Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP; (D 267876,267112; [email protected]) Might be able to offer you some information.

GETESA (cnr Calle de Rey Boncoro&CalledeMongomo) Those travelling with a SIM-technology mobile phone, you can pick up a SIM card here.

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Information (Ave 3 de Agosto) Doesn't have much info, but it's a mandatory stop for tourists because of the travel and photography permits (US$40) that you'll need to show at the many roadblocks. Proser ((ยง) 093163;; 85 Ave de la Libertad) The best Internet connection in town. Santa Isabel Clinic (Carreta de Luba) Most foreigners who need medical attention head to this clinic on the way out of town past the university. SGBGE Bank (Carretera del Aeropuerto) Spanish Cultural Centre (@ 092489) Has decent info. Viajes Guinea Ecquatorial (@ 092074,270303; Ave de la Independencia) Try this travel agency for travel-specific information.

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