Okavango River Lodge (§§ 686 3707;[email protected]; Matlapaneng; camping per person US$3, s/d chalet US$35/40; (P)) This down-to-earth spot has a lovely setting on the riverbank, and it's often quiet because it's not as popular as Audi Camp.

Sitatunga Camp ((§) 686 4539; groundhogsjahot; delta [email protected]; camping per person US$4; (P) ®) This camp enjoys a nice bush setting 14km south of Maun and boasts a serious party atmosphere.

Maun Rest Camp (§§ 686 3472; [email protected]; Shorobe Rd, Matlapaneng; camping per person US$4, basic pre-erected tents per person US$6, linen per person extra US$7; (P)) This no-frills rest camp is spotless, and boasts what justifiability may be 'the cleanest ablution blocks in Maun'.

Audi Camp (§ 686 0599;; Matlapaneng; camping per person US$4, s/d tents from US$20726; ® (U) The most-established budget accommodation in Maun is always packed with backpackers. It's by far the most sociable of the lodges, and a good choice if you're feeling a bit lonely, though it lacks the personality of some of the smaller lodges.

Crocodile Camp (l§) 6860265;; Matlapaneng; camping per person US$5, s/d tents US$20/40, s/d chalet from US$40/60; ®) Arguably the most attractive lodge in Maun, the 'Croc Camp' occupies a superb spot right on the river and is usually packed with all sorts of interesting characters.

Back to the Bridge Backpackers (@ 686 2037; [email protected]; Hippo Pools, Old Matlapaneng Bridge, Matlapaneng; camping per person US$5, s/d tents from US$32/48; (P)) This new and friendly option occupies a leafy spot beside the historic Old Matlapaneng Bridge. The atmosphere is chilled out and the riverside setting is tranquil, so there's definitely a lot of potential here.

Island Safari Lodge (§§ 686 0300; [email protected]; Matlapaneng; camping per person US$5, s/d chalet US$55/60; ®) One of the original lodges in the city, Island Safari Lodge is starting to show its age, though the riverside setting is still relaxing and tranquil.

Sedia Hotel (§§ 686 0177; [email protected]; Shorobe Rd, Matlapaneng; camping per person US$5, s/d from US$75/90; ® (S) ®) This resort-like complex features an outdoor bar, a Continental-inspired restaurant and a huge swimming pool. You have the choice of a number of rooms as well as self-contained chalets, or you can simply pitch a tent and take advantage of all the hotel facilities.

See map above


Nhabe Museum 15 C1

To Shorobe (37km); South Gate (92km); Moremi Wildlife Reserve (92km)


See map above


Afro-Trek (see 23)

Audi Camp Safaris (see 16)

Barclays Bank 1 A4

Bathusi Travel & Safaris 2 B4

Crocodile Camp Safaris (see 18)

Department of Wildlife &

National Parks (DWNP) 3 C3

Desert & Delta Safaris 4 C3

Immigration Office 5 B3

Ker & Downey 6 B1

Northern Air (see 6)

Okavango Tours & Safaris (see 28)

Phakawe Safaris 7 C1

Post Office 8 A4

PostNet 9 C1

Standard Chartered Bank 10 A4

Tourist Office 11 B3

Travel Wild 12 B1

Wilderness Safaris 13 B1


Maun Environmental Education

Centre 14 C4

Nhabe Museum 15 C1

Audi Camp 16 C5

Back to the Bridge Backpackers .17 C6

I'.I.I Ml] S«il«ill | ()(]£<■ 19 < ■>

( )k <i '/<i 11 gc i liivi •! I c m I g' ■ 22 D'>


Bull & Bush Pub 24 B1

Curry House Restaurant &

Takeaway 25 A4

French Connection 26 B2

Hilary's 27 B1

Power Station 28 B1

Sports Bar & Restaurant 29 C6


Air Botswana 30 C1

Airport Terminal 31 B1

Avis Car Rental 32 B1

Long-Distance Bus Station 33 A4

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