pop 250,000

Botswana's diminutive capital, Gaborone (normally affectionately shortened to Gabs), is little more than a rambling village suffering from growing pains, drabness and a lack of definition. However, it serves as a convenient gateway to overland travellers arriving from South Africa and is a good supply stop before heading out to the national parks.

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TpSir Seretse Khama *rnational Airport (14km); Francistown (425km)

Quéens Rd

Broad hurst

_Broadhurst Dr



Segoditshane Rive»"

3. Selemela

Mad iber

To Grand Palm Hotel Casino Resort (4km); Gabane (23km);

'Köiöbe'ng(33km); " Thamaga (48km); Molepolole (50km)



' State House


Dilalelo tswana

Train Station

J JfStation Rd Market Mmaraka


|j Sekgws mtleng

Gaborone tT¿ Show Grounds

To Kgale Centre

Mall (2km); Mt Kgale (4km); Mokolodi Na ture A Reserve (12km) V7

To Gaborone D'am & Waterfront (1km)


Aim Internet 1 B1

Angolan Embassy 2 C3

Barclays Bank 3 A2

British High Commission 4 A1

Central Police Station 5 B1

Central Post Office 6 B1

Department of Tourism 7 B1

Department of Wildlife & National

Parks (DWNP) 8 A1

Ed com Bureau de Change 9 C4

Exclusive Books (see 30)

French Embassy 10 B1

Gaborone Hospital Dental

Clinic (see 11)

Gaborone Private Hospital 11 E1

German Embassy (see 29)

Immigration Office 12 C4

Kingston's Bookshop (see 29)

Namibian High Commission 13 C5

Post Office 14 E1

Saken g I ntern et Access Poi nt 15 B1

South Afri can Em bassy 16 B1

US Embassy 17 C4

Zambian High Commission 18 B1

Zimbabwean Embassy 19 C4


National Museum & Art Gallery.20 C1 Orapa House 21 C4

Bracken dene Lodge 22 B2

Cresta President Hotel 23 B1

Gaborone Hotel 24 B4

Planet Lodge 25 D4

Caffe Prego (see 29)

Equatorial Café (see 30)

King's Takeaway 26 B1

Maharaja Restaurant 27 C2

To Mochudi (32km)

To Gaborone Game Reserve (100m)

DRINKING Q Bull & Bush Pub. Keg & Zebra




Broadhurst Mall. Riverwalk Mall...


Air Botswana 31 B1

Combi Stand (see 35)

Intercape Main liner Bus Off ice. (see 32)

Kudu Shell Petrol Station 32 B1

Main Bus Terminal 33 B4

Taxi Stand 34 B1

Taxi Stand 35 C4

Gaborone Golf idium


Mosque H

University of Botswariß

Former BDF Airport


To Southtôfrfcan Border (2km)

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