Information Bookshop

Librairie Al Akhbaar (Ave Charles de Gaulle) Sells a good selection of books and journals in French, plus a handful of English-language newspapers and magazines.

Internet Access

Internet access is widely available, with most places charging US$2 per hour. The following are reliably fast.

Cyber-Poste (main post office, Blvd de Paris; per hr US$2; S 8am-3pm Mon-Sat)

Tchad Telecom Plus (Ave Charles de Gaulle; per hr US$3; S 8am-9pm)

Medical Services

The Hôpital Central (®l 516168) is the largest medical facility in Chad, though conditions are not ideal. First try the French embassy-affiliated Centre Médico Social (®) 522837). For anything serious, you'll need to be evacuated. The pharmacies on Ave Charles de Gaulle are generally reliable.


The best bank for travellers is the Société Générale Tchadienne de Banque (SGTB; main branch just off Ave Charles de Gaulle), which changes cash and travellers cheques, and doles out cash to those with Visa cards. BIAT (Ave Charles de Gaulle) and Financial


Book accommodation

Bank du Tchad (Ave Charles de Gaulle) both change cash at about 5% better rates than SGTB; rates are 5% better still from the money changers on the north side of the Marché Central.

Post & Telephone

The main post office (Blvd de Paris; ® 7am-noon Mon-Sat & 3-5pm Mon-Fri) shares digs with the Sotel telephone office.

Tourist Information

Chad's tourist office is the under-resourced Department ofDevelopmentandTourism ( s 524416; Rue 1011). The Novotel gives a big fold out N'Djaména map to anyone who asks.

Travel Agencies

Africa Tours ( 518727; Ave Charles de Gaulle) Reliable for plane tickets.

Tchad Evasion Travel Agency ( 526532; www; Ave Charles de Gaulle) The first name in Chad travel offers many tours and expeditions, including to Lake Chad and the Ennedi region, and hires out cars for Zakouma National Park.

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