. The long months of winter darkness, a sense of hopelessness from being caught between cultures, and genetic intolerance due to low supplies of the amino acid that breaks down alcohol have all been blamed. Unfortunately, children are often the biggest victims, and child mortality and foetal alcohol syndrome rates are alarmingly high. Violence and domestic abuse influenced by alcohol cause enormous family problems, and for many young people binge-drinking at weekends becomes a way to deal with it all. Sadly, falling asleep in a snowdrift on the way home can mean the loss of limbs, and careering around town on a snowmobile when drunk can often prove to be fatal. Most communities have some form of alcohol treatment programme and support groups for reformed drinkers. However, in remote communities it can be difficult to resist temptation. populations has meant a...

Acting For Change Anna Stone

The play, called Another Way, looks at how various pressures, such as unemployment, poverty, class conflicts and patriarchal attitudes, can have tragic consequences, Including depression, alcohol abuse, violence and even suicide. As a conservative country, many topics such as sexuality, reproductive health and violence against women are often too difficult to discuss openly. One very popular and successful method used to work around this difficulty Is to use theatre as a form of communication. Performances can be carried out anywhere and are often outdoors, with limited or sometimes no props, and audience members are encouraged to participate. Shows often end In lively discussions with traditional attitudes and beliefs being challenged. It Is these discussions that make It possible for positive changes to the lives of Fijian women, particularly young women, to begin to take place.

Mindless Necrophagy or Road to Salvation

Of all the sadhus (ascetics) and holy men you will see in Varanasi, perhaps the hardest to understand without brutal judgment are the Aghori sects and their bizarre rituals. You may spot the occasional aghori at a smashan ghat (cremation ground) in Varanasi, usually with matted hair and no clothing, or just covered in white ash, or at most wearing a funeral shroud. The skull he carries is his cranial eating and drinking bowl. Aghoris roam the cremation grounds, where they may smear themselves with the ash from the pyres and or meditate sitting atop a corpse. It is alleged that as a once-in-a-lifetime act they sometimes also eat a piece of a corpse's flesh. While their rituals are extremely radical and even abhorrent to most, it's interesting to understand what underlies this bizarre behavior. Aghoris believe that acting contrary to the accepted norms and taboos of Brahmin ritual and belief is the necessary path to enlightenment. As a result, they eat meat, drink alcohol, and smoke...

Tips Dealing with Seasickness

If you suffer from seasickness, plan on packing some Bonine or Dramamine in case your ship encounters rough seas. Keep in mind that with both these medications it is recommended you not drink alcohol Dramamine in particular can make you drowsy. Both can be bought over the counter, and ships also stock supplies onboard, available at either the purser's office or the medical center (in both cases it's usually free).

The Athapaskans Today

However, cultural survival has been made possible through land claims and degrees of self-determination. Some bands have fared particularly well and invested wisely, while others find themselves embroiled in difficulties. However, even successful communities are racked by social problems - as in other Arctic villages, alcoholism, domestic and sexual abuse, suicide, and low educational standards mean that tribal leaders face an enormous set of challenges in the future.

Dangers Annoyances

Though ganja is smoked in plain view in Negril, undercover police agents are present and rarely a week goes by without one or more visitors being arrested. Tourists have been reported as suffering harmful side effects from ganja, especially from ganja cakes. This is also true of hallucinogenic wild mushrooms. Apparently drinking alcohol while on mushrooms can induce a 'bad trip' - and the same term may end up describing your vacation.

Inside The Gurtel Wieden

Once the haunt of down-and-outs and alcoholics, this former Gasthaus (guesthouse) received a complete make-over and reinvented itself as Orange One, a modern bar with a distinct retro feel and grown-up attitude. DJs play most nights and off-beat films are intermittently projected on the back wall. If smoke is a problem, it's best not to spend too much time here on winter nights.

Appendix A Fast Facts Toll Free Numbers Websites

It is not sold in supermarkets or other public places. Technically, drinking or possession of alcohol without a Ministry of Interior liquor permit is illegal except for guests of the hotel. Liquor licenses are issued only to nonMuslim persons who possess UAE residency permits. Drinking alcohol in public is illegal, and there is zero tolerance for drinking and driving doing so will result in jail and stiff fines.

Recommended Vaccinations

Hepatitis A is spread through contaminated food (particularly shellfish) and water. It causes jaundice and, although it is rarely fatal, it can cause prolonged lethargy and delayed recovery. If you've had hepatitis A, you shouldn't drink alcohol for up to six months afterwards, but once you've recovered, there won't be any long-term problems. The first symptoms include dark urine and a yellow colour to the whites of the eyes. Sometimes a fever and abdominal pain might be present. Hepatitis A vaccine (Avaxim, VAQTA, Ha-vrix) is given as an injection a single dose will give protection for up to a year, and a booster after a year gives 10-year protection. Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines can also be given as a single dose vaccine, hepatyrix or viatim.

Hot Tubbin With Europes Last Ottomans

A curious relic of the borderless Ottoman centuries, the Pomaks spill across the frontier created by the Rhodopi Mountains between Greece and Bulgaria. In Greece, they are fluent in all three languages - Bulgarian, Turkish and Greek-the bewilderment being compounded by the fact that different people will give you different answers regarding their true ethnic identity, sometimes in the same sentence. The one cohesive element, therefore, is religion however, despite being Muslims, some Pomaks drink alcohol. Indeed, there's something beguilingly multicultural and Ottoman in the Pomaks' fluid, interchangeable constellation of identities.

Interview With Thomas Mapfumo

He remained prolific until Zimbabwean independence in 1980, releasing album after socially aware album and influencing other home-grown stars such as Oliver 'Tuku' Mtukudzi. With over 30 years of touring to his credit, his Blacks Unlimited pungwes - dance marathons featuring songs decrying AIDS, alcoholism and domestic violence - are the stuff of legend. He was unofficially bestowed with Zimbabwe's national symbol, the lion, as an alias, and exile has only increased his ire.

Sikkim Sips

In much of India, drinking alcohol seems a slightly shameful activity, boozers often huddle in half-dark bars as though embarrassed to be seen. Not so in Sikkim. Here every second caf serves beer (Hit and Dansberg are local brews) and the state is famous for its liquors. But although quality is pretty good, telling between Sikkimese rum, whisky and brandy isn't always easy on a blind tasting. Locals tend to slurp 'pegs' (60ml measures) at a prodigious speed. As a result it's not uncommon to see unconscious figures sprawled face down on the streets, left snoring where they fell.

Avoiding Offence

Islamic law forbids drinking alcohol and, although booze is widely available on Lombok, public drunkenness is quite definitely frowned upon. It's particularly offensive to drink alcohol near a mosque. Ramadan is a time to be particularly sensitive about local cultural sensibilities - most locals fast duringdaylighthoursduringthis month, and there are no parties on Gili Trawangan.

The Samoan Psyche

If you visit on a Sunday to go to church, it's best for men to wear long trousers and a shirt, while women should be well covered. Sunday is a day of rest and quiet, so doing any kind of work, swimming, drinking alcohol and even playing cards is forbidden in many villages. Public displays of affection between couples are taboo.


Some 15km west of Tigua, the tiny village of Zumbahua is surrounded by green patchwork peaks that seem to jut up from nowhere, a spectacular setting that makes for great hiking. Locals will point you to trails that lead to the mountaintops. The village has a wonderfully unspoiled Saturday market that draws indigenous people from the mountains, often hauling their goods with llamas. On Friday nights, Zumbahua is hoppin' - traditional Andean music, dancing and heavy drinking carry on so late the action sometimes spills over to market day. It's not a tourist event.

Alcoholic Drinks

Despite their Muslim heritage, most Central Asians drink. If you don't enjoy hard booze and heavy drinking, make your excuses early. Like the Russians who introduced them to vodka, Central Asians take their toasts seriously and a foreign male guest may be expected to offer the first toast.

Matakana Around

Matakana suffers from reverse alcoholism -the more wine gets poured into it, the more genteel it becomes. A few years ago it was a nondescript rural village with a handful of heritage buildings and an old-fashioned country pub. Now the locals watch bemused as Auckland's chattering classes idle away the hours in stylish wine bars and caf s. The most striking symbol of the transition is the fantastical Matakana Cinemas (X 09-422 9833 2 Matakana Valley Rd adult child 10 8 h 10am-8.30pm) complex, its domed roof reminiscent of an Ottoman bathhouse. The humble Farmers Market (h 8am-1pm Sat) is held in its shadow - or should that be Farmers Upmarket


Many are familiar with Angela's Ashes (Simon & Schuster, 1996), Frank McCourt's award-winning childhood memoir of growing up in Limerick in the 1940s and 1950s. It's a poignant, heartbreaking, but often hilarious account of a family's struggle through alcoholism and poverty in Ireland, and one that will resonate with you long after you put it down. It was, however, received with mixed reaction by the citizens of Limerick because it portrayed their hometown in a very unfavorable light. Rest assured that the Limerick of today is a far more prosperous, hospitable place.

Social Realism

Italy has always been its own sharpest critic, and several 20th-century Italian authors captured their own troubling circumstances with unflinching accuracy. Grazia Deledda's Cosima is her fictionalised memoir of coming of age and into her own as a writer in rural Sardinia, despite family circumstances clouded by death, alcoholism and deceit. Deledda became one of the first women to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, and set the tone for such bittersweet recollections of rural life as Carlo Levi's Cristo si e fermato a Eboli (Christ Stopped at Eboli). This book tells Levi's own story as a dissident doctor exiled under the Fascists to a malaria-afflicted southern Italian town (see p715) beyond the reach of medicine, missionaries, politicians, left only with army recruiters, tax collectors, and forlorn hope. Another clear-eyed allegory for life under Fascism is Alberto Moravia's La romana (The Woman of Rome), the story of an artist's model at the centre of intrigue among a failed...

Women Travellers

Although sexual harassment on the streets is rare, it is common in the workplace, in the home and in personal relations. Discrimination and domestic violence are hard facts of life for many Russian women. Some estimate that as many as 12,000 to 16,000 women throughout Russia die at the hands of their partners every year. Alcoholism and unemployment are related problems.

Food Drink

Nonalcoholic drinks include soft drinks, fruit juice and milk shakes. Tap water is now safe to drink though most people prefer to stick to bottled water (see box p82). Alcohol is widely available, but high tariffs help discourage a growing problem with alcoholism a pint of beer costs upwards of BD 1.600 and spirits start at BD1.500 a shot.

Popular Music

Of all the Irish acts that followed in U2's wake during the 1980s and early 1990s, a few managed to comfortably avoid being tarred with 'the next U2' burden. London-based Irish rabble-rousers The Pogues played a compelling blend of punk and Irish folk, made all the better by the singular figure of Shane McGowan, whose empathetic and lucid song-writing talent was eventually overshadowed by his chronic alcoholism. Still, McGowan is credited with writing Ireland's favourite song, A Fairytale of New York, sung with emotional fervour by everyone around Christmas. Sinead O'Connor thrived


Brendan Behan (1923-64) was another immensely talented Dublin playwright whose creative fire was quenched much too early. A die-hard republican, he shot to prominence with his autobiographical accounts of his time in prison in Dublin and England, in the play The Quare Fellow (1954) and the tale Borstal Boy (1958). His masterpiece was The Hostage (1958), a dev-astatingly satirical play about an English soldier being ransomed by the IRA. He struggled to cope with the fame his talent brought, and his alcoholism - and the image of celebrity hell-raiser that he tried to live up to - delivered his early demise.

Industrial Accidents

Today the long-term effects of the disaster are still being felt and assessed. The most obvious impact has been an upsurge of thyroid cancer in children, with nearly 2000 cases reported. Studies suggest that of the 600,000 'liquidators' brought in to clean up the site, more than 4000 have died from exposure and 170,000 suffer from terminal diseases. In addition, some 35,000 sq km of forest have been contaminated, and the meat, milk, vegetables and fruit produced there have higher than normal levels of radioactivity. Silt carried down the Dnipro is radioactive, although the extent is still not fully known. Birth defects, suicides, deaths from heart disease and alcoholism are also unusually high in the region. It's estimated that by 2015 the disaster will have cost the economy 200 billion, although, of course, all the figures surrounding the disaster and its toll are disputed.


Of the dozens of 20th century Irish authors to have achieved published renown, some names to look out for include playwright and novelist Brendan Behan (1923-64), who weaved tragedy, wit and a turbulent life into his best work, including Borstal Boy, The Quare Fellow and The Hostage. Inevitably, Behan died young of alcoholism.

Getting The News

Unless you're particularly prone to seasickness, you probably don't need to worry much if you're on a big ship (small ships can be bumpier). But if you are, there are medications that can help, including Dramamine, Bonine, and Marezine (although it's recommended that if you use these medications you not drink alcohol and they can make you drowsy). All can be bought over the counter, and most ships have supplies available on board the purser's office may even give them out free. Another option is the Transderm patch for seasickness, available by prescription only, which goes behind your ear and time-releases medication. The patch can be worn for up to 3 days, but comes with a slew of side effect warnings. Some people have also had success in curbing seasickness by using ginger capsules available at health-food stores, and with the acupressure wristbands available at most pharmacies.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is spread through contaminated food (particularly shellfish) and water. It causes jaundice and, although it is rarely fatal, it can cause prolonged lethargy and delayed recovery. If you've had hepatitis A, you shouldn't drink alcohol for up to six months afterwards, but once you've recovered, there won't be any long-term problems. The first symptoms include dark urine and a yellow colour to the whites of the eyes. Sometimes a fever and abdominal pain might be present. Hepatitis A vaccine (avaxim, VAQTA, havrix) is given as an injection a single dose will give protection for up to a year, and a booster after a year gives 10-year protection. Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines can also be given as a single dose vaccine, hepatyrix or viatim.

Infectious Diseases

Hepatitis A is spread through contaminated food (particularly shellfish) and water. It causes jaundice and, although it is rarely fatal, it can cause prolonged lethargy and delayed recovery. If you've had hepatitis A, you shouldn't drink alcohol for up to six months afterwards, but once you've recovered, there won't be any long-term problems. The first symptoms include dark urine and a yellow colour to the whites of the eyes. Sometimes a fever and abdominal pain are present. Hepatitis A vaccine (Avaxim, VAQTA, Havrix) is given as an injection a single dose will give protection for up to a year, and a booster after a year gives 10-year protection. Hepatitis A

The Culture

It's not all roses in what appears to be such a warm, fuzzy family framework. Domestic violence and incest are prevalent. This is closely connected with high rates of alcoholism. The government has launched numerous programmes addressing these issues but little progress has been made.


Fermented raa is of course the closest most Maldivians ever get to alcohol the Maldives is strictly dry outside of resorts (and Maldivian staff cannot drink alcohol even there). Despite this, nonalcoholic beer is very popular in Male'. Soft drinks, including the world's only Coca-Cola made from salt water anywhere in the world, are available in Male' and in villages, at prices much lower than in resorts. The range of drinks is very limited. Teashops will always serve bor feng (drinking water), and of course sai (tea). Unless you ask otherwise, tea comes black, with hakuru (sugar). Kiru (milk) isn't a common drink, and is usually made up from powder.

Tongan Funerals

Substance abuse is a big problem in Tongan households. Kara is heavily used by most men, and alcoholism is increasingly widespread. Alcohol consumption is a major contributing factor to domestic violence in Tonga, which is rife but largely unreported. Use of substances like marijuana is not unheard of, but harder drugs are rarely encountered.

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