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This trip into the Wakhan Corridor is highly seasonal and can only be attempted between May and September. Before setting out on this mountain adventure, you'll need to spend some time checking the current requirements for permits (pL68), which change regularly. From Kabul (p79) drive north to Faizabad (pL64), the capital of Badakhshan province. It's a two-day drive needing an overnight stay in Kunduz (pL60), but there are regular flights if you're pushed for time.

In Faizabad, make sure that all your paperwork is in order to allow you to head deep into the mountains, and arrange food and 4WD transport to take you past Ishkashim (pI67).

From Ishkashim it's a two day drive through stunning mountain scenery to Sarhad-e Broghil (pI70). You'll overnight at Khandud (pL69) in the Lower

Wakhan, or Qila-e Panja (pL70), where you can camp near an old royal hunting lodge. It's possible to trek the 90km to Sarhad-e Broghil, which is useful for acclimatisation. The road runs out here at any case.

Sarhad-e Broghil is the trailhead for treks into the Little Pamir (pI7L). It's possible to arrange horses or yaks here for riding or baggage. The Little Pamir is an area of wide alpine grassland 100km long. It's perfect for trekking, and if you're lucky you might spot Marco Polo sheep, or even a snow leopard. The nomadic Kyrgyz herd their flocks amid their yurts here. Chaqmaqtin Lake (pI72) makes a good trekking destination - a ten-day round trip from the entrance to the Little Pamir.

With sufficient advance preparation, it's possible to trek into Pakistan over the Dilisang Pass (pL72), a demanding L2-day trek requiring mountaineering experience.

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