Start your visit with an early morning walk around the European Quarter. With its whitewashed houses and Moorish arcades sheltering Parisian-style cafés and shops, it is a strange mix of the Arab and the European. To the south lies the shambolic PI Mahmoud Harbi, dominated by the minaret of the great Hamoudi mosque. The chaotic Marché Central (Central Market), which extends from PI Mahmoud Harbi eastward along and below Blvd de Bender, is a must. It's a criss-cross of alleyways where stalls and shops are lined cheek by jowl.

If you want a guided tour, contact Daoud flboubaker ( g 830804,870935; daoudaboubakeriayahoo .fr). He's very competent and his English is OK. It costs DFr2500 for a two- to three-hour walk.




Canadian Consulate (Honorary)...4 B2

Cyber Cafe Filga Informatique

6 B2

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Dolphin Excursions

..(see 7)

La Caravane de Sel

Auberge Sable Blanc 21 D5

Bed & Breakfast La Maison

Blanche 22 C3

Hôtel Ali Sabieh 23 B3

Hôtel de France 24 C2

Hôtel Horseed 25 D5

Hôtel La Siesta 26 D4

Menelik Hotel 27 B2

Résidence de l'Europe 28 B2

Résidence Hôtel Bellevue 29 A2


Chez Marco 30 B2

La Table de Julien 31 D4

Le Paradis - Chez Darar 32 C4

Mukbasa - 7 Freres 33 C6

Pizzeria Ali Sabieh (see 23)

Restaurant L'Historil 34 B2

Restaurant Ougoul 35 B2

Restaurant Saba 36 D4

Shawarma 37 D4


Brasserie L'Historil (see 34)

Cafe Mask 38 B2

Cafeteria Bienvenue 39 B3

Chez Mahad 40 B3

Planet Hollywood 41 B2


Ambassador 42 B2

Club Hernies 43 B2

La G al ette B reton ne 44 B2

Scotch Club 45 B1


4WDs to Hargeisa (Somaliland)..46 D6 Air France 47 B2

Buses for AN Sabieh

Buses for Yoboki & Ethiopia.

City Minibuses Hub

Daallo Airlines

Djibouti Airlines

Eritrean Airways

Ethiopian Airlines

Kenya Airways


SPB (Buses to Dire Dawa) Yemenia Yemen Airways 56 B1

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